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TNT Posts "Statement Regarding NFTs"
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on May 19, 2022, 12:13 pm NST

Today, TNT posted to the Official TNT Message Board with a Statement Regarding NFTs.

The Metaverse project has quieted down and lost quite a bit of steam the past few months (alongside a major cryptocurrency market crash and a slowdown of NFT purchase volume). However, the team has been quietly working on a 3D game that is still purported to enter alpha testing later this year.

For those new to the project, Jellyneo hosted an anti-NFT campaign, #NoNeoNFTs, last fall shortly after the initial Metaverse unveiling. You can read our final summary of the unsuccessful mint (only 4,533 of the initial 20,500 promised NFTs were purchased), along with our landing page for an overview: jellyneo.net/nfts.

The Metaverse project is gearing up for a game trailer to be released on Sunday, May 22nd. And to celebrate, Neopets is offering 5,000 additional NFTs, but instead of Neopets this time, they will be 5,000 "unique Neopets-inspired pizza NFTs freshly baked from the oven on Solana". The pizza NFTs are being offered for free, gas/transaction fees extra.

You can read today's statement from TNT, likely inspired by the upcoming game trailer, in full below:

Dear Neopians,

We are now well into 2022, and as the team looks ahead to this year and beyond, we are filled with excitement and pride. What began as a project between two college students - an artist and a coder - has blossomed into an entire global community of artists, gamers, and defenders of 2000's internet nostalgia.

The spirit of Neopets has always been rooted in transparency, inclusivity, and community-building. We realize that where communication and transparency are concerned, we are always trying to improve and grow. And so, today, we pull up our chairs and join you at the table for what we hope will not only be a candid discussion about the state of the game, but a dialogue with the people who know and love it best: you.

Believe us when we say this: we are listening. We hear all of your feedback — ALL of it. In fact, we rely on it. We will not go into 2023 without you, our core players, at our side. We acknowledge that in order to build a bright Neopian future, we must look to the past, learn from our mistakes, and move forward with the community hand-in-hand.

In December, we installed a new Metaverse team whose goals and vision are more in line with ours, and we now have significantly better communication with their team and a renewed trust. We routinely liaison with the Metaverse team both to ensure the safeguarding of the Neopets IP and to advocate for the needs and wants of the Neopets community.

The development of the Neopets Metaverse is exclusive from the development of the Neopets.com that we all know and love. We are still building and growing the original game that we all adore — this is not changing. The Neopets Metaverse is a completely separate product with separate teams. We ask that you kindly keep an open mind towards the new Metaverse team and the project. That said, we understand that NFTs are not for everyone. Keeping Neopets.com and the Neopets Metaverse separate is key to our long-term strategy of preserving the integrity of the Neopets IP.

At its core, the Neopets Metaverse gives interested players the opportunity to explore their beloved brand in a whole new way. The Metaverse provides Neopians an opportunity to "choose their own adventure" in terms of how they want to experience Neopia. If the idea of a 3D blockchain-based Neopian ecosystem inspires you, consider taking a look at this project. If this style of game is not up your alley, then take solace in the fact that Neopets.com will continue to be here for you.

For those of you who are interested in the iteration of Neopia that will exist within the Neopets Metaverse, you'll be excited to know that the first game trailer releases on May 22 at neopetsmeta.io. We think that anyone who has ever fantasized about what Neopets would be like as a 3D game will be thrilled by what's in store.

We look forward to a bright future for Neopia in its various iterations and products, and we hope you come along for the ride.
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Altador Cup XVII: New Players & Page Redesigns
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on May 17, 2022, 3:03 pm NST

This year's Altador Cup sign ups are around the corner (May 25th), and the downloadable freebies accompanying the pre-Tourney press have revealed some exciting news: two new players will be debuting in this year's Cup!

(If you'll remember, Whimsi Dia and Tulay Ada debuted last year.)

First up on Team Kreludor, Zenor Kevix has been confirmed to be replaced with a brand new player, Motor Dahy, an Orange Tyrannian Pteri.

Second, Team Kiko Lake will also be having a roster change with longtime player Ditan Colb retiring in favor of a Pastel Uni, named Lili Lever.

Lastly, the Altador Cup itself has received a mobile friendly update and lives under the new layout.

What do you think of these new players? Let us know what you think (or what other roster changes you might want to see next year!) in the comments!
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Moehog Day Roundup
  • Posted by Zelda
  • Posted on May 16, 2022, 4:04 pm NST

Go incognito for your summer beach trip with the new colour released for Moehog Day:


Or perhaps you'd rather cosplay as Judge Hog of Defenders of Neopia fame:

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Altador Cup Prize Shops Closing This Weekend
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on May 14, 2022, 6:21 am NST

As reported last week, the Altador Cup will soon be returning. The weekend's news update has revealed that the prize shops from last year's Cup will be closing imminently - you have until the end of tomorrow, Sunday 15th May to claim any outstanding points.

(Note that due to the lack of a 1 point item last year, you will likely have some points in the prize shop left over that you cannot spend. There's no way to avoid this.)

This week's editorial has also revealed that the pre-tournament press tour will be returning this year. The closure of the prize shops on Sunday perhaps means it will be starting on Monday.

Note that this week's editorial has also stated that the signups for this year's Cup will be starting on May 25th. The email announcing the Cup had previously stated May 26th. At this stage it is unknown which is the correct date.
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Neopets to Host Charity Auctions
  • Posted by Zelda
  • Posted on May 13, 2022, 9:37 am NST

The Neopets charity auction is underway! You can head to GiveSmart to view the pieces and submit your bids. The auction ends in just under two days, on May 15th.

The full list of pieces is as follows:

In addition, both Queen Fyora and the Style Showdown host have two standees available, and one each is being given away through a raffle. Enter and try your luck!

As a reminder, the proceeds from these auctions will be split equally between these four charities:

  • World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
  • The Trevor Project
  • Project HOPE
  • Eden Reforestation Project
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