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Altador Cup XVI
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Altador Cup XVI: Finals, Day 2
  • Posted by Zelda
  • Posted on June 30, 2021, 10:25 pm NST

It's a very tight competition in the Altador Cup finals this year—it looks like the brackets are well-matched!

We saw the first sweep of the finals round in the low bracket yesterday, as Team Faerieland took down Team Virtupets. They won each event by a single point, testifying to captain Kakoni Worrill's strategic ability.

Team Haunted Woods also won an easy victory yesterday, though Team Mystery Island gave a good fight. In the practice round, it looked like the islanders might be able to grab a win, but in the end Lor Benneveldt was no match for the Haunted Woods offense.

Team Roo Island and Team Moltara, on the other hand, battled it out into the night, with Team Roo Island reigning in all things yooyu. Team Moltara's victory in the original side games is keeping them in the lead for the low bracket so far.

Over in the middle bracket, Team Terror Mountain and Team Shenkuu are incredibly closely matched. With near-equivalent scores across the board and two wins each, neither team is pulling ahead as a clear contender.

Team Tyrannia and Team Krawk Island also found themselves with two wins each by the end of yesterday. The victors in each event managed a bit higher scores, however, leaving them in better shape within the bracket standings than Team Terror Mountain and Team Shenkuu.

Team Maraqua is pulling ahead as the middle-bracket leader. After their second side game sweep in a row, this time against Team Meridell, the Maraquans are feeling optimistic about their chances. Right defender Barit Jowes tells me their secret is keeping cool and following the current of the events that are leaning their way.

The championship bracket is perhaps the tightest of them all. Team Altador is still holding strong with high scoring games across the board and two wins each day. Team Kiko Lake is still struggling to score well in yooyuball matches—there are rumours that Meela Kitah is playing with a sprained wrist—but two event wins is keeping them very much in the game.

Team Brightvale and Team Darigan Citadel also walked away with two wins each yesterday. The Darigan team ran circles around the scholars during practice, but when game time came, Team Brightvale were focused and ready to fight. Team Darigan Citadel still won the yooyuball match after Brightvale goalie Orie Dinelle narrowly missed a key save late in the game, but Team Brightvale scored much better than they had in practice.

Team Kreludor is still serving slushies with an efficiency never before seen, outscoring even themselves to grab a significant victory against Team Lost Desert yesterday. Team Lost Desert, on the other hand, is still shouting their heads off with great abandon, and their scores in Make Some Noise rival Kreludor's slushie success. Team Lost Desert is beginning to pull ahead, however, with additional wins in both yooyu-focused games.

Early signs of each bracket's winners are beginning to emerge, but it's still anyone's game! Who are you putting your neopoints on?
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