... is coming to Jellyneo!


Welcome to the new Jellyneo! We've grown tired of Neopets, so we're throwing away all of our content and switching our main theme to LOST, a very popular primetime TV show in America. LOST airs on ABC every Wednesday night at 9pm EST. For more information on LOST, take a look at ABC's LOST site. It's a great show, really!

What does this mean to you?

Nothing, really! We will still offer our users the forums, plenty of guides and information on the TV show LOST, along plenty of up-to-date news! The only change is the fact that everything will be about LOST instead of Neopets. See? No major changes. :)

When will the site be opened?

We plan on opening the new site to our visitors within the next few weeks. Our content writers are working diligently on writing up some character bios, episode recaps, and some other fun goodies. We also plan on purchasing a new domain to fit the new theme of the site. It'll be JellyLOST.net. This way, we can keep the jelly theme. (Because everyone loves jelly!) Jellyneo.net will also redirect you to JellyLOST.net, so you don't need to really update your bookmarks!

How can you contact us?

You can either use our forums, which are still up, or you can email us directly at dave at jellyneo dot net. (Insert the @ and .)

Preview our current content! Secrets galore!

If you'd like to preview, BEFORE ANYONE ELSE, our new site's design and functionability, scroll down to the very bottom of the page! See completely top secret stuff on the upcoming JellyLOST website!! :D

Keep scrolling!


No, we're really not converting to a LOST website... the Jellyneo you've come to know and love is here to stay! :D Follow the below links to all of our wonderful Neopets themed content. :P

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