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Games Master Challenge: Dyeworks
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on November 23, 2014, 8:40 pm NST

If you haven't already seen, the Games Master Challenge has been confirmed to be returning this year!

And now, it looks like Dyeworks will be featuring some GMC-themed items, perhaps from prior NC activities run alongside the GMC.

Models Wanted!
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on November 21, 2014, 2:47 pm NST

Attention all wearable enthusiasts: we are in search of many Neocash models that have been released over the past few months for Baby and Mutant painted Neopets. Have a Baby or Mutant Neopet? Have one of the below items? Model for us! Modeling instructions below.

Mutant-Only Wearables:

Baby-Only Wearables:

How to Model:
It's pretty easy!
  • Go to the Customise App on Neopets and place the wearable on the Neopet species we need modeled.
  • Click "Save Changes" on Neopets.
  • Come back to Jellyneo and visit our Modeling section.
  • Look in the bottom right hand corner of the site and type in your Neopets' name to model.
  • Voila! You've modeled for JN!

Speaking of modeling, we can always use help modeling new wearables, so stop by our Modeling section to see if you have something we need!
Games Master Challenge: Coming Soon!
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on November 20, 2014, 1:12 pm NST

The Games Master Challenge will be back, as TNT promised in a recent editorial. Looks like there may not be team play this year, and Lulu's hair has gone purple!

Stay tuned to JN for Games Master Challenge coverage as soon as it begins. We'll have all the daily challenge info for you!
Premium Discount Thru November 30th
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on November 18, 2014, 3:21 pm NST

It's that time of year again! The Premium discount is back. From now until November 30th, new Premium members can receive $20 off the yearly pre-paid option. (So, pay $49.95 today for a year's worth of Premium.)

You can sign up by visiting the Membership section.

If you're an existing Premium user, you can lock in the discounted rate for your next billing date by visiting your Manage Membership page.
Unreleased Morphing Potions
  • Posted by Rylon
  • Posted on November 18, 2014, 12:15 pm NST

Checkered Bori | Glowing Jetsam

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