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The Results Are In!
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on June 30, 2017, 7:24 pm NST

After a long 20 days, our JN Staff Tournament has come to a close!

A big congratulations goes out to Ummy, Rylon, and Sweep for earning a spot on this year's podium!

With the winners tabulated, it's time to see which of you were the tournament's top guessers.

Help me in congratulating logicalwhimsy with a whopping 76 correct guesses in the daily round guessing portion! You had to have a minimum of 52 correct guesses throughout the tournament to earn yourself a round trophy.

Once again, we continue our tradition of having no one correctly guess the top 3 spots and last place. However, 4 of you correctly guessed 3 of the 4!

Anyone who participated in our tournament, either by guessing in at least one or the rounds or guessing the top 3, received at least one new cabinet claim! (Two if you did both of those things!)

Anyone who guessed at least one of the top 3 (or last place) correctly or made at least 52 correct guesses during the 10 rounds of the tournament also received a fancy new "Bricked" theme for your jnAccount trophy cabinet. You can sample it on my cabinet.

Check the Results »

Thank you to everyone that participated!
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flairina, 06/30/2017, 7:33 pm NST
I was wondering why there was no announcement, when I was looking at the results for the last 20 minutes. Congrats to Ummy on Snatching Rylon's most desired sceptre away. Now all you guys have to do is find a way out of your shrunken carts.

bonju, 06/30/2017, 7:45 pm NST
When you guessed ryan for 1st and ummy for 2nd
But either way, congrats to the top 3, to every staffer who played, and to the top guessers too!
I enjoy JN's AC event way more than the actual AC

bonju, 06/30/2017, 7:46 pm NST
Also, omg, that cabinet theme ♥

boyob, 06/30/2017, 8:05 pm NST
Congrats everyone!

My top 3/bottom guessing went terrible, but I managed to sneak a silver round trophy so I'm pretty happy.

purplebin, 06/30/2017, 8:06 pm NST
I nearly forgot today was results day! I got two lovely orange trophies, and am very pleased.

sweep_the_doghouse - JN Staff, 06/30/2017, 8:27 pm NST
Now that the tourney is done, the question is, did anyone actually notice the baby on board sign on my cart? Let me tell you, it was not comfortable being in that cart with such a huge belly

zulzy, 06/30/2017, 8:46 pm NST
aww Sweep is having a baby! Congratulations Sweep!

flairina, 06/30/2017, 9:04 pm NST
Congrats Sweep! On both the baby and retaining your podium. Was rooting for you in the final round.

purplebin, 06/30/2017, 9:41 pm NST
I remember a mention of a sign that couldn't be seen clearly. Congratulations on the little Yooyuball, Sweep!

josie, 06/30/2017, 9:56 pm NST
@Sweep - awwww, awesome news! Congrats

Thanks so much for the trophy and cabinet themes, and congrats to everyone! This was my first year participating, and it was a lot of fun. I'll definitely do this again next year

ducky - JN Staff, 06/30/2017, 10:07 pm NST
I am quite sure Babysweep was giving Sweep a special boost.

lasergu, 06/30/2017, 10:38 pm NST
I feel really accomplished being the number two top guesser! But that means that next year, I still have to push myself to do better before I can rest easy...

mistyraider, 06/30/2017, 10:40 pm NST
Congratulations Sweep! How lovely!

And congrats Ummy, Rylon, and all the rest -- this is always my favorite part of AC.
I'm terrible at playing yooyuball, but not so bad, it turns out, at guessing how you will do.

jweb, 07/1/2017, 1:40 am NST
Congrats to Ummy well done

jweb, 07/1/2017, 1:51 am NST
is it possible to see the round results of round 10

alessia, 07/1/2017, 2:29 am NST
I agree... Where can I see last day results?

ania_que, 07/1/2017, 3:56 am NST
Congrats Sweep! That is super exciting news there will soon be a Babysweep. I don't know how I missed the "Baby on Board" sign on your cart. I found the image for everyone to have a look http://www.jellyneo.net/images/staffers/ac12_sweep.png

Congrats Ummy, Rylon and Sweep, you 3 did amazing this year!

Thanks for running the JN Staff Tourney again, it was lots of fun. I can't believe I got a runner-up trophy, even with missing round 1.

ania_que, 07/1/2017, 3:58 am NST
Your Picks for Round 10 link http://www.jellyneo.net/index.php?go=acstaff_dailyguess&round=10

Round 10 results link

beyondelsewhere, 07/1/2017, 5:42 am NST
I do better at this, and the TNT staff tourney, than I do at the actual AC.

Congrats all! This is such a fun thing for me to do during the AC, so I appreciate the effort you all put in!

And @logicalwhimsy I love your username!

cloonshannagh, 07/1/2017, 7:36 am NST
Congratulations to our podium winners, and the whole field. *applause* The Brick(yard) was honored JN gave us another great event! And now we are looking forward to the BIG event ... Babysweep! Blessings and Thanks! *hugs trophy*

june_scarlet, 07/1/2017, 1:16 pm NST
Ah, cool, 11th place and a silver trophy for round guessing is pretty nice.

morganjoisle, 07/1/2017, 4:51 pm NST
Herdy and Sweep, why did you two not do better this year? *mopes over incorrect top 3 guesses*

I'm surprised that Ummy won. You've improved greatly this year, Ummy! Congratulations on taking the jelly sceptre!

morganjoisle, 07/1/2017, 4:52 pm NST
Also omg Sweep congratulations on the baby!!!

alessia, 07/1/2017, 11:40 pm NST
@ania_que Thank you!

logicalwhimsy, 07/2/2017, 5:50 am NST
... Wow. o.o;; I was just hoping to finally squeeze into the Top 10 after getting 11th two years in a row. ^^;; Congratulations to everyone and thanks for such an amazing event (which totally made up for Kreludor ending up 2nd). ^^ And thanks beyondelsewhere, I really like your username too. ^^

scarlet189, 07/2/2017, 8:48 am NST
two new trophies, that's better than last years (i would have had more guesses but I forgot about the 9th round :laugh
but thanks for the awesome time, JN! Congrats to you all for participating (especially the amount of draws this year, didn't expect so many to appear)!

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