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Costume Contest: Entries Now Open!
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on October 1, 2016, 10:56 am NST

Jellyneo's Tenth Annual Halloween Costume Contest is now open for entries! You have until October 6th at 11:59PM NST to submit your pet dressed up for Halloween.

Just like last year, we will be accepting as many entries as we can for round one of voting. (Barring any rules violations of course, and we also won't be accepting 50 vampires, so be creative!) 75 of the top rated pets from round one will move on to round two, and from there the top 30 will compete for a gold trophy.

For a full list of rules and dates, please see our Costume Contest '16 page. And then start dressing up your pet! (There are no rule changes since last year.)

As a warning to everyone planning on submitting: like we said above, we will only be accepting, at the most, 1-2 variations of a particular costume. In other words, only about 1-2 vampires, only 1-2 Ednas, etc. So if you'd like a better chance of getting in, make a unique, but still recognizable, costume!

Spoiler: Everyone who enters a Neopet into the contest this year will receive the Steampunkin' trophy cabinet theme!

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(Before submitting, be sure to check out the rules!)
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ladyamethyst, 10/1/2016, 11:07 am NST
Does the pet have to be on the account associated with JN login, or can it be a pet from our sides? I read the rules, so if I missed the answer to this, I'm sorry :/

ladyamethyst, 10/1/2016, 11:41 am NST
...I'll just do a transfer to be on the safe side

rosi, 10/1/2016, 12:32 pm NST
@ladyamethyst: It can be a Neopet on your side account, so long it is yours Besides, many people here use a Jellyneo name that is very different to their Neopets username. In fact, I didn't even associate my Neopets username to my JN name ^^

rosi, 10/1/2016, 12:34 pm NST
@Dave: clever move with the new cabinet theme spoiler I had no intention to participate this year, but I cannot miss a steampunk theme I think I'll recycle an older costume from 3 years ago

casey5809, 10/1/2016, 3:34 pm NST
Is there going to be a wardrobe wars this month?

dave - JN Staff, 10/1/2016, 4:04 pm NST
@ladyamethyst: It can be on a side. You just need to own it.

@rosi: http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/-88AAOSwT6pVy8Ps/s-l300.jpg

@casey5809: No, we don't host Wardrobe Wars this month due to the Costume Contest.

purplebin, 10/1/2016, 8:27 pm NST
I can't believe I put together a costume already. I usually agonize over every option and idea. I only wish I had a better pet for it, quadrupeds are challenging. And I wonder how many people will even be old enough to get it...

minerra, 10/1/2016, 8:38 pm NST
I got a costume together pretty quick, too. X3 I do not know how, I was planning on something else that's TOTALLY different. I like this one a lot better than my one from last year.

ziporen, 10/1/2016, 9:02 pm NST
I remembered this early September, so I decided on a costume then. |D Never actually had the chance to enter, so I wanted to make sure I was ready.

morganjoisle, 10/2/2016, 12:40 pm NST
Oof, I'm kind of disappointed at how few hand-held items baby pets can hold. I think that a trinket of that sort would have added to my overall costume and added more context to represent the character, but I've made do.

I've almost got my costume done for once! And only on October 2nd too - not ten minutes before the deadline like that one year.

morganjoisle, 10/2/2016, 1:15 pm NST
I submitted my costume. *fingers crossed* I'm kind of secondguessing my title - I was going to list the character and then what they were from, but my friend suggested to just list the name of the character.

Ugg, I'm so nervous, lol. I spent a huge amount of time this morning trading for a lot of my items, and I'm so excited for the costume contest. This is one of my favourite events of the entire neo-year.

morganjoisle, 10/2/2016, 1:21 pm NST
Heyyyyyy, Dave, if I already submitted my costume but want to change the name of my title, am I able to do that? I'm going to send in a contact us about that, sorry for the trouble. ^^

jadedone23, 10/2/2016, 1:32 pm NST
Ughhhh. My creativity is dead. May have to skip this year unless inspiration suddenly hits.

roshchodesh, 10/2/2016, 1:37 pm NST
L'Shanah Tovah
Best Wishes for a Sweet New Year

chesu - JN Staff, 10/2/2016, 2:12 pm NST

I think it's probably a non-issue. If people get the reference, they'll get it without the title; if they don't get the reference, they probably wouldn't vote for it anyway.

morganjoisle, 10/2/2016, 3:36 pm NST
@chesu: Yeah, true, I suppose. Thank you for the reassurance.

