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New Support System Live
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on May 18, 2018, 1:14 pm NST

Neopets' new support system is now live! It appears that they have switched over to ZenDesk, which is a modern ticketing system. (Much more modern than the old help centre!)

Nothing has been updated on Neopets.com yet, but if you email support@neopets.com, you will receive a response indicating your query was received and you'll also get a ticket number. We believe it is now safe to submit your tickets if you were holding off during the switch.

Here's a sample for what it looks like when you email in:

It's currently unclear if there will be a web interface to submit tickets yet. We'll keep you posted as we learn more. In the meantime, submit as many details as you can with each support query, especially if you're submitting about a frozen account! To quote Neopets themselves:

Important Note on Support: Neopets is currently switching support provider for ticketing. As always you may contact us by email at support@neopets.com. Please include the username you are writing in about! And if it's an access issue, include the email address(es), the registered date of birth, and any other information that only the creator of the account would know. Thanks!
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Daily Dare Notices from TNT
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on May 18, 2018, 9:27 am NST

The following notices about this year's Daily Dare were posted earlier this morning regarding the duplicate prizes that some of you may have received. There were also some miscellaneous quotes we included below regarding the plot.

The tl;dr version for the Daily Dare is that (1) visit the Daily Dare main page to receive the proper prizes if you haven't already, (2) you should discard any extra prizes you may have received, and (3) the Daily Dare avatar will now be an annual prize!

Regarding duplicate prizes:

We're terribly sorry about the glitches that prevented some of you from getting the right final prizes from Daily Dare.

Those of you who received last year's prizes, please discard them. You should have received the right prizes by now by visiting the Daily Dare page once the error was fixed.

Those of you who received duplicates of this year's prizes, please discard the duplicates.

Regarding missing Daily Dare Slushies and Spellseeker Vial of Power:

Those of you who are missing the Daily Dare Slushie, we are aware of the issue and are working to fix it. You should have your slushie by next week. (We're juggling this fix with a few Altador Cup-related tasks!)

As for the Spellseeker Vial of Power - it was working when our programmer tested it, but it clearly isn't working now! He'll be taking another look at it to see what went wrong.

And regarding Daily Dare and content in general:

For the record, the programmer who fixed the Daily Dare prizes was working during his office hours, but we do have several team members working well past midnight every once in a while to give you guys regular content that we hope you enjoy (and to fix the inevitable bug or four). We think you guys are an amazing bunch of people and we absolutely love working for you!

Each one of us cares about you, and we do what we think we should be doing to keep you happy. Sometimes we have misplaced priorities, and you help remind us of the things you want us to focus on instead. Thank you for that.

Regarding the avatar and its planned return for next year:

And for those wondering about the avatar, it was awarded to those who successfully completed 15 of AAA's challenges any time during the event. We plan to make it an annual avatar, and we would like to go back to the original condition for it (successfully complete at least 15 challenges against AAA, Abigail or both any time during the event) from next year onwards.

Of interesting note is that these messages were coming from a staff account called "hardtotame", whom we have not heard from before. They also hinted that they could not post on the Official TNT Message board since they did not have access and would need someone on the other side of the globe to do so (their account's country is marked as India):

RE: Posting on The Official Neopets Team Message Board
I'm going to need a colleague on the other side of the globe to do that for me (read not for another 6 hours) since I don't have access to the only account that can post on that board.

In addition, some hints about the wrap up of the plot were posted:

RE: Plot trophies
We've got the code for this all written and ready to go, but we REALLY want to wait until the plot synopsis is ready so that we can put them out together. When's the synopsis going to be ready? We genuinely believed it would be out a few weeks ago, but there's this one little thing that needs to be done that only one person on this entire team can do, aaaaand he happens to be an executive that is incredibly busy doing the incredibly important stuff that keeps executives incredibly busy. So, I don't know the answer to that one. BUT, all of us that have been working on these two updates are really hoping they will be out next week, and we're REALLY excited about them!

Talk about a nice refreshing change in pace for TNT's communication! We're not sure who "hardtotame" is (or if they have a staffer name), but we hope they continue to be in charge of communication!
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Daily Dare Prizes Released
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on May 16, 2018, 6:03 am NST

Final prizes for the Daily Dare are now released! Our guide has been updated with the details:

View Our Daily Dare Guide »

If you logged on this morning, you may have been awarded last year's prizes in error. In addition, some people are reporting duplicate sets of prizes in their inventories and in some cases one of their prizes not appearing in their inventory.

As always, if you get duplicate prizes your best course of action is to discard them.

Lulu On Vacation participants may also be experiencing their final bonus prize not being properly awarded.

Typically we would advise submitting tickets about missing prizes, but with the switch to a new support system happening imminently, it isn't clear how effective submitting tickets will be at this point.
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New Baby Neopet Pins
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on May 15, 2018, 10:43 am NST

It looks like Overpowered has released some brand new pins for pre-order starting today. This set is Baby-themed!

The pins can be pre-ordered today and will be delivered in June. As you may have seen in our previous Wardrobe Wars posts, we have a special referral link set up with Overpowered that gives us a 15% commission on any of your purchases—which all go towards paying our monthly hosting bills. Simply click any of the links in this post to be taken to Overpowered.

NEW INFO: We received some more information about the pre-sale. Each pin you order while it is still in pre-sale will come with two Rare Item Codes! They will be delivered automatically via email with your pre-sale purchase. Shipping is also free within the United States, and it's free internationally if you purchase two or more.

In addition, we've received word directly from Overpowered that every Neopets species will be featured in the series at some point! (Ogrin fans rejoice!)

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Moehog Day Roundup
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on May 15, 2018, 9:54 am NST

Here's some belated Moehog Day news.


Elderly Boy | Elderly Girl


Tonner Doll
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