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Spooky Food Eating Contest

Spooky Food Eating Contest Coverage

The Perlious Catacombs Door Outcomes

As part of the Perilous Catacombs step in the Spooky Food Eating Contest, users explored the catacombs below Neovia by opening doors. Each door was presented with some introductory text describing what could be heard or seen, and based on this, users selected one of three options to open it. If they selected the correct answer, users were awarded a prize, but picking either incorrect answer resulted in a curse. This is a record of all of the outcome text for the doors in the step.

Indifferent Cultists - Banjo Music
Someone, or something, is playing wild banjo music on the other side of the door. You recognise the melody. They're pretty good, actually.
Success - Hum along with the cheery tune
The door opens. A pair of cultists is inside, nodding their heads and playing their banjos. Your humming earns you a thumbs up. You are officially cool in the eyes of mysterious cultists. One hands you an item.

I always wanted to do that," Kell admits. "Not good at humming, though."
Failure - BANJO DUEL!
You play your own banjo, twanging away with relish. Inside, the music dies off, leaving just you playing. The door opens to reveal a cultist, horrified at your audacity. As you break off in chagrin, he aims a curse at you.

Everyone's a critic.
Failure - Burst through the door violently
You charged in, and the startled cultists stopped playing their banjos, but not before hitting some jangled notes. Everyone winces. Kell and Corbin each duck out of the way as a cultist aims a curse right at you and fires...

Oh bother.
Indifferent Cultists - Huge Snores
Huge snores can be heard behind this door. Surely whatever is making them must be very, very large. Probably you don't want to disturb its slumber.
Success - Slip in all quiet and sneaky-like
You're careful not to disturb the sleepers in this room—because it wasn't one big snorer, it was actually about a dozen cultists. They're rather indifferent to your passage, except for the littlest one, who wakes up just enough to nudge an item toward you.

Sometimes being sneaky is the polite thing to do.
Failure - Burst through the door violently
You step on one of the sleeping cultists in the process of bursting into the room. Probably shouldn't have done that. The cultist surges to her feet, levels an icy stare at you, and delivers a nasty curse.

It's best to let sleeping cultists lie.
Failure - Throw open door boisteriously
You make an impressive entrance, but your audience is a bunch of groggy cultists waking from sound sleep, and they're not pleased. "People are trying to sleep here," one tells you. You'd point out that they're not exactly in a bedroom, but you're too busy trying to duck—

These Neopets don't deserve your logic.
Indifferent Cultists - Luggage/Weather
Voices emanate from behind the door. They seem to be having a pleasant conversation about the price of luggage in Altador... or is it the weather on Kreludor? It's hard to hear through a thick door.
Success - Burst through the door violently
You burst in and bow grandly before the nearest cultist. There are a dozen of them in here, and they all look terribly bored. At least, they did until you showed up. "Now that's an entrance," one declares. "Really authoritative. Six points!"

Six points apparently earns you an item. Good job.
Failure - Throw the door open boisterously
The cultists inside the room are underwhelmed by your arrival. You are docked two points for being melodramatic and three for lack of theme music. Next time, they tell you disdainfully, try to do better.

And you thought you were just here to catch a monster.
Failure - Knock on the door politely
There is a long pause before one of the cultists inside gets around to opening the door. He stifles a yawn as he points out that your entrance was like, totally underwhelming. You should try for a more radical approach next time. Incidentally, you're being cursed. So much for being polite.
Indifferent Cultists - Silence
All you hear past the door is silence. It's a deep, velvety hush that crushes all hope of escape or seeing a better tomorrow. It is the sound that comes after the last bell in the universe tolls its last peal—wait, wrong script. This is just an ordinary silence.
Success - Stomp your feet emphatically
You stomp your way inside to a beat only you can hear, finishing with a flourish worthy of a lord of dance. The cultists inside the room are quite impressed. "That was even better than Branston!" one exclaims.

They're so excited they can't help giving you a bit of treasure.
Failure - Burst through the door violently
The door slams open, and you see a small banquet hall filled with feasting cultists. They're not interested enough in you to find out why you're here. They simply curse you.

They won't even share their cake.
Failure - Knock on the door politely
You're told by the evil cultist answering the door that they don't want to buy any encyclopaedias today. You decide to correct his assumption, and Kell promptly claps his hand over your mouth before you can ask directions to the monster. Just as well, that looks more like a curse than directions—

Yep. Called it.