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Staff Hunt 2008 Solutions

This page contains the solutions for all the staff members involved in the August 2008 JN Staff Hunt. Not only have the locations, puzzles, and answers been included, but each staff member has also been kind enough to tell you how to solve their puzzle (even if you didn't manage to save them from the rabid mutant Cybunnies!).

Note: All of the staff members have been removed from their locations, so do not be surprised if you cannot find them anymore!


Location: Pet Wearability
1. The square root of -1 is an _______ number.
2. Unscramble: nyeln.
3. " You should always carry a princess with you for good luck... or something" describes what item?
(Usul Princess Plushie)
4. What is the source of all evil?
5. 2.71828... is?
6. You can only have 100 _______s at a time until you can't get anymore.
7. Species of Jeran
Answer: Illusen
Solution: Most of them are rather easy to search, but one was a special question - the answer to number 4, Sloth - was actually hidden in the source code of the page.


Location: A Guide to Neopia: Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop
Puzzle: The PPL was judging a petpet contest one day. Unscramble the following petpet names: ylfrli, lnbyki, nbrobi and snat - then find what species of petpet they could belong to (or are pretending to belong to) and input that as your answer.
Answer: Frillabon
Solution: When finishing Terry's puzzle, a hint was given to check Caption Contest 611. This caption shows the aforementioned contest in my question. The scrambled names should be rearranged to say Frilly, Blinky, Ribbon and Stan (the four petpets judged in the caption contest). These petpets are all Frillabon, except Stan who was pretending to be one.


Location: The Return of Dr. Sloth Plot : Day Seven
Puzzle: What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?
Answer: 42
Solution: This comes directly from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. If you didn't know that, a quick Google search would give you the answer.


Location: Cheat! Game Guide
Puzzle: I do not live, but I grow. I do not have a mouth, but water can kill me. I do not have lungs, but I need air. What am I?
Answer: Fire
Solution: Fire is extinguished by water, and needs oxygen to continue to burn.


Location: Valin's BoA Entry
Puzzle: What is the next number in this sequence? - 1, 6, 15, 44, 109.
Answer: 226
Solution: There's probably a way of using a spiffy formula to work these things out, but I never learned how to do them. I'd work it out as the gap between each number is 5, 9, 29, 65. Then, the gap between each of them is 4, 20, 36. Then the gap is 16. So it's just a matter of working out the next number by adding the 16 to 36 (52), the 52 to 65 (117) and the 117 to 109 to get 226.


Location: Shield Viewer
Puzzle: Three Kacheeks had one common wish: they wanted four Pirate Jellies. They knew they would have one left over, but they had five Scorchio friends who had nine Jellies and were fighting about how to divide them. Two mean Jetsams had other plans though, and stole six of the Jellies. Quickly the five Scorchios then ate a Jelly each, and the three Kacheeks came up short! What did they buy to replace the missing Jelly?
Answer: Pi(e)!
Solution: All the numbers from the story put together form three one four one five nine two six five three, or 3.141592653, also known as pi.


Location: Defenders of Neopia 2: Eyrieki
Puzzle: You are wandering through the Lost Desert when you come across the brave Defender of Neopia, Lightning Lenny...

"Greetings, citizen! I'm heading to the Temple of 1000 Tombs to find Eyrieki, but in order to get there in the fastest possible way, I need to know all possible travel routes. Can you tell me how many different paths I can take to get from START to FINISH?"

"I can only move to the right, and I cannot go backwards. Once I get to a 'fork,' I can take either the top or bottom path."

Answer: 20
Solution: Cool math way of doing it: Start by numbering the left side of the big diamond with "1," since there is only 1 way to those black dots. Then add the top and bottom numbers of the individual little diamonds to get the answer for the rightmost vertex. Keep doing that until you get to the end. Now you know some basic network math!

Alternative ways: Figuring it out one path at a time, or systematically guessing numbers until you got the correct answer.


Location: April Fool's Pranks - 2005
Puzzle: Complete the following crossword puzzle. The letters in the shaded squares will spell out the answer!

