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Costume Contest: Voting Now Open!
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on October 8, 2017, 8:31 am NST

Our Costume Contest is now open for voting!

Just like last year, round one is a rating round. You have the opportunity to rate all entries with a "Yay" (aka a thumbs up if you like it) or a "Nay" (aka a thumbs down if you don't like it). The 75 pets with the highest cumulative ratings will move on to the next round, where normal voting resumes.

Also, if you rate all 225 entries this year, you'll get an extra bonus vote to use in round three, where the voting really counts!

And as a quick warning as in year's past, please only use one jnAccount to vote. Last year we had to disqualify a handful of people that made the contest unfair by voting on several accounts. :(

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blastoise87blue, 10/8/2017, 9:07 am NST
Good luck to everyone who entered

rafa_potter, 10/8/2017, 9:18 am NST
I’m so happy for getting in! I’ve tried for years xD Good luck everyone!

eggsalad, 10/8/2017, 9:41 am NST
Good luck everyone!

purplebin, 10/8/2017, 10:18 am NST
One of my very favorites is Mary Berry. So clever, and so spot on! I'm worried that not many people will know who she is, though...

1jediboy, 10/8/2017, 10:43 am NST
225? Isn't that less than how many entries there were last year?

ladyamethyst, 10/8/2017, 11:24 am NST
"Voting for this round is open from October 7th until October 29th, 11:59 PM NST."

^ That...doesn't sound right :/ It's part of the message that appeared after voting for all of them.

elphapa_the_wicked, 10/8/2017, 12:22 pm NST
I had an absolute jolt of joy when I saw Mary Berry as well! So many creative costumes this year, I get the feeling I should watch more anime however.

kitkatmeeoow, 10/8/2017, 12:34 pm NST
I could be wrong and someone who has not voted yet can correct me, but I could have sworn there were over 300 pets I voted on.

kitkatmeeoow, 10/8/2017, 12:38 pm NST
ladyamethyst, that has to be a mistake on their part cause that is when all voting ends.

The rules state round three ends on October 29th and final results are announced on the 31st.

Underneath the "Thanks for rating!" line it lists "You have rated all the pets for round 1. Come back on October 16th for the next round."

dave - JN Staff, 10/8/2017, 1:21 pm NST
This year's 225 entries is correct. Last year we only had 249 total entries, only 24 more.

I'm updating that date now--using the wrong marker apologies.

marfbear, 10/8/2017, 1:36 pm NST
Whew! Finally done voting. In order to judge fairly, I look up any characters I'm unfamiliar with - and there were a lot (including Mary Berry). I also look up entries on DTI when I'm not sure if they are using an entire species set (I tend to down vote those unless the background/accessories are particularly well done). I'm so tired right now.

cloonshannagh, 10/8/2017, 1:50 pm NST
So many wonderful costumes!

jmo7692, 10/8/2017, 3:20 pm NST
Thanks for rating!

You have rated all the pets for round 1. Come back on October 16th for the next round.

Can't wait for round 2! Good luck everyone!

1jediboy, 10/8/2017, 3:52 pm NST
Done voting! Can't wait to see who gets to round 2!

foxycleopatra, 10/8/2017, 4:12 pm NST
Finished voting earlier today. So many great costumes this year, and the following rounds are going to be tough.

josie, 10/8/2017, 4:56 pm NST
So many pretty costumes! Voting was very difficult because there were many characters I've never heard of.

Good luck everyone

cat, 10/8/2017, 5:16 pm NST
I feel like there were a lot of It/Pennywise this year, I've counted at least 3 so far.

renaki, 10/8/2017, 5:36 pm NST
Awww I've been so busy IRL that I completely forgot about the Halloween costume contest....and now it's too late to enter...

Oh well, my customization hasn't been working lately anyway... x.x;;;

kitkatmeeoow, 10/8/2017, 5:47 pm NST
I got a few favorites already picked out including a couple I did not recognize the names of and had to look up.

