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TP Tagging Updates + Volunteer for Item DB
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on September 3, 2017, 1:28 pm NST

Happy weekend, all! (And a long weekend for some!) Two small Item Database updates today:

We've added a fresh set of lots to tag to our Trading Post Tagging queue. Help us add to our vast store of pricing data by tagging prices from Trading Post wishlists.

Congratulations goes to quailbat, fennox, and meercatristonhopets3 for coming in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place respectively last month on our leaderboard.

And don't forget, we recently added new trophy tiers, fixed a few bugs, and cleaned up our trade data to remove a lot of "no prices listed" trades!

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In other news, we're looking to add volunteers to help out behind the scenes within the Item Database!

Applications are open now through Friday, September 15th. You can find all of the details on the Join Jellyneo page. We usually only open up positions twice a year, so now's your chance to join the most visited, most complete, and most valuable list of Neopian items--and make it even better!

We've updated our guidelines and requirements a bit, so if you were interested in the past, be sure to read over them again. Premium is not a requirement for joining.

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tyuio_k50, 09/3/2017, 3:10 pm NST
will i have to know how to use a computer to apply ?

mistyraider, 09/3/2017, 3:34 pm NST

mistyraider, 09/3/2017, 3:38 pm NST
computers? naw, but you will need to know morse code! ... --- ...

ducky - JN Staff, 09/3/2017, 10:48 pm NST
Yeeees. Come to the dark side. I'll teach you stalking.. erm. I mean. *cough*

I never stalk anyone or anything

ian - JN Staff, 09/4/2017, 7:09 am NST
So is it just Finns that are good at doing that? It was zador's specialty too.

kanadiansnowbunny - JN Staff, 09/4/2017, 9:05 am NST

peirigill - JN Staff, 09/5/2017, 1:31 am NST
Seriously, have you not heard of Simo Häyhä?

ducky - JN Staff, 09/5/2017, 1:46 am NST

Also we enjoy silence so we are very good stalkers. You don't even notice. You just wonder why you didn't get any modelling points...

oboeflute4 - JN Staff, 09/5/2017, 9:28 am NST

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