1. Two days before Jellyneo's birthday
6. Jellyneo's first actual "department" involves _____
7. "There is something awfully spooky about those big staring eyes..."
8. Paintbrush which leaves you wondering where your Neopet went
9. MVP for the Altador Cup III; ____ Blumario

2. Most popular Neopet species
3. Test your knowledge of Neopian history, culture, and events with this daily activity
4. Jellyneo section where staff are often hit with flying objects
5. The Book of ____; a guide to the characters of Neopia

Answer: Siyana

1. usukicon -- Two days before Jellyneo's birthday is the 22nd of August. You just needed to look at the calendar on Jellyneo to see that this date is the Usukicon!
6. items -- On the Jellyneo History page, it states that the Item Database was JN's first actual "department," which, naturally, deals with items.
7. meepit -- This is the description for the Meepit. (The quotation marks in the clue was a hint that it was a phrase and worth Googling.)
8. invisible -- The clue contains it all really.
9. lilo -- You could find this on the winners page on Neopets and also by searching Blumario in the Book of Ages.

2. shoyru -- If you know your way around the Neopets website, you know you can find the Top Pets list in the Pet Central!
3. puzzle -- One of the few (if not only) daily activity which tests this knowledge. This quotes the little blurb on the Daily Puzzle answers page.
4. editorial -- This assumes you read the editorial in which rocks/cookies/plushies/etc. are thrown by readers! Otherwise, you could go to the "more sections" drop down links on the main site to see what it could be.
5. ages -- Rather self-explanatory.

After working out the answers, if you write down the letters in the purple shaded box (from left to right, no trick involved!), you'd find it spelled "Siyana," the faerie from the Altador Plot.


Location: In the Igloo at the top of the Guide to Neopia: Ice Caves map
He's Scarblade's right-hand man. (5th Letter)
He has taken the prestigious position of the many Kougras before him... actually they've all been Kougras. (3rd Letter)
Elementary my dear _________. (2nd Letter)
Talk about a possessive boyfriend! (4th Letter)
I really wish his band would perform at the concert hall, but they never have. They're too busy chasing him down in games. (1st Letter)
Answer: Fyora


Location: Vote for your favorite Non-Wearables!
Puzzle: For each of us, it happens only once, but you don't know how many times it will happen. The first is actually the second, and the second is actually the first. What is it?
Answer: Birthday
Solution: You're only born once!


Location: Display/Process User-Inputted Info Tutorial (no longer on Jellyneo)
An Aisha is worth as much as two Hissis and one Gnorbu.
An Hissi is worth as much as two Meerca.
Two Meercas are worth as much as five Lupes.
A Lupe is worth as much as four Gnorbu.
How many Gnorbu is an Aisha worth?
Answer: 41
Solution: If you approach this puzzle backwards, it's pretty simple. You know that a Lupe is worth Four Gnorbu, and two Meercas are worth five Lupes. By using simple multiplication, 4 * 5 = 20, you know that two Meercas equal twenty Gnorbu. The next line tells us that two Meercas also equal one Hissi, so one Hissi is equal to twenty Gnorbu. If an Aisha is worth two Hissi plus one Gnorbu, you can do 20 * 2 for the first part, which equals 40. Add one Gnorbu, and you've got your answer: 41.


Location: News Archives
Puzzle: Take the number of pyramids in the Lost Desert and multiply it by the number of spaces on the Wheel of Excitement. Then, subtract the number of basic houses on the beta board of Key Quest. (Input your answer as a numeric.)
Answer: 44
Solution: There are 3 pyramids in the Lost Desert, 16 spaces on the Wheel of Excitement, and 4 houses on the beta board of Key Quest. To get your answer, do the following equation: 3 * 16 - 4. 3 * 16 is 48, and 48 - 4 is 44.


Location: Avatars - Other
Puzzle: Solve the Neopian letter puzzles below. (See the examples.) To format your answer, take the last word in each puzzle and do like so: word 1|word 2|word 3.

7 D in a W -> 7 Days in a Week
24 H in a D -> 24 Hours in a Day
366 D in a L Y -> 366 Days in a Leap Year
(So, your answer would be week|day|year)

The Puzzles:
54 S of N.
20 L of H A T P C.
17 S in the N B.

Answer: Neopets|Caves|Bazaar
Solution: There are 54 Species of Neopets, 20 Levels of Hannah and the Pirate Caves, and 17 Shops in the Neopian Bazaar.


Location: Item Database: Kanrik (TCG)

Answer: More than fifty thieves were searching for the gem but none of them were as cunning or as underhanded as Kanrik.
Solution: The quote comes directly from the Kanrik TCG card.


