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Happy Sloth Day!
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on January 14, 2018, 12:02 pm NST

From all of us at Jellyneo...

Enjoy the Sloth themes around our site! :)
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topaz644, 01/14/2018, 2:49 pm NST
All Hail Sloth!

cloonshannagh, 01/14/2018, 3:02 pm NST
Happy Sloth Day, Dave!!

moonlightwitch, 01/14/2018, 4:55 pm NST
*bows down to sloth* Im not worthy

1jediboy, 01/14/2018, 5:01 pm NST
Bah! HumbAAAAA-

<b><font color="red">USER INCINERATED</font></b>

vaporesque, 01/14/2018, 7:26 pm NST
Bah! *notices sludge pile once known as 1jediboy* erm, By your grace, Dr. Sloth.

pikachu315111, 01/15/2018, 12:43 am NST
ALL HAIL SLOTH... oh, hey, the Staff of Alhasutek! I totally forgot they made that into a wearable (though they call Dr. Sloths Staff).

moonlightwitch, 01/15/2018, 5:53 am NST
I just now noticed the mascot of jellyneo is dressed up as Dr.Sloth

alli_draggy, 01/15/2018, 10:13 am NST
All hail Sloth

1jediboy, 01/15/2018, 9:24 pm NST
Grundo: 6_6 He he... Yeah... 9_9

*Grundo sweeps up 1jediboy's remains*

*dumps into reanimation chamber so Virtupets doesn't get sued by 1jediboy's family*

pikachu315111, 01/15/2018, 11:16 pm NST
@ 1jediboy:
Considering what we saw Sloth is able to do with the Staff of Alhasutek, if your going to openly oppose him with no plan or way to fight him back staying vaporized might be the better choice.

rakkase, 01/17/2018, 2:32 pm NST
I missed the sloth avatar :c

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