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Happy Battledome Day!
  • Posted by macosten
  • Posted on October 17, 2022, 7:12 am NST

On this day, 10 years ago, the Old Battledome officially closed its doors to make way for a revamped Battledome. A week later, a closed beta for the New Battledome was opened up to small groups of Neopians to start trying it out.

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Old Battledome shutting down, we're saying: Happy Battledome Day! We have some fun updates around Jellyneo for you.

Defenders of Neopia, Series 2: Remastered
Continuing onward in our quest to preserve old Neopets storylines, we are excited to announce not a plot, but a series of comics centered around the Defenders of Neopia!

When Series 2 debuted in 2006, each new mission was accompanied by a short Flash comic depicting the situation at hand. Whether it was Mr. Chuckles taking Judge Hog captive, or Lady Frostbite assembling a giant snow cone machine... you can relive those stories below! (Or see them for the first time if you never had the chance to complete prior missions!)

You can find Defenders of Neopia, Series 2 at the bottom of our Remastered Plots section. (And yes, sadly, Defenders of Neopia is still defunct. We can only imagine how Judge Hog is enjoying a 10 year long vacation.)

Weapon Recommendations
Next up, we have a new article in our Battlepedia: Weapon Recommendations. (For 1-Player battles!)

After reading our Beginners' Guide to Training to beef up your Neopet's stats, and then reading our Beginners' Guide to Battling to learn how battle... you're probably left wondering which weapons to actually use! That's where Weapon Recommendations comes in.

The guide is sorted into four different tiers: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Elite. The tiers correspond to different strengths of Neopets and budgets for how much you're willing to spend. Even putting a set together in the Beginner tier should get you ready to start taking down 1-Player challengers in the Dome, perfect for participating in the biweekly Battleground of the Obelisk.

Battledome Event
Finally, I'm pleased to announce that Battlepedia will be running a unique Battledome Event, unlike any other we've run before (or will ever run again): In-Depth Battlepedia's Dome Decennial!

This event will have something for every battler, from the newborn pet all the way to the hardened veterans at the top of our Top Pets List. Rather than a traditional 2P league format tournament, this will primarily be a test of your 1P might—or your valiant efforts!

Craving the social aspect of a good old-fashioned 2P battle? You're in luck: in the spirit of spreading camaraderie around the Battledome, bonus points will be awarded to those who spar with their fellow Neopians, be it in a league format or not.

Participants will be able to win a cool new trophy for their jnAccount Trophy Cabinet. Are you tough enough to take down the Fearsome Five and earn the shiniest trophy of them all?

Sounds like fun, right? Signups are open from now until November 9th—the day that the closed beta Battledome was opened to everyone.

And that wraps up our Battledome Day updates!
Follow @jellyneo on Twitter for all the latest #Neopets news!

There are 23 comments below. Add yours!

karohoppy, October 17, 2022 8:29 AM NST
nice but won't work for me since I can't login
topaz644, October 17, 2022 8:45 AM NST
Amazing!!! Thank you Jellyneo!
I am in!!
sonicshadowfreak, October 17, 2022 10:08 AM NST
This event sounds like fun alright.
claytonskitten, October 17, 2022 10:13 AM NST
Looking forward to the Battledome event! Also, thanks for the amazing Weapon Recommendations article! This was sorely needed!!!!
pikachu315111, October 17, 2022 1:11 PM NST
*Cracks knuckles* Let's go!
breezydreams, October 17, 2022 3:26 PM NST
Love all the well-thought-out surprises, Staff. Thanks so much! I may even sign up for the 1p event!
remy, October 17, 2022 6:23 PM NST
This sounds awesome, signed up and ready to battle!
contessa, October 17, 2022 8:08 PM NST
I tried to sign up but it wants an email address to be used with Google drive and it keeps wanting me to use my g-mail address, which I only use for work. On Neopets I have always used my yahoo email account, but it will not let me sign up with that one. Any ideas? I most definitely do not want my work email linked to my yahoo email that I use for Neopets. Help!
xfer, October 17, 2022 8:15 PM NST
contessa, maybe you can create a second gmail account. I have two and my yahoo email as well. Just make sure they're not similar to each other, or stuff could get mixed up
quailbat - JN Staff, October 17, 2022 8:18 PM NST
@contessa the form isn't connected to your account (the entry is anonymous), but you can also just open the link in an incognito window which will have you not logged in to any account and you can still submit the entry info that way
contessa, October 17, 2022 9:05 PM NST
Thank you, I will try that!
apophis324, October 18, 2022 1:33 AM NST
Has it really been ten years already? 10 years and still the Battledome hasn't reached its fullest potential. How time flies..
jessalynn, October 18, 2022 6:48 AM NST
This is the boost I need to work my way up the Top 100 Battlers list.
maknaetani, October 18, 2022 9:05 AM NST
Oh, this sounds interesting! Signed up c:
marfbear, October 18, 2022 3:17 PM NST
Once it says that your response has been recorded are you signed up? The only other thing on that page is asking if I want to submit another response.
dave - JN Staff, October 18, 2022 5:32 PM NST
@marfbear: Yep, you're good... I see you signed up three times

You're gonna have to do 3 times the challenges now
marfbear, October 19, 2022 1:24 PM NST
3 times - oh no!!!
zipwing1234, October 19, 2022 3:52 PM NST
I'm not sure if I correctly signed up why not?????? How can I tell?? Can someone help me ????
contessa, October 20, 2022 12:14 PM NST
Thanks quailbat, I did try an incognito window just and I did not have to use any kind of google account, yay! I hope it went through.
zipwing1234, October 20, 2022 12:42 PM NST
Am I registered,,,, how can I tell. ????? Can someone help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!
dave - JN Staff, October 20, 2022 4:18 PM NST
@zipwing1234: You're in, you submitted the form!
zipwing1234, October 21, 2022 9:39 AM NST
Thank you,,,!!!!!!!! Dave.
xfer, November 9, 2022 10:41 AM NST
It's the 9th!!!

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