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Trivia Challenge Results
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on January 3, 2017, 7:48 pm NST

Congratulations to all 1,505 visitors who participated in this year's December Trivia Challenge! 389 of you rose to the challenge to answer all 8 out of 8 correctly.

Trophies have been awarded, so if you participated by answering at least one question correctly, check out your jnAccount trophy cabinet.

Everyone who answered at least one question correct also received a jnAccount trophy cabinet theme to claim. Claim it now! If you got all 8 of 8 questions, then you received two cabinet claims! We also added a few new cabinet themes for you to choose from: Elemental Maractite, Elemental Magma, and Elemental Woodland.

And if you were curious to see what the answers (and where you could find them)...

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purplebin, 01/3/2017, 7:51 pm NST
Beautiful new cabinet themes, thank you!

vraptor140, 01/3/2017, 8:32 pm NST
I forgot to check one day.

gamer_5_55_555, 01/3/2017, 8:42 pm NST
I got 4 out of 8, which is my current jellyneo participation level.

However the site art is still much better than that. I enjoy the new cabinet themes!

morganjoisle, 01/3/2017, 11:01 pm NST
Yayyyy, I did get a new trophy, even though I only got 4 of 8 days!

Also, thank goodness, new cabinet themes! I have eleven cabinet theme claims, and most of the choices available are Altador Cup teams.

forever_future, 01/4/2017, 1:23 am NST
The new themes are AWESOME! Thanks!

evaliah, 01/4/2017, 1:48 am NST
8/8 !

The Elemental Woodland theme is beautiful, thank you !

tabbysam, 01/4/2017, 4:52 am NST
I gave up after forgetting to come here one day.

cloonshannagh, 01/4/2017, 7:35 am NST
*hums It's the most wonderful time of the year* And the lovely JN gifts keep coming, Thank you all! *huggs trophy and theme*

draakonikihv, 01/4/2017, 9:00 am NST
The December trivia is always fun

Really love the woodland theme

jweb, 01/4/2017, 9:33 am NST

boyob, 01/4/2017, 11:12 am NST
The new case themes are great! Gives me something new to spend my whopping 10 claims on (I didn't realize I stockpiled that many, haha).

jmo7692, 01/4/2017, 12:02 pm NST
4th year of being 8/8 and I look forward to doing it again later this year! Also, lovely new cabinet themes!

marfbear, 01/4/2017, 2:11 pm NST
Had to get all three of the new themes - they're great! But I have to say that the woodland one is my favorite.
Thanks for the trivia and all the other fun stuff y'all do.

josie, 01/4/2017, 2:38 pm NST
That was great. Thanks for the trivia and for the fun themes

mavegibson, 01/4/2017, 4:29 pm NST
One thing I would really appreciate for future years is if you guys could post a reminder a few days before the challenge, that it is coming up. Because it happens at the end of the year, I always end up missing the first few days because I'm busy with holiday stuff.

This would also give people a heads-up to disable script blockers, etc. so they can properly access the quiz.

mavegibson, 01/4/2017, 4:30 pm NST
PS] Great work on the new cabinet themes - love them all!

firenrocks, 01/4/2017, 4:43 pm NST
I really like the new cabinet themes: the magma one especially matches my username. xD

stories2btold, 01/4/2017, 7:09 pm NST
One thing I would really appreciate for future years is if you guys could post a reminder a few days before the challenge, that it is coming up
They did. Go back to their 'Happy Holidays' post Christmas Eve and you'll see at the bottom of it a whole paragraph with info about the trivia.

gamer_5_55_555, 01/4/2017, 8:45 pm NST
Also I think it's always the same day every year. I almost missed it this year (and last year!) but they try not to surprise

dave - JN Staff, 01/4/2017, 9:23 pm NST
We do indeed always start it on the 26th. However, we'll try and post some more advance notice next year! I was doing some traveling beforehand, so it reminders ended up getting lost through the cracks.

mavegibson, 01/5/2017, 11:58 am NST
I guess I missed it because I was too excited about a Sloth story and clicked right through.

beedeebee, 01/5/2017, 6:01 pm NST
Love the Elemental Woodland Theme!

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