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Digital Neopets Stickers Coming to Quidd
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on April 18, 2022, 8:26 am NST

You may remember back in October it was announced that Neopets was coming to Quidd, a marketplace for digital stickers and NFTs. It was shortly after canceled "due to unforeseen circumstances" (the Neopets Metaverse project).

Well, the project is now back and will be launching on Quidd tomorrow, April 19th.

The product being sold is simply digital stickers. However, Quidd also offers a full fledged marketplace for you to collect, buy, and sell the stickers to other people. So, they're kind of like NFTs but without the blockchain. Quidd also offers the ability to convert your digital stickers into NFTs, but at time of launch that option will not be available. (That could always change at some point, though—Quidd has not confirmed any details there.)

There will be 126 stickers to collect (divvied up among 5 "collections" or sets), plus 13 bonus stickers for collecting and holding them all. The stickers themselves are coming from a company called Bare Tree Media, which publishes the messaging stickers available for iMessage and LINE. (You'll find that one of the collections simply reuses the same stickers from the original messaging sticker set.)

Oddly, the base set—representing each species of Neopet—includes 56 stickers total due to the Eyrie being included twice. Poor Elephantes are also incorrectly named as "Elephente".

Pricing for the stickers is unknown until launch time, and the Quidd marketplace currently sees aftermarket prices starting at $0.10 USD each. Currently, there is no announced integration or connection to (no Rare Item Codes for buying).
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