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Chomby Day Update
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on March 24, 2022, 2:37 pm NST

The Tyrannian Chomby, released a few days ago for Chomby Day, has received a minor facelift. This updated version appears to conform to the standard customisation body shaping, which means it should now work much better with the various clothing options available to Chombies. The style itself has also been tweaked, getting a little darker and with eyes more in line with what looks "Chombyish."

Old | New

As a reminder, the general design is based off of Bumpy, an ankylosaurus from Jurassic World.
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There are 56 comments below. Add yours!

mavegibson, March 24, 2022 2:40 PM NST
It's nice to see them willing and able to make revisions when something isn't quite right. I think this is a big improvement on the previous. It at least looks more like an actual chomby.
nahhnbahs, March 24, 2022 2:53 PM NST
So much better!
bleachedalbino, March 24, 2022 2:54 PM NST
While I agree the New design is much more fitting to the mold of a Chomby and I understand the customization issues....I have to say I like the Old design much more. I like and appreciate the color combo (yellows and blues), but personally liked the Old design, even if it wasnt reeeeally a Chomby.
lasergu, March 24, 2022 2:56 PM NST
Definitely looks a lot better now.
darella, March 24, 2022 3:37 PM NST
Thank god, this looks so much better! Still not a fan of the colors, though I can accept them for the sake of the reference.
_sissiy_sis_369, March 24, 2022 3:42 PM NST
They need to update the ty buzz then if they want them to be able to wear clothes!!
mitochondriamage, March 24, 2022 3:57 PM NST
It looks better, but I still think the old one is cute.
braindamaged19, March 24, 2022 4:16 PM NST
I think the old one is cuter.
sosoeuso, March 24, 2022 4:17 PM NST
krasavitsa, March 24, 2022 4:29 PM NST
Ugh, the old version was much better & way cuter. Shame they changed it.
pikachu315111, March 24, 2022 4:30 PM NST

And for those who are saying the old one is cute, well, maybe we can convince TNT to downsize the old one and make it into a Petpet? It has happened before, an early April Fools had them "releasing" 50 new Neopets species, but some of them were so liked they were made into Petpets.
dolchay, March 24, 2022 4:32 PM NST

The old was much better!
pikachu315111, March 24, 2022 4:37 PM NST
Doesn't this look cute:
noradoodle, March 24, 2022 4:52 PM NST
Oh goodness, yes a huge imporvement.
echoeternal, March 24, 2022 4:55 PM NST
Glad they updated it. The original would make a fine petpet, but just isn't a Chomby.
galifan, March 24, 2022 5:19 PM NST
Perhaps they can keep the old version and make it available as a U/C -- if ever they figure out how to apportion those.
topologist, March 24, 2022 5:24 PM NST
the original was so cute and made me want to get a chomby (tho I agree, the original also doesn't really look quite like a chomby, either). I guess now I'll pass. XD
blu, March 24, 2022 6:00 PM NST
Fix the face, tnt. You forgot to adjust the markings to fit the more narrow eyes and the beak is unsymmetrical (compare where the beak ends in relation to the inner corners of both eyes). Also, where are the signature chomby spots? If you're going to pull the rug out from people who already painted, please do it up properly.
roshchodesh, March 24, 2022 7:24 PM NST
Toenails. Toldja.
shandaman777, March 24, 2022 7:24 PM NST
I loved the old version
summersogno, March 24, 2022 7:28 PM NST
I feel bad for the people who bought the inflated pb because they liked the original and then its been updated. I thought it was much cuter before but at least I didn't buy a pb and paint my pet.
bodhi, March 24, 2022 8:02 PM NST
It's adorable! The new one looks better, but its mouth looks a little less "beaky".
queenvela, March 24, 2022 8:18 PM NST
I liked the old one alright, but I think the new one is just right! It looks like a chomby again. And the odd tail shape has been fixed.
winter1958, March 24, 2022 8:33 PM NST
Poor little fella looks like his mouth is taped shut.
mandypandy667, March 24, 2022 10:10 PM NST
I really liked the old one but the new one is alight too. I do prefe the old one.

But I have a feeling the old one was concept art and they released the wrong one lol
ducky - JN Staff, March 24, 2022 10:30 PM NST
Oh so happy they fixed it this fast! Now it's a chomby.

Not some random dino that doesn't really exist in Neopia.

And for the "But people paid for the PB!"

Yeah, it's always risk in Neopets. People list millions buying items before restock change (I speak from experience here, if I had started Booktastic two monts later, I'd saved millions)

Or how much Draiks and Krawks went down after Krawken/Forgotten Shore was released? From 10m to under 1m within days.

Or ones who albumed L&L stamp because it was untradeable and then they made it tradeable and sold for lotsa NP.

If they want to make it strange body pets, they need new colour for them with unique body (like origamis are as example)

Meepit from 1.5m to 10k within day.
fobbo, March 24, 2022 10:33 PM NST
Brilliant change, maintains the theme they were going for without warping it from a chomby. Definitely will consider painting mine now that customizations actually fit it properly.
air_earth_firewater, March 24, 2022 10:58 PM NST
The old verison was so much cuter.
biediep, March 24, 2022 11:59 PM NST
I still don't like the head. The beak(?) looks like botox lips now which really bothers me lol, and the eyes still look a little weird. Knowing he's based off "Bumpy" (which I was not familiar with until I looked him up just now) helps, but.. Bumpy has no neck, so seeing this design on a Chomby still feels really off xD
But all in all it definitely looks a lot better than v1, with the spikes standing out more and the shading.. and the extra toes cx
pinkie_2525, March 25, 2022 12:07 AM NST
Wayyy better. Despite Tyrannian Chombi being pleonasm.
apophis324, March 25, 2022 12:56 AM NST
Noo, the tail is all wrong now! I know people compared it to.. family un-friendly things.. but now it's a spade (or a shovel, depending on your definition), not a mace!

