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Adam, Creator of Neopets, Goes Off the Rails
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on June 29, 2023, 5:49 pm NST

CONTENT WARNING: Some strong language can be found in this post below. If you'd like to avoid that, please scroll past.

In a disheartening case of never meet your heroes, Adam—aka borovan—showed up the /r/Neopets Discord server earlier today to chat and seemingly promote his new game, Dragginz (which we will not be linking to here). The identity of the "borovan" user here was verified by /r/Neopets moderators.

Unfortunately, after learning that the new game is crypto-based, he started receiving push back from many of the community members that were present and his attitude spiraled from there:

Adam quickly became a stereotypical belligerent crypto-lover, who seems to think that anyone who doesn't believe in crypto just needs to do a little more "research."

Apparently, Adam doesn't seem to know that the Neopets community has done its research and has largely rejected any desire for bringing NFTs or cryptocurrency into a game we play.

All of this culminated in some delightful commentary that everyone wanted to see from the creator of Neopets. /s

Jellyneo also had the opportunity to review some messages from a Dragginz Discord server (which again, we will not be linking here), and found some disturbing content. Apparently, Adam has only recently completed a takeover of a crypto investment group (SNS-1 DAO) so he could use it for Dragginz—but the prior server chat history is riddled with anti-LGBTQ+ comments and other disturbing content.

After his run-in with the Neopets community, Adam took to ranting in this Dragginz Discord server, posting deranged comments like "I hope they live forever in poverty," referring to commenters he encountered on a post in /r/Neopets on reddit. He also claimed in a separate comment on reddit that his game will "have a much better environment and moderation than this hell you have created." Again referring to the community and moderators of /r/Neopets and their apparent lack of love for crypto.

At time of writing, Adam has since deleted his reddit account and was banned from the /r/Neopets Discord server.

A sad day for the creator of Neopets, indeed.
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