I'm also partially afraid that no one on the JN staff will have any idea who I dressed my pet as and therefore I'd get disqualified anyway, but then again, there are some pretty obscure costumes every year.

cat, 10/2/2016, 3:42 pm NST
I put together a costume that I've been thinking about all year and submitted it. Then I headdesked because I meant to put an amusing description as part of the title and forgot. :/

Oh well, mine's pretty original. It's poking fun at the fact that Christmas just does not know its place and is trying to muscle in on Halloween's territory.

dave - JN Staff, 10/2/2016, 5:03 pm NST
@morganjoisle: No, entries can't be changed after submitting.

bonju, 10/2/2016, 5:18 pm NST
Went with a silly one this year. Best of luck, everyone!

tyuio_k50, 10/2/2016, 5:51 pm NST
I only need one more item to complete my costume, lol.

Anybody have Dark Thieving Jacket?

tyuio_k50, 10/2/2016, 6:31 pm NST
@dave Do you guys manually check the applied items to make sure it meets the 5 NC/1 NP rule? I do have an NP in my entry (shoes), but I'm afraid they may be glanced over as they look like a similar NC item.

cat, 10/3/2016, 2:34 pm NST
@tyuio_k50 - Last year it seemed like they mainly eyeballed the pets' images to see if they fit the NC/NP quotas, since items that only show up in the animated version, like soundtracks, don't count toward your total. Although last year there were a few entries that had mainly NC items with one little NP item that either didn't show up or barely showed up.

june_scarlet, 10/3/2016, 4:46 pm NST
I enjoy this contest, though it's very hard to compete in.

inkpot, 10/3/2016, 8:20 pm NST
is it sad i've entered just for the theme? x^D my "costume" is really obscure though, so i'm not betting on anyone voting for me.

kotoko966, 10/4/2016, 5:28 am NST
Quick question! I submitted my pet yesterday and last night for some reason my account gotten frozen. This is a problem that I'm not alone in and I already submitted my ticket but the question is my pet still edible for the contest?

tyuio_k50, 10/4/2016, 10:22 am NST
@dave quick question:

Do you guys manually check the items listed on the pet to ensure it meets to NC/NP requirement? I do have my NP item, but I'm afraid it may be mistaken for an NC item.

tyuio_k50, 10/4/2016, 10:23 am NST
@cat whoops, lol. I forgot that I already asked that question. Doh!

Well, hopefully they'll notice. I originally had two NP items (one very obvious), but I removed it because it looked a little cleaner. It's still under 5 NC and has one NP, though.

tyuio_k50, 10/4/2016, 10:27 am NST
...Scrap that, I just realized that I actually do have two NP items, with one also very obvious. I'm sure I'll be fine!

surferaj, 10/6/2016, 6:25 am NST
Hmmmm..... I hope I don't find out too late whether or not my Pet is accepted or rejected. -- It would be wise for the JN Staff to use DTI to load each entry so they can easily evaluate all the Wearable items being used and add up the number of NC and NP items. -- I'm hope that this year, JN will not be displaying any of the accepted entries before the end of their entry deadline. It will help avoid having original ideas being copied by others. -- This is also one of my favorite Neo Events of each year.

1jediboy, 10/6/2016, 7:14 pm NST
My outfit is pretty good... but she, (my neopet), refuse to dye her hair for the outfit. I hope that doesn't hurt her chances...

tyuio_k50, 10/6/2016, 7:15 pm NST
Hmm... Nearly four days since entry and I've not been accepted or rejected yet :/

melinda_kacheek, 10/6/2016, 8:23 pm NST
You wouldn't receive a notice. Unless you are disqualified, your pet will show up as one of the entrants once the first round starts.

Good luck to all! May the most impressive win!

surferaj, 10/6/2016, 8:49 pm NST
Another year of waiting days and most likely some people will find out too late that their Pet's Halloween Costume was rejected.

purplebin, 10/6/2016, 8:50 pm NST
The first few accepted entries are up!
Looks like I'll have to be googling a lot of them this year to see what they are based on... Like people will have to with mine.

jeffty_jeff, 10/7/2016, 1:47 am NST
Seeing all the entries is my favourite part of the contest. People begging for votes is my least favourite. You might be able to get into the second round that way but ultimately the best costumes always beat them.

surferaj, 10/7/2016, 6:05 am NST
My Pet is still waiting to be accepted...

rosi, 10/7/2016, 6:39 am NST
Eheh among the first 5 entries, I immediately recognised the Krampus ! Though I think the Vandagyre as a base pet is still too cute for that, it was nice to see, for once, something that is not biased towards onmipresent American culture.

I think the Link Gelert is very well done

The other 3 characters, I don't know who they are but I'll do some research when voting starts.