It is a huge improvement though. Better size and all that. The beak still looks a little off and the downward facing spikes still look flat.. but overall it's much better indeed.

But wait.. did we... did we actually get an admission that TNT.. was wrong?! :O
insane000illusions, March 25, 2022 1:41 AM NST
oh no they ruined it. I'm glad I didn't make one and I feel bad for all the people that wasted the np or FFQ to make one.
katina_choovanski, March 25, 2022 1:44 AM NST
I like the changes.
zeelink, March 25, 2022 2:47 AM NST
I liked the old version just fine, but I will say the updated version is an improvement. The eyes especially.
inkpot, March 25, 2022 3:57 AM NST
the changes were for the better, as this now looks like a chomby. but i still feel the art quality is really low, lol. i don't expect them to go in and re-do the whole thing with another artist obviously but... ugh... and the beak now just looks like lipstick, hah. oh well.

it's just annoying when we have obviously very talented artists on the team (like those who are drawing a lot of the new species-specific clothing like the Cyberpunk Draik outfit for example) and when you compare them to artists like this... it's... well...

also did not know about bumpy... i get the colors now
possibleheroinventor, March 25, 2022 4:05 AM NST
the new one does look more Chombyish but i prefer the old one tbh, gonna miss the tail and the little blue speckles on the legs
beingniceisfree, March 25, 2022 5:09 AM NST
Aww I like the first version, esp the eyes. I appreciate the changes for customizing but I'd have been happier if the eyes, the softer lines and muted blue spots in the yellowish brown area had been retained. I actually wanted one but sadly, not anymore.
I am heartened that many people are pleased with the new version though & that TNT addressed an issue!
remy, March 25, 2022 7:19 AM NST
I get that everyone's in an uproar about the face but wasn't the point of Bumpy being called Bumpy because she had bumps instead of spikes on her shell?
sprite_83_4, March 25, 2022 8:14 AM NST
ew bring back the old one. it was actually cute. but i guess that’s why they changed it. awful yuck. its so boring and predictable now
katie2510, March 25, 2022 11:48 AM NST
Every problem I had was improved... cool! I admit, I'm amazed they fixed it at all, at that
aviagua, March 25, 2022 12:35 PM NST
Welp I'm glad I didn't create a Ty Chomby, the character of it is gone with the redesign. Plus perspective of the face has been ruined, the opposite side of the face now blends into the beak strangely.
sentehisshou, March 25, 2022 4:00 PM NST
meh. i wish they'd kept the colored lineart
coryldork, March 25, 2022 7:51 PM NST
oh I liked the previous version but this one is SO cute!!
apophis324, March 26, 2022 2:07 AM NST
One question, just out of honest curiosity. How wise is it to base a pet colour, which might be around for eons to come (let's be positive ), on one specific dinosaur from a movie? Why not just a generic Ankylosaur? Or heck, one more fitting to a Chomby's body type?
(Or make a clever Flintstones nod by making an ancient dinosaur look like a modern day creature XD Talking about outdated references..)
roshchodesh, March 26, 2022 6:41 AM NST
Wonder what it looks like with a lipstick?

It's one thing when tnt bases designs on neopia or neopets tales, it's.incongrous to base it on someone else's specific (successful) idea. An homage or infringement? I love Hello Kitty but it's someone else's design and nothing to do with neopets culture. - in my not so humble opinion
kaimactrash, March 26, 2022 10:29 AM NST
Love that months of complaints and protests about NFTs got nowhere, but people complaining about a pretty unique looking pet* for like a couple of days and it's changed almost immediately?? I get its different levels of power, but the community didn't even get a worthwhile apology for the abuse they were put through simply for disagreeing with NFTs from people working directly with Neopets, but a slightly off-model art piece gets changed immediately, it feels hollow, like well we got them to chill about the NFTs so just don't rock the boat with anything.
I am so glad I didn't actually get this pet like I planned to when I saw the first design because I may have just quit, losing that much NP and the thing you paid for it is just demotivating.
(after complaining for more than a decade about losing all the unique and often janky elements to pre-customisation pets??)
fobbo, March 26, 2022 1:07 PM NST
^It is far more likely that the change is because it hurts their bottom line (Customizations are the primary way Neopets is monetized) rather than a response to the community feedback.
1jediboy, March 26, 2022 1:53 PM NST
They wouldn’t need to keep begging for money from the Neopians via customization if they just kept partnering with other people by doing immersive advertising events!

Those things were fun! I want them to do those again, but who would WANT to partner with Neopets NOW with all this controversy?

Whose idea was it to stop the immersive advertising anyway!?
zebshep, March 26, 2022 2:18 PM NST
Jordle 38 4/6

ufo, March 26, 2022 3:21 PM NST
New one is hideous... the face, beak, ugh... Softer colors on the old one were so much nicer... :/
heaveaway05, March 26, 2022 3:52 PM NST
Please have a Negg Hunt this year
roshchodesh, March 26, 2022 4:01 PM NST
It would have been fair to everyone if they kept BOTH the designs. Designating them maybe male/female or Northern/Southern or Tyrannian /Neo-Tyrannian. Removing it almost immediately after replacing it when players have invested in it just isn't fair.

@kaimactrash- your comments were sobering, indeed.
mzlish, March 28, 2022 4:30 AM NST
I also wish they kept the colored lineart. I prefer the redo though
dzufiasta, March 28, 2022 10:57 AM NST
I totally want the first one as a petpet
kyrette, March 29, 2022 11:53 AM NST
Unrelated, but is Neo down for anyone else?

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