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Site Redesign Beta Opening to All
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on June 2, 2020, 7:52 pm NST

UPDATE: As of 11:15 AM on June 3rd, the site redesign is now available to all!

With this release, Mystery Island has also received a conversion to the new design. (And with it, a new map.) The Neoboards have also been given a visual update.

We recommend reading through the Release Notes for full details. A few important bugs have been fixed as well.

Exciting news! Starting tomorrow, all Neopian users will have access to the beta test of the site redesign. Only Premium members up until now have had access to the beta, so non-Premium folks will finally get to join and check out the new site layout.

Here's the official announcement from TNT:

Hi guys! We wanted to give you all some updates on the beta release of our mobile-friendly site redesign. As many of you know, the redesign has been in a closed beta available to a few select users, including a large portion of Premium members, for a few weeks now. We will be opening up the beta to all users tomorrow so that we can get feedback from all player-types on this early beta build. On that note, please keep in mind that the redesign is in very early stages of development. We know there is a lot more to the site than what is currently here and we are excited to have more updates in the future. However, we wanted your feedback and suggestions to help guide us throughout development so we are opening it up for you guys to try out!

You can read what is part of each release including features, known issues, bug fixes, etc. on our Release Notes page here, which will be updated once the Open Beta releases as well. You will also be able to head over to the Mobile Beta neoboard to discuss any questions, suggestions or just general comments you may have. We will also be sending around a survey next week for those who would like to give feedback.

Also a quick note on the exiting/entering beta, you will be able to switch in and out whenever you want! If at any point you want to return to the classic site, all you have to do is click 'View Classic Site' in the profile menu on the left-hand side of the page. (Any bugs pertaining to getting forced back into beta view after selecting classic view have been fixed.) Then, to return to beta just click 'Switch to Beta' link in the upper right corner of your navigation bar.

Thanks for all your support and loyalty over the past 20 years and we're excited for you guys to see all that Neopets has in store this year!


Some important things to note, as mentioned above, is that if at any time you wish to exit the redesigned layout, simply click on your Neopet in the top left corner, and on the menu that pops up, click on "View Classic Site". Doing so will now permanently send you back to the old layout until you explicitly choose "Switch to Beta". (Earlier during the beta testing, this was broken and would only let you leave the beta for 24 hours.)

The note above also hints that some more areas will possibly be added to the beta site. Keep an eye on the Release Notes for official details.
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