Now, waiting for my silly entry to be approved

rosi, 10/7/2016, 6:42 am NST
[quote surferaj]: I hope that this year, JN will not be displaying any of the accepted entries before the end of their entry deadline. It will help avoid having original ideas being copied by others.
I second what you said. Last year was the worst from this point of view because of all the copycats: whenever someone made character XX from series Z, others rolled in with character XY, AB, variations of XX from the same series *cough* steven universe*cough* I don't even like that series

lucy_haha, 10/7/2016, 7:15 am NST
I was surprised to see Vurbbie got enrolled sooo fast! :o

Thanks of the compliment rosi. Guess what, I thought Krampus was considered as American culture, properly because of the same reason of how Westerners mixing up Chinese/Japanese as East Asia culture. lol
I have made quite a few customs for Vurbbie after she's here with me, most are spooky ones. I recycled this custom because it's easy to be fit into a horrific character and most of you know who's Krampus. But you know what? When I first created such custom (the original verion with full Christmas Vandar set before there was the dress) I didn't even know who's Krampus. LOL

I have a Chinese myth (myth about the underground/dead world) based custom for Vurbbie too, though unfortunately I am not too familiar with myths and most of you won't even have heard of it so I decided not to enter that custom to mislead people.

lucy_haha, 10/7/2016, 7:23 am NST
I'm pretty sure JN can check what exactly the pets are wearing to see if they are qualified, DTI can do it so JN can at very least check on DTI. (Where I think JN most likely know how to do it without the help of DTI)

surferaj, 10/7/2016, 8:00 am NST
Still waiting on JN.... Today is my B-Day and I wanted to dress my Pet for my party.

jessica_sweetie8, 10/7/2016, 8:31 am NST
Awesome, my entry was rejected too late to do anything to fix it. Kinda of unfair for those of us on other time-zones getting last minute rejects while we were sleeping.

surferaj, 10/7/2016, 8:51 am NST
JN knows the popularity of this contest... Their lag in getting Pets accepted or rejected is worse than Neopets lag. If they don't have enough staff to work this event, it should not be held. -- Again, I do think it's best that all the accepted Entrants are not loaded on the site for viewing until after the submission deadline has passed. The copycat of costume themes has been an issue and it would it be resolved this way.

rosi, 10/7/2016, 8:55 am NST
@Lucy: congrats on the idea
No, Krampus is a genuine German-Austrian figure who is known throughout central Europe down to northern Italy.
The choice of Krampus is a good one for it is a recognisable character and it is apt for an end-of-the-year spooky costume.
Now I'm curious about the Chinese underworld myth. Although it would be obscure to most people (I'm sure it would be to me ) it will be fun to learn. Well, there's always next year

@surferaj: well, happy birthday nonetheless

rosi, 10/7/2016, 9:03 am NST
@surferaj: well, the deadline was yesterday, and up until the last time I checked there were no entries yet. So I guess they learnt their lesson from last year's slew of copycats (due to them having the first entries up on the site well before the deadline ) and started publishing contestants today?

surferaj, 10/7/2016, 9:15 am NST
The 5 costumes showing up on the Entrants page were loaded before the deadline last night, but there was only about 2 hours left to submit entries at that time. It may have been a mistake and I hope it was.

rosi, 10/7/2016, 9:18 am NST
I see.. blame my time zone then And I stay up well into the small hours

rosi, 10/7/2016, 9:42 am NST
Also, and I remember pointing this out last year, once the entries are admitted, they should not start publishing them in small chunks, but wait until the whole process of approving is over and publish them all together before voting starts.
Because the way it is done now, the earlier the entry, the more noticeable it is (it gets more "airtime" and people are more likely to vote for it rather than for a last-minute approved entry.
I can tell this was the case for my two favourite entries from last year's competition, which both were published days before the submission deadline..

marfbear, 10/7/2016, 9:54 am NST
Well, I was up watching hurricane updates and nothing appeared for me until after the deadline.

morganjoisle, 10/7/2016, 10:06 am NST
@surferaj: Hmm, I don't think there's too much of a chance of the entries being copied, seeing as by the time the entries are released most people have submitted their entries AND it's getting to be a bit late to trade for nc items.

I always looked at the early entries as giving those pets more exposure over other entries and therefore more votes in the first round, but that's been negated since we switched over to the "yay or nay" method.

rosi, 10/7/2016, 10:12 am NST
@marfbear: speaking of it, I hope everyone stays safe

morganjoisle, 10/7/2016, 10:16 am NST
@jessica_sweetie8: So sorry about that.