Will be cool to see who makes it to the next round.

morganjoisle, 10/8/2017, 7:23 pm NST
Well, I got my first round of voting done for this year. And thank you so much for doing the bonus vote incentive, I really love it.

mollyscribbles, 10/8/2017, 8:00 pm NST
Saw some nice entries, but it gets annoying to see 'costumes' that are little more than a pet in their PB outfit dressed as what the PB is supposed to make them look like.

But hey, the really nice ones make up for it -- I've got a personal top 8 that I hope to see in the final round. It'll be tough to narrow it down from there, though!

froststar936, 10/8/2017, 8:47 pm NST
I've been doing this for years, but I had nothing this year. Sorry about that, guys!

But I'm really bummed that one costume just called itself "lawyer" and not "devil's advocate." That would've been a perfect pun for that situation, and you all know it!

cat, 10/8/2017, 9:20 pm NST
@mollyscribbles - yeah, or people using complete outfit sets to dress the pet as what the outfit was suppose to be, or just having the "costume" be the pet's color - I realize painting is an important part of customization for some people but if your pet's costume is a zombie because it was painted Zombie that doesn't exactly take customization skill. I suppose the Chuckies were inevitable given the poogle's new outfit, but seeing two pets that were basically identical except for the BG was kind of a bummer.

warmum, 10/9/2017, 4:51 am NST
I loved Mary Berry, I first learned who she was watching the British Baking Show (which is 10x better than US shows where everyone talks about each other and its cutthroat). I had to look up a few characters. Gotta say, base colors can make or break a costume!

roshchodesh, 10/9/2017, 5:35 am NST
As the entries were released, I looked up any character I didnt know to be fair to everyone's hard work.
What do you do when entries are close to identical to each other?
And what of entries this year that are close to identical to a top entry from last year?

kitkatmeeoow, 10/9/2017, 6:38 am NST
The odd thing was I didn't even know there was a full Poogle Chucky set till this contest.

I though the closest thing there was to it was the Yooyu Dungaree which was not species specific, but could be turned into one with the right custom, but was not automatically one to begin with.

But that is one neat thing about the contest, I learned about a lot of new items I did not remember ever seeing. Some of them, I might one day pick up for myself like the Grundo Admirers Foreground.

jadedone23, 10/9/2017, 6:43 am NST
I'm assuming that since we have to vote on all entries, that we are to vote for ourselves in this round? LOL!

Lots of good ones this year.

stories2btold, 10/9/2017, 8:15 am NST
It’s over. Bob Marley needs to win.

ducky - JN Staff, 10/9/2017, 8:31 am NST
I am sad for lack of gnorbus, kaus and chombies.

You'd see one if we were allowed to enter :p

mavegibson, 10/9/2017, 9:39 am NST
I accidentally voted nay on a couple I wanted to vote yay on. The page was taking a while to load and I made some mistakes. One of them was Mary Berry, so I'm glad others have stepped up and voted for her because that was an excellent costume.

marfbear, 10/9/2017, 10:31 am NST
I like to neomail the owners of my favorite costumes to let them know how much I love their entries and wish them good luck. The owner of the Bob Marley pet has her mail set to friends only, so I hope she sees this here. I think your tippy costume is awesome. Good luck!

stories2btold, 10/9/2017, 3:43 pm NST
I see we are still rehashing Elsas and a Harley Quinn...

beedeebee, 10/9/2017, 5:01 pm NST
Really excellent costumes so far! It was great fun going through all the entries and voting!

rosi, 10/9/2017, 8:05 pm NST
What do you do when entries are close to identical to each other?
And what of entries this year that are close to identical to a top entry from last year?
When different entries of the same costume are present (ex. for this year Illusen or Chucky) I just pick the version I like better.
As for copycat costumes, I've always been very vocal against them This has happened since the early editions of this contest, when the very first winner was a very spot-on Harry Potter Moehog, then the following year was a Ron Weasley Kacheek. Since then, I felt that those owners were taking the easy way to win (and don't even get me started *again* on the winners we had a few years ago - I decided for this year to keep quiet and to avoid the drama of this important event )

vaporesque, 10/9/2017, 9:47 pm NST
@ marfbear I look up characters to be more fair as well. I have seen well done rl costumes fail at local contests just due to lack of understanding. It takes longer, but is so easy online.

