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Spooky Food Eating Contest

Spooky Food Eating Contest Coverage

The Perlious Catacombs Door Outcomes

As part of the Perilous Catacombs step in the Spooky Food Eating Contest, users explored the catacombs below Neovia by opening doors. Each door was presented with some introductory text describing what could be heard or seen, and based on this, users selected one of three options to open it. If they selected the correct answer, users were awarded a prize, but picking either incorrect answer resulted in a curse. This is a record of all of the outcome text for the doors in the step.

Friendly Cultists - Loud Chanting
Behind this door you hear loud chanting. The chanters are quite enthusiastic, though one is particularly bad at rhythm and keeps joining in late.
Success - Knock on the door politely
Your polite knocking is promptly answered by a young Kacheek in a large hood. He belongs to a group of chanting cultists, who are happy to find a new convert to the Appreciation of Toes. You do not need to actually have toes, they assure Corbin, who tells them he does have toes, thanks. To celebrate your arrival, they hand you a present.

It seems harmless enough.
Failure - Burst through the door violently
You crash the door and find the chanting was coming from a circle of cultists. They are in the middle of a secret ritual involving an ancient tome, a spork, and a lot of strawberry slushies. You probably shouldn't have interrupted them. Their leader smiles regretfully and waves his hand. You feel the curse descending rapidly.

"Good thing they were friendly cultists, at least," Kell remarks. "Their curses kind of tickle."
Failure - Hum along with the cheery tune
Hmm, that might not have been wise. You are politely seized and carried inside, where a group of cultists requests to know how you learned the Secret Chant of their cult. When you can only shrug, they apologetically insist on cursing you, because it's "policy".

They apologise again, before dusting off your shirt and sending you on your way.
Friendly Cultists - Luggage/Weather
Voices emanate from behind the door. They seem to be having a pleasant conversation about the price of luggage in Altador... or is it the weather on Kreludor? It's hard to hear through a thick door.
Success - Throw the door open boisterously
Your grandiose entrance is met with applause. Smiling cultists are sitting around chatting and eating pie, but they appreciate a good entrance. You are given a few tips for next time—add some smoke, wear a cloak, and definitely carry a big mysterious book. They hand you a present just because.

They haven't seen the monster, though. On to the next room...
Failure - Burst through the door violently
You thrust the door open and burst in. Inside, a friendly group of cultists sits in a circle, talking. They all have the same book in their hands. It seems you've interrupted their book club meeting. They look pretty annoyed. Maybe you should duck—

Too late. You discover the book is called The Art of Brainwashing. It looks interesting. Maybe next time they'll let you join them.
Failure - Knock politely
Your knock goes unanswered for a long moment before it is reluctantly opened. You have come upon a circle of cultists all reading the same book. You must have interrupted a book club meeting. When one inquires if any of you have read the book, The Art of Brainwashing, you admit you haven't. They shrug and send a curse flying at you.

Chapter Six, you are told. You should at least read Chapter Six if you are going to come to book club.
Friendly Cultists - Silence
All you hear past the door is silence. It's a deep, velvety hush that crushes all hope of escape or seeing a better tomorrow. It is the sound that comes after the last bell in the universe tolls its last peal—wait, wrong script. This is just an ordinary silence.
Success - Knock on the door politely
Your knock echoes in the stillness. Friendly-looking cultists in fuzzy pyjamas open the door and silently beckon you inside, where they are having a silent slumber party. They are handing out party favours. Of course, they insist you take one, even if you can't stay.

You could get used to this kind of thing. Too bad you have a monster to catch. Onward!
Failure - Stomp your feet emphatically
Maybe your stomping would have scared the monster into staying put and allowing itself to be caught. Unfortunately, the room holds silent cultists, not a monster. They seem friendly enough, but they aren't impressed with your ruffian ways. They gesture for you to hold still, and—

They pat you on the head and motion for you to run along before they have to do something worse. Kell looks like he might say "I told you so", but he's kind enough not to.
Failure - Burst through the door violently
As you kick the door in with classic Monster Hunter style, you notice a circle of cultists in the middle of the room. They appear to be having a tea party in total silence. Well, to each their own. Oh, wait. They're pointing out the Do Not Disturb sign. You try to apologise, but they angrily hush you and... yup, you're being cursed.

Oh well. It was a great door kicking, anyway. Corbin is pretty impressed with your technique.
Friendly Cultists - Whispering
A faint whisper rustles behind the door, though you can't quite make out what's being said. It almost sounds like they're rhyming in couplets, but that would be absurd. As you step closer and put your ear to the door, the whispering stops.
Success - Say hello in a friendly voice
You call out a friendly "hello" and hear an equally friendly "hellooo" back. The door opens and you're greeted by a very friendly group of cultists. They invite you to tea and you discuss rituals and ghosts and the merits of Slorg Slime. When you can't take Corbin's glares anymore, you admit you need to get going. They hand you an item as a token of their friendship.

You thank them for their hospitality before moving on. Who knew cultists could be so friendly?
Failure - Burst through the door violently
You slam the door open, charging inside and making a big ruckus. As your eyes adjust to the light, you see a circle of hooded cultists. "Why, I NEVER," says one. "Didn't your All-Knowing Leader teach you to knock before entering? You've interrupted our poetry slam. Highly inappropriate." Before you can stop them, they chant a nasty curse.

They apologise, but it's really the only way you'll learn your lesson. They were actually quite friendly... before the whole curse thing.
Failure - Slip in all quiet and sneaky-like
You slip in the door, noticing that this room is nicely lit by candles. Also, there is a circle of hooded cultists staring at you, teacups forgotten in their laps. You've just interrupted their very important Secret Tea Party. "You're not here to replenish our scone supply, are you?" says one. "I did want a few more of the chocolate chip ones." They curse you, of course.

As you reel from the effects, they ask you to send in the scones if you run across any. You can even nab some for yourselves if you like. They won't mind.