I do agree that the way rejection is handled in this contest usually ends up being unfair. Even in previous years (clear back when there was the 150 pet limit and the JN staff were pickier) they would wait up until the last minute to reject people. It was annoying, because you were stuck wondering whether your costume was going to be accepted the entire time, and there was never enough time at the end to change it if you were rejected.

@surferaj: The joys of being held over. xP The neopian times is way worse than the costume contest about not getting back to people - at least we know we'll all be accepted/rejected before voting starts.

roshchodesh, 10/7/2016, 10:51 am NST
I had so much lag, I couldn't get to the customize page (and many other things) yesterday so I wasn't able to submit an entry. *throws self on floor crying over no Steampunk trophy cabinet theme*

rosi, 10/7/2016, 11:15 am NST
@roshchodesh: oowww that stinks I bet the steampunk theme was the main reason people were joining (it was the reason for me ). Maybe they'll make it available on another occasion...

surferaj, 10/7/2016, 12:52 pm NST
@morganjoisle -- There was definitely an issue with copycat entries last year and the year before and apparently I'm not the only one observant enough to have noticed it. -- JN Staff don't seem to be available to give us an update on what's causing them a delay in getting Pet Costumes reviewed. My Pet is still not accepted or rejected.

dave - JN Staff, 10/7/2016, 1:16 pm NST
Hey all! Apologies for the delays in accepting this year. I want to give a quick update. We'll be finished by tonight. The only rejections we're handing out are for the obvious rule breakers. If your customization has >5 NC items or 0 NP items--fix 'em now before we get to them! Otherwise, you should be good to go.

We decided to eliminate the "only 1-2 pets of a costume type" this year. That's mostly a relic from the "we only accept 150" days and since round 1 has rating, we'll let you guys decide which pirate/ghost/wizard is the best!

jeffty_jeff, 10/7/2016, 1:18 pm NST
Thanks for all your hard work, Dave!

surferaj, 10/7/2016, 1:21 pm NST
@Dave -- Thank you very much for providing us this update. Even though there will be more entries to Yeah and Nay, I think it's a good thing to allow all the rule abiding Pets a chance to be seen in the first voting round.

surferaj, 10/7/2016, 1:32 pm NST
Congrats! Your pet has been accepted and saved to JN! -- ChaChaBoobie can finally get dressed for my birthday party today.

ladyamethyst, 10/7/2016, 2:07 pm NST
Thank you for approving my entry

rosi, 10/7/2016, 2:25 pm NST
Hurray, my pet is in! It is an upgraded version of the same costume I submitted a few years ago.
Oddly my sister's pet, who was submitted earlier than mine, has yet to be entered. It is rule-abiding and an original costume (though you skipped this part this year) so there won't be a problem.
I have to say I'm somewhat dumbfounded by all those political entries we have so far I thought it was a taboo subject both on Neo and here I guess you guys are bombarded so much with media coverage of the campaigns that it can't be avoided even here.

P.S. hurray for whoever submitted Regina Mills Regina r00les ! I think the Blumaroo suits her. I also like Laura Ingalls and John Lackland

rosi, 10/7/2016, 3:14 pm NST
Awww how cute is the Fancy Mushroom?
Better stop commenting on the entries
Sorry guys.. but this contest is the peak of the Neopian year

surferaj, 10/7/2016, 3:15 pm NST
"All those political entries we have so far" amounts to a total of 2 entries; one being mine. ChaChaBoobie makes a great President Hillary Clinton, but sadly with an updo hair style. Most of the wigs TNT designs are positioned on Scorchios in a way that makes them hideous.

dave - JN Staff, 10/7/2016, 3:18 pm NST
@rosi: We're not going in order, apologies!

@surferaj: I counted at least 4 political entries. 2 Trumps, 1 Hillary, and 1 political newscaster. (If not yet, then they'll be approved soon. )

surferaj, 10/7/2016, 3:18 pm NST
Opps... I missed Bernie Sanders. My bad!

surferaj, 10/7/2016, 3:20 pm NST
@Dave -- Apparently, I missed that other Donald too. So far the Donalds aren't ugly and mean enough.

butterflyvj, 10/7/2016, 3:28 pm NST
Lol I love all of the non-Neo related costumes! This year is going to be awesome! Good luck everyone!

surferaj, 10/7/2016, 3:29 pm NST
My President Hillary Costume would have been more dead on with another Pet species wearing just a different wig, but I didn't think it would be right to adopt a Pet just for the JN Contest that would later on be sent back to the Pound.

butterflyvj, 10/7/2016, 3:33 pm NST
@surferaj - Minayte is actually mine. I was trying to make the costume both scary, yet funny for those Trump supporters out there. I tried to stay somewhat neutral.