@ warmum Me too. Though I still watch the US shows for the showy bakery. Love that sugar art.

@ froststar936 I entered a bad costume just to help the total entry #s.

cat, 10/9/2017, 11:47 pm NST
I first learned who she was watching the British Baking Show (which is 10x better than US shows where everyone talks about each other and its cutthroat).
I don't know, I think Cake Wars is actually better, partly because there's more focus on the actual process of making/decorating the cakes whereas I often felt lost on what the Brits were doing. Some of that's the larger number of contestants, I watched an international chocolate-making contest that had similar issues but I still felt like I learned something from it (and who can hate chocolate?). But I also felt like the show wasn't very good at communication.

cat, 10/10/2017, 12:02 am NST
Some of the copycat costumes are simply that people like to make costumes about properties they like. Harry Potter is still popular. Of course people also like to vote for costumes from properties they like so they may be looking for an easy win.

I know the Link costume's been in the running the last few years. Personally I'd try to use the Snowmuncher Ice Block Foreground in a Link costume because the jewel in it looks like a rupee but the grass background they've been using wouldn't go with it.

roshchodesh, 10/10/2017, 7:54 am NST
@rosi Thank you, you're right. I need to focus on the event and try to keep off the soapbox

dave - JN Staff, 10/10/2017, 8:42 am NST
@cat: Try out Great British Bake Off Masterclass. It's the same hosts, but they actually show you how to make what the contestants were making that week. It's a great supplement!

cat, 10/11/2017, 2:37 am NST
@dave - thanks, I'll have to try that.

This comic reminded me of this contest and the complaints about the copycat costumes.

elphapa_the_wicked, 10/11/2017, 8:24 am NST
@dave that and you get to see the magic of Paul and Mary being about 90% innuendo

spabl, 10/11/2017, 12:43 pm NST
THanks for your lovely comments about my Mary Berry! I was a huge fan of the Great British Bake Off and very disapointed that the program was sold last year so I couldn't watch it anymore here in the Netherlands. So it was a sort of a tribute AND I love baking!

1jediboy, 10/11/2017, 4:13 pm NST
*looks at all the Mary Berry/the Great British Bake Off posts*

... Oh yeah, That one's DEFINITELY going to win.

spabl, 10/12/2017, 12:22 am NST
@1jediboy: Last year I did Amy Farah Fowler from the BBT! Got lovely, amazing comments then too, but I did not even get in round 2! Don't think this year will be different because 90% of the voters doesn't know who she is!

cat, 10/12/2017, 12:41 am NST
I'm betting on one of the Pennywise winning myself, given how much fanfare that movie's been getting.

cat, 10/12/2017, 12:52 am NST
@dave that and you get to see the magic of Paul and Mary being about 90% innuendo
Ah, well I'm oblivious enough that I probably won't pick up on that.

kitkatmeeoow, 10/12/2017, 8:05 am NST
I didn't know who Mary Berry was until I looked her up either. It was a great job on the costume so I ended up voting for her too.

kitkatmeeoow, 10/12/2017, 8:38 am NST
Sadly, I don’t think mine will make it past the first round (Krawk Chucky). I was really proud and happy with the way it turned out when I first submitted it and still love it personally, but I did not realize the Poogles had a species specific custom and it is hard to compete with an outfit designed just for a character. Plus some people did not sound too happy about there being repeated ones and not sure if mine is lumped in with the group even though it is a fully different look.

The funny part was I researched past winners and the dirigible creation date to make sure there would be a good chance of it being semi unique. And I opted not to go with a Cinderella theme because Disney Princesses are usually very popular and this year there is not very many of them.

Oh well, the most fun part is voting on all the costumes and picking favorites and I already have a few different ones I am rooting for!

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