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Spooky Food Eating Contest

Spooky Food Eating Contest Coverage

The Perlious Catacombs Door Outcomes

As part of the Perilous Catacombs step in the Spooky Food Eating Contest, users explored the catacombs below Neovia by opening doors. Each door was presented with some introductory text describing what could be heard or seen, and based on this, users selected one of three options to open it. If they selected the correct answer, users were awarded a prize, but picking either incorrect answer resulted in a curse. This is a record of all of the outcome text for the doors in the step.

Non-Cube - Cinnamon Scent
A cool, faintly cinnamon scent wafts toward your nose. You look down to find purplish slime oozing out from under the door. Oh, darn. Those were new shoes, too.
Success - Pull on a pair of gloves and open the door
nside is a Gelatinous Non-Cube! It sees you and slimes its way toward you hungrily, but you fight back. One of your gloves is sucked off and then the other. You're doomed... or are you? It seems the gloves are quite tasty, and the monster is no longer hungry. In fact, it even spits out a slimy item for you.

Failure - Burst through violently
Charging in, you falter when you see the source of the slime... a Gelatinous Non-Cube! Its vast purple bulk towers before you. Will it eat you, like the legends claim? No! You won't go down without a fight! You yell and run at it... and bounce off. The Gelatinous Non-Cube wiggles gently and a curse hits you in the face.

Well, that could have gone worse.
Failure - Say hello in a friendly voice
A sort of glorping noise is the only response. You push the door open and find a Gelatinous Non-Cube sitting in a pool of slime. It seems entirely pleased with itself. As you hastily apologise for the intrusion and turn to flee, the Gelatinous Non-Cube rumbles and fires a curse.

"Do we have to find Scarlet, in particular?" you ask Kell. "Couldn't we bring this monster back instead?" He shakes his head.
Non-Cube - Glorp Sound
A sound emerges from beyond the door that you can only describe as glorping. Glorp! Gloorrrrrp! Whatever's lurking in there smells a bit like cinnamon.
Success - Stomp your feet emphatically
Glorp! Glooorrrrp! Glo- A Gelatinous Non-Cube pauses in the middle of happy bouncing. You must have startled it. Seeing you, it flees through a door, leaving an item behind.

That's lucky. You could have been eaten.
Failure - Say hello in a friendly voice
"Glorp!" That might mean "Come in, please" in some ancient Neovian dialect. You enter and find a Gelatinous Non-Cube. So maybe ancient Qasalan, you muse, before realising that you'd better run. The Gelatinous Non-Cube glorps again and fires a curse.

Now's not the time to ponder the homeland of Gelatinous Non-Cubes.
Failure - Burst through violently
What else would make that noise but a Gelatinous Non-Cube? You may never know, unless you survive this encounter. The giant purple blob is not hungry, or it would have already tried to eat you, but it's still angry at the intrusion and fires a curse at you.

"Glorp glorp to you, too!" you shout in disgust. Not your best comeback.
Non-Cube - Glowing
The door is glowing. That can't be healthy. Maybe your eyes are playing tricks on you?
Success - Slip in all quiet and sneaky-like
You tiptoe past a snoring, glowing Gelatinous Non-Cube. Bones lie around it like discarded crumbs from a meal. The faint smell of cinnamon in the air is mixed with other, less pleasant smells. You don't want to think about it. As you pass its flank, you spot an item.

Sweet! You put it in your backpack.
Failure - Burst through violently
You barge in, waking a Gelatinous Non-Cube from its slumber. The glow fades as it rumbles to life, sizing you up (not that it has eyes) and wiggling. It could be laughing, or getting comfortable...

Or it could be powering up to curse you. Yeah, probably that last one.
Failure - Say hello in a friendly voice
Nothing responds. Inside, you find a glowing Gelatinous Non-Cube, waking up. It doesn't look happy to find you in its room. At least it doesn't look hungry. You've heard stories about a temple in the Lost Desert. You don't want to be eaten.

You feel like you should thank it for not consuming you, but Kell drags you away.
Non-Cube - Wordless Screaming
High, wordless screaming echoes through the door. You can't tell if whatever's doing it is terrified, furious, or really excited by the latest Usuki Doll release. Chilling.
Success - Burst through violently
A Gelatinous Non-Cube is trying to eat someone! Fortunately, you distracted it and the Lenny is able to escape. "Thank you! I'm studying this Non-Cube. It's really just a Blobikins that's had too many snacks," the Lenny assures you. He gives you an item as thanks for rescuing him, but refuses further help. Some Neopets are really dedicated to their research.

You're a little alarmed about the Blobikins theory. You might have one of those in your safety deposit box at home.
Failure - Slip in all quiet and sneaky-like
You hide in the corner of the room. In the middle, a giant Gelatinous Non-Cube sits placidly. The screaming has stopped, so you're not certain what caused it. Corbin motions for you to follow him quietly around the monster to the next door. However, you step on a bone, and it snaps.

The Gelatinous Non-Cube glorps angrily and curses you!
Failure - Offer your services as a mediator
You're sure whoever's causing the screaming can be reasoned with. You enter to find a Gelatinous Non-Cube alone in the room. Either it's the one that screamed, or whatever screamed is now... not around. The Gelatinous Non-Cube seems to lean in your direction, so you dive for cover.

Just a curse. You sigh in relief. Best to keep moving, though.