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Spooky Food Eating Contest

Spooky Food Eating Contest Coverage

The Perlious Catacombs Door Outcomes

As part of the Perilous Catacombs step in the Spooky Food Eating Contest, users explored the catacombs below Neovia by opening doors. Each door was presented with some introductory text describing what could be heard or seen, and based on this, users selected one of three options to open it. If they selected the correct answer, users were awarded a prize, but picking either incorrect answer resulted in a curse. This is a record of all of the outcome text for the doors in the step.

Zombie Ghosts - Camping Song
A chorus of ordinary-sounding voices are singing an old camping song in the next room. How charmingly normal, right? They sound sort of hoarse, though. Maybe really hoarse.
Success - Stomp your feet emphatically
You stomp inside, Kell and Corbin following less exuberantly. The Monster Hunters immediately take defensive positions—the room is full of Zombies! And Ghosts! Or maybe they're all Zombie Ghosts! You keep stomping, though, and the Zombie Ghosts flee from your wrath.

"That's how it's done," you tell Kell as you pocket an item they left behind.
Failure - Hum along with the cheery tune
Thanks to your friendly humming, you're invited inside by... Zombie Ghosts?! That was unexpected. Still, it's nice of them to be so welcoming. They keep patting you on the head as if to say they appreciate your effort... or maybe they're just seeing if your brains are ready to eat.

The curse, when it hits, is accidental. One of the Zombie Ghosts has a bracelet enchanted with dark magic. He doesn't even realise it cursed you.
Failure - Burst through the door violently
You charge in, hoping to find something normal in this crazy place. Zombie Ghosts scatter before you, affronted at the interruption. Who knew they could sound so normal? It's almost like the whole "Braaaaiiiins" thing is an act. While you're pondering the true nature of the Awakened, one of the Zombie Ghosts hands you a flower.

Of course, it's a cursed flower. You're in the Haunted Woods, after all.
Zombie Ghosts - Moaning
An unearthly moan ripples through the door, echoing around the room. A chill runs down your spine and you have to resist the urge to flee for your life. You have a monster to catch. You're a hero and stuff.
Success - Knock on the door politely
The door is opened by a Zombie Ghost. She and her friends were really sad and lonely just now, but you've managed to distract them from their awful wailing. They want to thank you for coming to visit them and so they insist you accept this gift.

"Please return soon," they tell you. "Soon. Please." Eep.
Failure - Burst through the door violently
The room is full of Zombie Ghosts, moaning and wailing about their lost sense of direction. Apparently, they can't remember how to get back to their graveyard. You'd help out, but frankly you're a bit lost yourself down here. The Zombie Ghosts aren't pleased by your failure. They curse you.

Not again! You shout insults at them, until Corbin drags you away.
Failure - Throw the door open boisterously
Swinging the door open and sauntering in, you find yourself surrounded by Zombie Ghosts. "Nice cross painting," you tell one. It responds by trying to eat your head. Perhaps you should run. These fellows are hungry, and there are dark magic trinkets everywhere in here. In fact, one is pointed at you right now.

Yup, you should have run. Sigh.
Zombie Ghosts - Silence
All you hear past the door is silence. It's a deep, velvety hush that crushes all hope of escape or seeing a better tomorrow. It is the sound that comes after the last bell in the universe tolls its last peal—wait, wrong script. This is just an ordinary silence.
Success - Burst through the door violently
You burst in, startling a crowd of Zombie Ghosts. Red eyed and floating, they retreat from you, wailing, "Braaaaaaiiiins..." You must have scared them. Good; you're not sure how best to fight Zombie Ghosts. The Zombie Handbook didn't cover this possibility.

Being somewhat incorporeal, they left this item behind.
Failure - Knock on the door politely
No one answers. When you enter, you see why. No one in here has the mental ability required for answering doors. The room is full of Zombies... strangely translucent ones. "Brains?" they ask. "Braaaaiiins..." they wail softly. The temperature of the room drops abruptly. They must be Zombie Ghosts.

Cursing you, they flutter out the door. Kell shudders. It seems he likes Zombie Ghosts as much as he likes Batterflies.
Failure - Stomp your feet emphatically
Stomping into the room leads you straight into the middle of a horde of Zombie Ghosts. You feel a sepulchral chill as their eerie silence dissolves into hungry moaning. Oh dear... Fleeing from them, you trip over an amulet.

Better to be cursed than have your brains eaten, right?