Location: The New Rainbow Pool: Poogle

Answer: 42
Solution: If you are not familiar with this puzzle (Sudoku), the basic rule is to find the answer by eliminating impossibilities. Take a look at the bottom row of 3x3 boxes. If only one 8 can exist in each row, column, and 3x3 box then you can automatically rule out that another 8 will exist in the yellowed areas. This leaves only one opened box left in the lower-right 3x3 Box for an 8 to exist.

Using this strategy, you eventually will fill in all of the boxes and find your answer! Fact: This was a considered an "easy" Sudoku puzzle.

Of course you could have just skipped all of this beforehand and realized that the answer was The Answer.


Location: Illusen's Glade
Puzzle: I am a three digit number. My second digit is four times more than my third digit. My first digit is seven less than my second digit. What number am I?
Answer: 182
Solution: Finding the second digit is the key to this rather simple puzzle. In order to keep with a single digit, we must take into account which numbers (0-9) can be multiplied by 4 and still remain single. This leaves us with 1 (4) and 2 (8). As the first digit must be 7 less, and considering negative numbers are not to be included, we can deduce that 1 is the first digit, and 2 the third.


Location: Concerts
Puzzle: An average female mouse can give birth to 12 babies once a month. Baby mice can mature and give birth to babies at two months old. If you bought one of these cute baby mice home from the pet store the day after it is born, how many mice would you have 10 months from now? (Input your answer as a numeric.)
Answer: 1
Solution: A mouse can't reproduce by itself!


Location: Daily Dare - March 2007

Work out the cipher above and your answer will be what finishes the above quote. (Do not use apostrophes when submitting your answer.)
Answer: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Solution: As Aisha-Bot said, the code changed every line. But if you realised how, it would have made it easier. In the first line, 3 decrypts to A, 7 to E, A to H, and so on.
In the second line this becomes 2 to A, 6 to E, 9 to H. Notice it yet?
And in the 3rd line, 1 to A, 5 to E, 8 to H.

The first line was shifted 42 along the data set of:

The non-randomised order was simply because the program that I wrote to encrypt it cannot decrypt such a data set yet. The shift of 42 was a clue in itself, by the way. Each line after that was shifted 1 less.

And thus the text becomes:

When travelling always take a towel, they are immensely useful. Also remember that no matter how bad things may get, Don't Panic. Unless of course you lose your towel and your copy of...

And the answer? Well what mentions the usefulness of the humble towel, has "Don't Panic" on the cover and refers to 42 at some point? The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, of course! (Without the apostrophe when inputting the answer though.) Dave even gave you a hint of the towel with the image he put under it.


Location: Mushroom Effects
Puzzle: Why is a Raven like a Writing Desk?
Answer: Any answer! This was a riddle Lewis Carrol proposed in Alice in Wonderland. It was asked by the Mad Hatter but no solution was actually given. All you had to do was submit anything, and the Cybunny died a horrible death!


Location: The Mysterious Statue
Puzzle: Who revealed that a faerie without wings is powerless?
Answer: Jennumara
Solution: Faeries without wings are also known as Grey Faeries. You could either look up the Grey Faerie (Baelia) in the Book of Ages, or in the Neopedia to find out who her captor was.


Location: Pet Directory: Robot Krawk (or any other Krawk color)
Puzzle: On what date was the Cylara Neopedia entry released?
Answer: April 17th, 2008
Solution: Google it or scour the new features for the date.


Location: All About Item IDs
Puzzle: What is the name of the character featured on the avatar that nobody has been able to obtain?
Answer: Chef Bonju


Location: Item Database: Marshmallow Grundo Plushie
I'm light as a feather,
I'm as soft as dust,
But watch out for fire, or I'll turn to mush.
I'm white as cloud,
I'm in love with chocolate, and love all things named gram.
I am a...?
Answer: A Marshmallow
Solution: The big hint here was the fact that chocolate and gram were mentioned in the same line, leading the reader to s'mores. Of course, his hiding place might also have given away the answer!


Location: Petpet Cannonball Game Guide
Puzzle: Two countries have been scrambled here. Can you unscramble them?
Cerege and Nodalp
Answer: Greece and Poland

Mystery Staffer

Location: The image of the Rabid Cybunny on the home page linked to it.
Puzzle: I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 5,000. What is it?
Answer: Yes, we are that evil. There was no correct answer. Of course, the puzzle required that some sort of solution got you through, but it was only a random string of letters and numbers, and it led you to a page saying that it couldn't record the answer. In addition, there was a picture of Ruby telling you that you were a cheater.