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Trivia Challenge Results
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on January 4, 2019, 7:17 am NST

Congratulations to all 1,499 visitors who participated in this year's December Trivia Challenge! 464 of you rose to the challenge to answer all 8 out of 8 correctly.

Trophies have been awarded, so if you participated by answering at least one question correctly, check out your jnAccount trophy cabinet!

Everyone who answered at least one question correct also received a jnAccount trophy cabinet theme to claim. Claim it now! If you got all 8 of 8 questions, then you received two cabinet claims! We also added a few new cabinet themes for you to choose from: Toy, Origami, and Burlap Doll.

And if you were curious to see what the answers (and where you could find them)...

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mistyraider, 01/4/2019, 7:36 am NST
I love the new Toy cabinet theme . . . it's so orderly for all my toys, er trophies!

dave - JN Staff, 01/4/2019, 8:15 am NST
@mistyraider: And you have a lovely collection of trophies!

topaz644, 01/4/2019, 10:03 am NST
Love the new themes! Thank you!

cloonshannagh, 01/4/2019, 10:57 am NST
Thank you for another wonderful event!! *cuddles Babaa* And such grand trophies and themes.

We always look forward to JNs winter celebrations! You always make Neopets even more enjoyable.

drzoidberg, 01/4/2019, 1:20 pm NST
Fun times and I love the new cabinets! Thanks, JN!!

debgil, 01/4/2019, 3:45 pm NST
FINALLY! I got 8 of 8. Whoo hoo!
I'm going to stick with my cabintarium though, such fond memories of little petpetpet's that one is.

inkpot, 01/4/2019, 4:36 pm NST
thank you for the new themes~! love them

1jediboy, 01/4/2019, 4:41 pm NST
I shall keep my Cherry blossom theme up for at least a year after the Adventure Time series finale... but I must admire what's new! Well done! Thank you!

1jediboy, 01/4/2019, 4:42 pm NST
FUZZIE BAYBEE!!! *pets Babaa*

mavegibson, 01/4/2019, 5:29 pm NST
Toy cabinet is inspired. LOL

josie, 01/4/2019, 5:57 pm NST
Thanks so much for the trophy and new cabinet themes. I appreciate it

pikachu315111, 01/5/2019, 12:16 am NST
"We also added a few new cabinet themes for you to choose from: Toy, Origami, and Burlap Doll."

Shade toward Steampunk, the actual winner of the last PB poll.

rosiethorns88 - JN Staff, 01/5/2019, 2:13 am NST
@pikachu315111, in part because we've already treaded Steampunk with the Steampunkin theme

jweb, 01/5/2019, 3:22 am NST
nice thxs voor the trophy and the themes

mistyraider, 01/5/2019, 5:22 am NST
Oh No @rosiethorns88, how did I miss the Steampunkin theme?

tomatereloco, 01/5/2019, 7:40 am NST
Toy cabinet is WAY better than the Neopets color

una, 01/5/2019, 8:29 am NST
Ohh thank you! I wasn't expecting to win anything

inusfan, 01/5/2019, 5:51 pm NST
Yaaay got 8/8 for first time since 2013, lol, despite trying.

allisonjoy, 01/5/2019, 6:38 pm NST
Apparently, I was just a bit behind on collecting trophy cabinet themes.... I only answered two, which means I only got one from this event and yet I still had FIVE themes to collect.

maknaetani, 01/6/2019, 2:54 am NST
I love the new themes!

rosiethorns88 - JN Staff, 01/6/2019, 2:14 pm NST
@mistyraider - I think it was a HW Costume Contest awarding a few years back? Not the best contrast for trophies though - it's super busy, like Candy Rush

contessa, 01/7/2019, 3:40 pm NST
I was a bit behind too Allison, I too still had five themes I had not collected I tend to forget to collect because I love my AC Lost Desert one so much!

Anyway, I always look forward to the JN events, they are so much fun to do! Thanks y'all!

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