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Wing It!

The overall game screen.

Wing It is a new daily game that appeared during the 2017 Faerie Festival. It's similar to a "pin the tail on a donkey" game, except in this one you're pinning wings on a faerie while blindfolded.

The game is run by Kaia, a faerie from Shenkuu who we first met at the Faerie Festival.

How to Play

Visit the game page and click on the "Play" button. The game is Javascript/HTML5-based, so being able to play is dependent on how up to date your web browser is.

Click on this button to begin playing.

Once the play button is clicked, the faerie will begin moving around and you will be blindfolded. Click on the black screen to pin the wings.


It appears that successful placement of the wings is random, similar to Kiko Pop or any of the Haunted Fairgrounds games. Simply clicking to place the wings is the most you can do.


For successfully pinning the wings on the faerie, you'll receive one of the following:


You may receive one of the following denominations of Neopoints:

  • 150 NP
  • 200 NP
  • 250 NP
  • 300 NP
  • 350 NP
  • 400 NP
  • 450 NP


You may receive one of the following items:

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