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The Beach

The calm, peaceful beach
Woosh...Woosh... (yes that's the sound of waves)

With all the hustle and bustle associated with Neopian life it's a good idea to take a relaxing vacation at least once in a while. Which is why this little beach was created in the corner of Mystery Island! Not much to see really, just a bit of sand and clear ocean waters, perhaps you fancy a game of Mynci Beach Volleyball?

The Beach History

On a historical note, the Beach appeared in the "Hunted for Coltzan's Golden Crown" plot as a secret location revealing weird numbers and letters. At that time, it wasn't officially released.

Decrypt the sand!
Decrypt me! D:

In 2003, it was used during the "Secret of the Volcano" plot. Five characters on Mystery Island (Island Mystic, Tiki Tack Man, Jhuidah, Techo Master, and the Tiki Tour Guide) were all kidnapped and the Beach was one portion of the plot to aid in their recovery.

Kacheek Swim

Kacheek Swim / Guide

Have a Kacheek as your active pet and take it to the Beach.

Released: January 29, 2004

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