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Snow Faerie Quests

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Have you visited the Snow Faerie and completed a quest? We are trying to determine the prize pool for every item given out, as well as the NP prize range and the pool for her requested items. If you have obtained an item from Taelia recently, or plan to...

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The Snow Faerie - isn't she pretty? ^^
Go on, help me out. You know you want to!

Atop the snowy peaks of Terror Mountain, tucked up all nice and cozy inside her little igloo, lives a mysterious faerie. Who she is, nobody knows... well okay that is not entirely true; her name's Taelia and actually we know a fair bit about her. The only thing we don't really know is why exactly she needs all the items she requests, or indeed why she would rather send you off out looking for them when she could just invite you inside for a nice warm mug of borovan and a good chat (I cannot imagine that the Cliffhanger Tuskaninny makes for very good company).

Note: You cannot start one of Taelia's quests if you have 60 or more items in your inventory.

Starting a Quest

Unlike most of the other faeries who just pop up at random and make wild demands of you, Taelia will wait for you to come to her and ask her for a quest (because she is just really really nice like that). You may complete up to 10 quests a day (including Kitchen and Edna Quests). Once you do you will be presented with a screen similar to this:

Item List

Obviously the items she will ask for will be different each time you go there. She will usually ask for three or four food items; which can range in price from being fairly cheap at a few hundred Neopoints, to being rather costly at several thousand. How much you are willing to spend on the quest is entirely up to you, although I would advise you to go for the cheaper ones as she can be a little stingy when it comes to giving rewards.

Getting The Items

Just like Illusen and Jhudora, Taelia allows you to use the Shop Wizard to find the items she has asked for. However unlike them she is much more lenient with how long she gives you, for most of her quests she will give you between 1 hour 30 minutes and 2 hours to collect the items. This can be very useful if one of the items she has asked for is a bit pricey as it can give you time to check for it restocking in the main shops to see if it's any cheaper there (if you do not know which shop the item stocks in then you can check by searching for the item in Jellyneo's Item Database!)

The Rewards

So after searching high and low for her ingredients, you return to her igloo to hand over your loot in exchange for fantabulous prizes. Well, maybe they are not quite so fantabulous these days. Way back when, Taelia used to give out Draik Eggs for those who braved the blizzards to help her out, but she stopped doing this some time ago and this has caused her to fall out of favor with many Neopian questers.

Blue Draik Egg
*Sniff* You can't win me any more.

However she does appreciate you going to all that trouble and so will reward you with an item, a magical snowball and a random small amount of Neopoints. Completing one of her quests is the only place you can pick up an Ice Cream Machine Coupon which you can use to make a purchase from Mr Chipper's Ice Cream Cart. She is also the only source of these Snow Faerie-themed items.

Taelia NeggTaelia UsukiTaelia's TipsTaelia Statue

"I feel ripped off! I want to get my own back!"

Completing one of her quests will also earn you Taelia as an opponent in the Battledome so you can pummel her to your heart's content if you so wish. :)

Snow Faerie Battledome Pose
I spent 27k and all I got was this lousy challenger. Oh and this avatar...

Taelia the Snow Faerie

Taelia the Snow Faerie

Complete one of Taelia's quests.

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