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Updates from TNT
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on May 31, 2018, 5:00 am NST

Neopets team member hardtotame has posted a couple of new messages this morning on the Site Events Neoboard.

Wraith Resurgence
First, she addressed last week's message about the Stickler for Time achievement:

The Stickler for Time achievement: The unexpected change from tradition in the release time of Fiendish Formations and the duration of Day 1 made it difficult for a lot of users to qualify for this achievement. Realizing this, we relaxed the requirement for this achievement while it was awarded. Users that only missed Day 1 of Fiendish Formations should have received this achievement.

(In fact, anyone that completed 7 of the 8 levels on the day of release should have received this achievement.) With this in mind, we will not be changing the requirement for the top tier prizes and trophy for TWR.
If you feel that you should have received 'Stickler for Time' but didn't, you can write in to support and we will review your achievements.

Reward for the 'most generous donors' at the Infirmary: We had a word with Taelia and it appears that she's been taking her time with this, but hasn't forgotten. We did ask her to speed it up, so you can expect to hear from her some time soon.

This was not a recent change, it was done way back when the 'Stickler for Time' achievement was awarded. To clarify, if you don't have this achievement but believe you are eligible for it, you can write to us - if you are found eligible and you also have all other achievements, you will qualify for the top tier trophy and prizes as well.

In other words, she is saying that the requirements of Stickler for Time were only ever completing 7 of the 8 days of Fiendish Formations within 24 hours of release, rather than the full 8 the achievement stated. If you managed to do 7 days within 24 hours of release and didn't get the achievement, she advises you submit a ticket via the new email support system.

Daily Dare
She also posted a different board for those who have yet to be awarded the slushie final prize from the Daily Dare:

This is overdue, sorry about that. The plan was to identify a pattern in the users that have reported missing slushies, and award it to them through a script. However, we have not been able to identify a pattern here, so you can just respond to this thread if you've been affected, and we will award it to you.

Please do not respond here if you want to talk about something else, and I shouldn't have to say this but I'll say it anyway – If you are found to be reporting a missing Daily Dare Slushie while you actually received one, you will have to face the wrath of TNT! *Muhahahaha*

You may have gotten a Slushie already if you submitted a ticket, but if you didn't, you can post on the board and they will go through and award them. As hardtotame stated, only post on that board if you genuinely did not get a Slushie prize. They will be checking.
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Messages from TNT
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on May 25, 2018, 5:24 am NST

The staff member that posted many updates on the neoboards last week, hardtotame, has been back at it early this morning with more updates on multiple boards.

Battledome Updates
First, on the Battledome board, she has given an update on the progress of BD fixes:

A lot of you have been asking for updates about the Battledome fixes, and for an update on DoN.

DoN - This is easy to answer. We want to fix the Battledome first.

Battledome fixes - *sigh* Okay, so here's what's happening. We took a look at the results of the survey, and we made a list of things that we need to focus on. Our senior-most programmer is the one that's working on it. He's also the one that gets called in every time there's something 'big' that needs to be done. With the current situation we're in (having to optimize the entire website for mobile, looking for solutions to features that currently work on Flash, etc), that's fairly often. Which means, he has to put the fixes on hold and help us with solutions to these other issues, that come with grave consequences if they're ignored. So, he's on one such break right now, and he will return to the Battledome once he's done with his current task. For these reasons, it's very difficult to give you a timeline that we can be sure we'll stick to, but we can tell you that you ARE on our list of priorities, and we're working on it (just not at the moment, unfortunately).

Wraith Resurgence Prizes
Over on the Site Events board, she gave additional updates about the plot:

We haven't finished running the script for this, so if you haven't received your trophies or prizes yet, don't worry - it's coming!

I see a lot of concerns about some of the tiers and prizes (the ones that stand out to us are the users who missed the top tier by the 'Stickler for Time' achievement, and the users who donated a large number of potions in hope of a better prize).

We need some time, but we will be looking into these concerns and seeing what we can do about them. You can expect to hear from me again in a week's time about this (if they haven't been addressed already by then).

She later stated that there may be scope to changing the plot prize requirements to exclude those who missed the Stickler For Time (Fiendish Formations on day of release) achievement:

RE: Time-specific achievements affecting trophy tiers
We're sorry that you had to miss out on certain parts of the plot, but apart from 'Stickler for Time', we will not be reconsidering the tiers for this plot. Good point about the prize shop vs. prize tiers systems - awarding plot points takes a lot more planning and effort, and we did not feel ready for it with TWR.

And posted that those who suffered glitches with plot steps may have their issues looked into:

If you got a response to it just hours ago, it will be looked into. I see another user that has reported the same bug in the bug report we got today. Again, this will take a while as we're still just awarding trophies right now, but it will be looked into.

She also made a general board asking for opinions on whether some of the plot weapons that were given out should have their icons reduced:

I have read a few arguments for and against nerfing plot weapons.

In the past, I have advocated for certain things because a few people were vocal about it on the boards, only to realize after it was implemented that there was another side to the argument that we hadn't considered, that you brought up after it was too late to change. I don't want to make that mistake again, so please voice your opinion here so that we can consider both sides of the argument before making a decision.

Item Fixes
And finally, she gave updates on item fixes (of which many have already been fixed!):

RE: Item fixes in general
I understand you want us to focus more on fixing things that are broken. Accordingly, we're making this a priority, and we plan to give you weekly updates about what we've fixed that week. We're thinking of doing this in the editorial. What do you say?
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Wraith Resurgence Prizes + Finale
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on May 24, 2018, 10:10 am NST

The prizes for the Wraith Resurgence are finally being handed out!

We're currently collecting as many details as we can. The prizes are being delivered by Neomail, so sit back and wait while the script runs.

If you received your prizes, we are currently on the lookout for people who have completed the following # of achievements:

  • 28 achievements (please confirm if you were Slick Psychic or Vapid Volunteer)
  • 13-15 achievements (please confirm if you were Vapid Volunteer or Frivolous Fresher)

Please also confirm (1) what items/avatars you received and (2) what trophy you received (name).

There is also a finale video for you to watch, which gives you a little more information on the plot's story.

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Wraith Resurgence Over
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on May 14, 2018, 10:36 am NST

Following on from the removal of the majority of steps on Friday, this morning you may have noticed the plot Battledome Challengers disappearing from the dome. This comes along with the removal of all remaining steps, meaning the plot is no longer completable.

New dialogue from Fyora is now available on the Headquarters page, as well as a brief update from Kaia and Malum on the Clearing page. The wording of the latter update, however, implies that the synopsis to explain the story of the plot mentioned by Jade in a recent editorial is still to come.

If you noticed some of your previously completed achievements glitch to appear unclaimed last week, this also appears to be fixed and they are now showing correctly.
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Wraith Resurgence Coming to a Close
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on May 9, 2018, 6:16 pm NST

Update May 11th: It appears that the plot has closed this morning. Aiden is now fully healed, and we have reports of fog disappearing from dailies.

In today's news, TNT has again alluded to the Wraith Resurgence coming to a close. If you have been meaning to complete the remaining steps and finish off the achievements that are still available, please see our step-by-step guide!

If this plot is (finally!) coming to a close, then we suspect a good time to do it would be before the Altador Cup begins, and with the prize shop (and staff tournament prize shop) closing this Friday, May 11th, the Altador Cup will probably be ramping up in the next week or two.

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