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Final Wrap: Metaverse Sells 4,233 NFTs
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on November 15, 2021, 10:29 am NST

And that's a wrap! The Neopets Metaverse launched on the 12th at 1:00 AM NST and closed up their sales this morning (11/15), at 1:00 AM NST. At sale close, 4,233 of the 10,000 available NFTs for sale were sold at an average price of 2.057 SOL per Neopet. (As a reminder, the initial offering was going to be for 20,000 NFTs.)

Since our last post that is...

+ 236 NFTs

The Neopets Metaverse team's cryptowallet currently has a balance of 8,707.5 SOL, which is worth roughly $2,110,000 USD at time of writing (based on SOL to USD price of 1 SOL = $242.33 USD).

Here's the rate at which the NFTs were selling. Data for this graph is courtesy of Dice over at /r/Neopets!

You'll note that over 1,000 were sold seemingly before the official start date. (Four of those were sold an entire day before the sale start, leaving only 246 left to sell at the opening 1.0 SOL rate—a bit fishy!) The rest of the bulk was sold within the first hour, with very slow purchase rates for the remaining of the 3 days. 5,767 of the NFTs remained unsold and will be "burnt" (in other words, destroyed).

(Scordrax will handle the remaining NFTs!)

With the sale officially closed, the exchange of NMCs (the tokens actually being sold the past 3 days) can be redeemed for actual NFTs. And the results are coming in!

Here's what your Neopets NFT might look like (and the terminology the Metaverse team uses)...

  • Breed: 1 of 10 possible Neopet species
  • Emotion 1 of 5 possible (male happy, male sad, female happy, female sad, unisex expressionless)
  • Body: 1 of 25 possible colours
  • Background: 1 of 15 possible gradient colours
  • Bodywear: 1 of 30 wearables, including "nothing"
  • Headgear: 1 of 30 wearables, including "nothing"

Below is a sample of the Neopets being minted so far. As expected, there are numerous issues with the image compilations. Here's a peek at what on average $500 gets you!

(Note the Acara is completely missing its Wraith aura, and the Xweetok's hair is not restricted as it should be.)

(The Acara was unlucky enough to get "Nothing" for both body and head gear.)

(Note the lack of zone restrictions being abided by.)

You can view all of the Neopets NFTs as they get minted on a site called Moonrank. (Note, all Neopets must be minted by November 18th, or you forfeit your chance at getting one, even if you paid for one.)

The official secondary marketplace opened up this morning at Solanart, which is where you can list your Neopet NFTs for sale for others to buy. Currently, the "floor price" (the lowest price anyone is selling them for) is 1.20 SOL, and we've seen some dips below 1.0 SOL, both of which are almost half of the average sale price. (In other words, the market is currently not supporting the official sale prices, which jives with the lack of sell out.)

Have you taken a look at Moonrank to see the NFTs being minted? Let us know the ugliest ones you find in the comments!
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