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Neopets: Treasure Keepers

Treasure Keepers has been discontinued! :(
Unfortunately the game is no longer live and will not be returning in the foreseeable future. We hope you enjoyed playing and found our coverage useful! We'll be leaving this guide up as an archive.

Adventure Cards: Combat/Enemy Cards

Each board has its share of enemies that you must defeat in order to proceed to the finish line. Below is a full listing of enemies and where they're found. You can find more information about each one on their respective adventure page(s). Depending on how difficult the card was, you can receive combat skill points, items, and coins for successfully defeating the enemy.

Combat Cards
Image Card Text Adventure
Dire Crokabek
Something's turned these cute little Crokabeks into rabid pecking monstrosities.

Topiary Trail
Enchanted Grove
Queen Sallix's Garden
Evil Money Tree
The only thing he gives away for free ... is PAIN!

Enchanted Grove
Giant Spyder
Eep! A Spyder!

Spyder Lair
The Stash
The Undercellar
Living Statue
As you approach this fountain, the statue comes to life and attacks.

Royal Orchard
Hedge Maze
Enchanted Grove
Queen Sallix's Garden
Overgrown Topiary Beast
A large topiary sculpture comes alive and tries to eat you!

Queen Sallix's Garden
Rodent of Unusual Size
This ROUS hisses and bares its teeth at you. Time to fight!

The Junkyard
Silus The Swindler
Silus, boss of the Docks, controls every item that's imported into the city.

The Pride of Maraqua
Smuggler's Jetty
Skeletal Pirate
These skeletal pirates are under orders to attack intruders.

The Hungry Jetsam
The Pride of Maraqua
Smuggler's Jetty
Something rattles in the dark. It seems you are not alone.

The Undercellar
Tentacle Monster
Every time you chop one of these tentacles off another grows back. We'll see who gets bored first!

The Pier
Smuggler's Jetty
The Chigoreth
A Chigoreth faces you, ready to fight.

Deepest Dungeon
This guy would sell his own grandmother if he hadn't sold her already last week.

The Scurryway
Deepest Dungeon
Topiary Beast
A topiary sculpture comes alive and tries to eat you!

Topiary Trail
Enchanted Grove
Treasure Monster
This treasure chest is simply overflowing with go... *CHOMP*

The Stash
The Undercellar
Twelve Foot Tall Slorg
They grow really big down here. This one has a big appetite, too.

Crumbling Tunnels
Fungus Cave
The Pipe Maze
Unwashed Bandit
This bandit was using this section of sewer as its lair! It rushes to attack!

Wocky Beast
A giant mutant Wocky blocks the way forward.

Crumbling Tunnels
The Pipe Maze

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