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Spooky Food Eating Contest

Spooky Food Eating Contest Coverage

The Perlious Catacombs Door Outcomes

As part of the Perilous Catacombs step in the Spooky Food Eating Contest, users explored the catacombs below Neovia by opening doors. Each door was presented with some introductory text describing what could be heard or seen, and based on this, users selected one of three options to open it. If they selected the correct answer, users were awarded a prize, but picking either incorrect answer resulted in a curse. This is a record of all of the outcome text for the doors in the step.

Sarcastic Skeletons - Arguing
Behind the door, you can easily hear an argument. You're not sure what they're arguing about, but there's some pretty creative name-calling. You write down a few of the better insults, in case you want to use them sometime.
Success - Take sides in the argument
You've come upon a group of rather sarcastic skeletons arguing about whether Edna prefers Madvine Root or Crushed Jurpleberries in her tea. "Madvine Root? That's soo brilliant," one says, rolling his eye sockets. "Of course she'd just love the bitterness." You decide to side with him and point out that Edna has Jurpleberry bushes outside her tower. Your new friend appreciates your enthusiasm and gives you an item.

The other skeletons just sigh heavily and throw their hands in the air.
Failure - Offer your services as a mediator
You try to sort out the argument, but the participants are all skeletons, and they're too sarcastic to listen to your reasoning. "Like you know anything about whose finger bones are whose," one complains. "Hey!" cries another. "You're a Poogle. Do you even have finger bones? I bet those are stolen!" They take to throwing curses at each other. You dodge, but...

"Let's just keep moving," Kell advises. "The monster is our top priority."
Failure - Burst through violently
You barge in on an argument between a bunch of skeletons. One is holding a glowing purple box. "You think this is dangerous?" He gestures with it. "I'm sure it's fine. It's not like we're in an evil lair or anything. What could go wrong?" The box pulses and a curse flies at you.

"Oh, I'm sorry," he sneers. "Maybe you should knock next time."
Sarcastic Skeletons - Luggage/Weather
Voices emanate from behind the door. They seem to be having a pleasant conversation about the price of luggage in Altador... or is it the weather on Kreludor? It's hard to hear through a thick door.
Success - Throw the door open boisterously
You swing the door open with style and grin at the skeletons inside. "You're acting happy," one complains. "That's sooo not how you're supposed to act. We're skeletons. Booo." He waves his arms half-heartedly. You just keep grinning. "Ugh, that's tooo ironic," he adds. The skeletons roll their eye sockets and hand you an item.

Looks like you lucked out this time.
Failure - Burst through violently
There's something off about these Neopets... they're skeletons! One tells the rest they're looking a little stiff. Another says he's late to that party; they've already killed that joke. "Ugh," says a third. "You guys leave me breathless." He shakes his head and curses you.

"What was that for?" you demand. "Killer jokes are wasted on the living," he replies.
Failure - Knock politely
A skeleton lets you in, rolling her eyes. "Oh great, who invited the living? They're going to be the life of the party, I can tell." As you stand around awkwardly, you see a party in which skeletons dance, drink punch, and chat happily. One hands you a glass of punch, which Kell warns you not to drink, but you are sort of thirsty. Of course, the drink is cursed.

It's a dead Neopets party. You should probably move on.
Sarcastic Skeletons - Snarky Comments
Behind the door, some rather snarky comments can be heard. Wow, that was a good one. Zing! You stop to listen appreciatively for a moment, before remembering your mission.
Success - Burst through violently
You jump into the room, and the skeletons inside stare in shock. "Uh..." says a Hissi skeleton, "... yeah. I got nothing. You guys?" The rest shake their heads. No sarcastic comments from them either. "You want to take this away?" The Hissi offers you an item.

"We weren't using it. We'll need that space for the dance party later."
Failure - Say hello in a friendly voice
"Oh, hi. You're not selling anything, are you?" a Cybunny skeleton demands as she lets you in. "Because the last visitor we had wanted to sell us smoothies. Skeletons are big fans of food, you know. NOT." She rolls her eye sockets. Then she spots your backpack, full of treasure. "Oh, you are selling stuff! Ugh!" She fires a curse at you.

You didn't even have time to explain your real purpose.
Failure - Offer your services as a mediator
"You don't even have eyes!" cries a Tonu skeleton. He points at a JubJub skeleton, who shrinks back, curling its toe bones. "Why should you get to wear the sunglasses?" You wade into the argument, pointing out that they're underground and no one needs to wear sunglasses, but it's no use. They're like a Doglefox with a bone. The Tonu skeleton impatiently curses you.

Clearly you're not needed here. Anyway, you still have to find the monster.