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NC Accompaniment: Hidden Altador FAQ
  • Posted by Nick
  • Posted on May 30, 2014, 12:49 pm NST

The FAQ for Hidden Altador has been posted, explaining what will soon be taking place on June 1st:

  • What is Hidden Altador and how does it work?
    Beyond Altador lies a fascinating city. Take a look at the map and discover Altador's hidden side and collect souvenirs every day. Explore four secret locations using Enchanted Compasses from the NC Mall. A new compass is available every Sunday throughout the Altador Cup starting on June 1st. Once you have your compass, be sure to activate it then visit a secret location to find a new NC item that awaits you.

  • What is the duration of Hidden Altador?
    The first Enchanted Compass allowing access to the Hall of Fountains will go on sale June 1st. A new access pass will go be available each Sunday. You can purchase and activate your passes until June 29th. You may claim your prizes on already purchased and activated passes anytime you visit an access area.

  • How do I purchase an Enchanted Compass?
    Each week a new compass will be on sale in the NC Mall Altador Cup Shop. You can purchase a compass there or on the Hidden Altador page.

  • How do I activate my Enchanted Compass?
    There are two ways to activate your Enchanted Compass:

    1. Visit your inventory. Once in your inventory, click on your Enchanted Compass and select, "Activate Enchanted Compass".
    2. If you purchased your Enchanted Compass from the Hidden Altador page you can activate it right after purchase. Once you see the confirmation page simply click the "Use Compass" button and confirm the use of your compass.

  • Can I activate multiple Enchanted Compasses for same location?
    No. You will only be able to activate and collect prizes once for each location once per account.

  • Is there a bonus item for participating in Hidden Altador?
    No, there isn't a bonus item prize for participating in this event.

  • Why isn't the compass I want available in the NC Mall?
    Check back at the NC Mall each Sunday for a new Enchanted Compass. Already released compasses will remain for sale until the end of the event.

  • When can I start collecting my Hidden Altador prizes?
    Prizes for each location can be collected each Sunday. You will be able to claim one prize per day. If you missed collecting any days you can always return to the access area and claim those prizes.

  • Is there a time limit for accepting my daily Hidden Altador prizes?
    There really isn't a time limit for collecting your daily prizes but the sooner the better so you can enjoy them! If you activated an Enchanted Compass, you will be able to return to the page to claim your prize as long as the Hidden Altador page is still accessible.

  • Can I access Hidden Altador on my side accounts?
    Yes, you can participate in this event on your side accounts.
Altador Cup 9 Sign Ups!
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on May 22, 2014, 2:08 pm NST

Sign ups for the Altador Cup have opened! The Cup is due to start on June 2nd, however the rules page has a group of dates only partially updated for this year.

However, assuming the rules page is current... For those who remember last year (and the year before), the bracket system appears to be returning in exactly the same format. (Woo :( ). Those signing up for the ninth cup in a row will get a new item when signing up:

Altador Cup Bunting

(Other sign up bonuses from previous years remain the same).

HOWEVER, the AC FAQ appears to have been updated with this question:

  • How many scores can I submit? New caps on the number of times you can submit your scores have been instituted for this year's tournament. Everyone will still be able to strive to achieve their desired rankings and do the utmost to benefit their teams, only now they'll be able to do so without feeling like they have to spend all day playing. So, if you max out: take a deep breath, feel a sense of satisfaction, and maybe go for a walk around the block or make a tasty sandwich?

This potentially means there will be new caps on scores sent this year - the situation is unclear at the moment.
TNT AC Staff Tournament
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on May 22, 2014, 1:31 pm NST

With the sign ups for the Altador Cup not long away, we can reveal the participants in this year's TNT AC Staff Tournament!


DJ Skellington|Viola


Blitzkrieg|El Picklesaur

Marketing Maggie|Mr. Insane

V-Man|The Anvil

Ninjakins|Bancha Ninja

Jimmy James|Breik


Stay tuned for more AC news!
New NC Accompaniment - Hidden Altador
  • Posted by Nick
  • Posted on May 22, 2014, 12:56 pm NST

With Altador Cup signups set to begin in a little over an hour, we have evidence of the NC accompaniment that will happen alongside regular game play. The Hidden Altador page has been posted and whatever takes place will be starting on June 1st! It appears there may be some sort of searching involved in this event as well.

AC Team Previews and Sign Up Date
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on May 12, 2014, 2:47 am NST

As TNT mentioned on Friday, we now have a further update about when this year's Altador Cup will start. The annual previews have been put up, along with a countdown to sign ups. This countdown will end at 2 pm NST on Thursday 22nd (next week).

Although there's no longer a link to the prize shop on the main page, it is still active, and will likely remain so until the 22nd. Remember to use your points by then or they will be gone for good.

The site previews normally contain trivia about the off season, but we can see further confirmation about this year's roster changes.

If you prefer more in depth analysis of a team's chances in the Cup, we've begun our annual recap of teams over on our AC Coverage, starting with Team Tyrannia!

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