I like ChaChaBoobie a lot! The wig actually looks fitting (even though she's a Scorchio.)

rosi, 10/7/2016, 4:10 pm NST
surferaj, 10/7/2016, 3:29 pm NST
I didn't think it would be right to adopt a Pet just for the JN Contest that would later on be sent back to the Pound.
errr.. ahem...cough *the pet most of you let win last year... *cough* *cough* *cough of embarassment*
Ok, let's draw a line at this rant...

morganjoisle, 10/7/2016, 5:52 pm NST
@Dave: Wowwwwww, are there a lot less entries than usual, or are you just still accepting? JoIsle was actually accepted pretty early on for once - I guess it paid off to submit her costume the second day. Eeee, I'm so happy!

surferaj, 10/7/2016, 6:29 pm NST
@rosi - Rant away if you must. I don't appreciate the "most of you let win" comment.

1st off... None of the Halloween Costumes that I voted for last year won. 2nd... The Pet Species I was speaking of was that of a Kacheek. With the wig that I picked out, she would have been a closer look-a-like for Hillary.

morganjoisle, 10/7/2016, 6:30 pm NST
@surferaj: Oooooooh, the Bernie Sanders costume was done by one of my best friends. I'm glad to know that their pet got in. ^^

@rosi: Last year's costume contest winner was one of my favourite entries in all of the contest years. It was so funny, and well-done, too.

@rosi (again!): Yeah, I do think of the political theme as being taboo on the boards. JN has always been more relaxed as to the rules, and pretty much anything goes in the costume contest.

I'm not too surprised that there would be a lot of political entries, seeing as the presidential candidates are the main celebrities that people talk about. We did have a Miley Cyrus win the year that everyone was talking about her, after all.

morganjoisle, 10/7/2016, 6:34 pm NST
Omg omg omg omg omg omg omg We have TWO Undertale costumes this year! I'm way too fangirl-y to be all "oh no, will this take away votes from my costume", etcetera. lol I'm so excited, combining Undertale and Neopets is a dream come true. Like, my favourite virtual web site of all time and my favourite video game.

Thank you JN costume contest, you have fulfilled my virtual cosplaying dreams!

surferaj, 10/7/2016, 6:50 pm NST
@butterflyvj - Thank you for your comments. A bob wig would have been the best style to create a true look-a-like effect for her costume, but none that exist look even close to normal on a Scorchio. The Shell Coif is one of the only Wigs I own for ChaChaBoobie because it's one of the few wigs that looks decent on a Scorchio.

surferaj, 10/7/2016, 6:56 pm NST
It doesn't take much to inthrall some people. Apparently, role playing games are preffered over real-life social interaction in some circles.

surferaj, 10/7/2016, 6:58 pm NST
FYI - My spelling of the word entrall in my previous comment was purposeful.

morganjoisle, 10/7/2016, 7:02 pm NST
@surferaj: Oh, no, role playing games combined with real life interaction is the best. Comic conventions are great.

morganjoisle, 10/7/2016, 7:04 pm NST
@surferaj: True, we all have different interests. I tend to be drawn towards costumes of characters that I recognize. I mean some customizations are just plain gorgeous and creative, but what you're dressed as is part of what sets you apart from the rest.

purplebin, 10/7/2016, 7:26 pm NST
Mine still isn't approved, but I entered very early.
And I only see one Trump, unless you guys are talking about the Bernie one.

bonju, 10/7/2016, 7:28 pm NST
I won't deny the Chara one is super well done - kudos to the owner.
And while the political ones are funny and everything, I don't live in the US so they don't really stand out to me. (but they look great too)

morganjoisle, 10/7/2016, 8:38 pm NST
@bonju: *waves* Thank you so much! It started off with an idea, and realizing that the Baby Bob Wig on the Wocky really, really reminded me of Chara. Combine that with an artist fashionista deadbent on perfection, two hours in the wardrobe, a day of NC trading, a lot of secondguessing, and a page's worth of symbolic significance on why I chose each item, and you've got a recognizable customization. lol

I'm really thrilled that I could use JoIsle for the costume contest. There are so few wearables for baby pets that it can be hard to make a character-costume out of them (I was really inspired by the mr. Darcy Aisha from 2012), but in a way it's kind of easier than having to dig through and choose between 1,500 shirts and wigs.

surferaj, 10/8/2016, 3:06 am NST
@morganjoisle -- Admittedly, I don't often recognize some of the comic characters, but like rosi, I will take the time time to research them if needed.

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