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Item DB Scavenger Hunt Solutions

We know that you're all anxious to see how you did. Now, you can check by yourself! All the answers (and *cough* red herrings) are down below. So... Yeah. Enjoy! :) (It's fairly long. Try to stay awake. xP)

Day One - Codes 1-5

If you had read the introductory newspost closely, you would be given the first clue towards the bottom. (For those of you who want to see the newspost, it's here. You would then have to head to the Item Database and look for the main theme (which, for those of you who didn't participate/don't use the DB, it's the Fish Negg Plushie). A search for 'Fish Negg Plushie' (or just even 'Fish Negg') would give you the code (QZ46) and the next clue, Why does Meuka look so odd on this stamp? o_O

With that clue, you would have to search 'meuka stamp', which would give you the next item, Misprint Meuka Stamp. Clicking for the Item Info would get you the code (TJ4H) and the next clue, You know that game with the five dice? I really want that last one as a gift. :/

Most people know that there's two games with dice - Attack of the Gummy Dice and Dice A Roo. But if I recall, there are more than five die in AotGD. :P You could have used our Dice A Roo guide for this. Since the fifth die was the Silver Die, you should have done a search for exactly that. :P


At the Fluffy Silver Dice info page, you were given (again :P) the code (HUC2) and the next clue, Blue pets rock. Especially if they're hatched! :D This SHOULD have led to a 'Which pet gets hatched?' question thing. If you have seen the book, you should have known that it was the Draik Egg!

With the 'blue' part, you should have looked for the next item, the Blue Draik Egg. You would then get the next code (B4N9) and the next clue, I think the desert is WAY better than the Hall of Heroes. Darn furniture thieves. Now I need stitches. *shakes fist* If you were around for the Lost Desert Plot and the Altador Plot, one of the characters in both were the foreman. (Sort of TNT's inside joke thing. ;P)

Search for 'foreman' and you'd get three Foreman items. Check the Plushie, and you'd get the next code (Y97L). This was also the end of Day One, Clues 1-5.

Day Two - Codes 6-10

When Day Two was released, you'd have to go back to the Misprint Meuka Stamp for the next clue, which was Why does Dr. Sloth look so... happy? Especially with those funky stitches... You could really just look for Sloth avatars in our Avatar Database, if you didn't know about the Happiness Faerie. :P The stitches part (as with Mister Foreman Plushie) was supposed to tell you it was a plushie. You were given the code (LYBF) and the next clue, Bruce Battledome items are so much better than the ones for other pets. Its really because of the decorations. :P You were also given a hidden clue, Can you tie em in a knot, can you tie em in a bow. If you had searched for 'bruce bow' or 'bruce' in the Battle Magic category, you would have found the next item, the Studded Bruce Bow Of Protection.

When you looked up Happiness Faerie Plushie (since it is the answer :P), you were then given your code (X9TY) and the next clue, Tarla'd avatar items are never warmly welcomed. ;) *cough* along with ANOTHER secret clue, Jack Frost nipping at your nose... The secret clue was kinda sorta hinting at a cold, icy, wintery sorta thing. (You know, sort of like snowflake? :P) Also, if you had the toolbar/were on JN Forums or the NeoBoards, you should have known that the Icy Snowflake was Mass Tarla'd (and currently is hovering around 30k xD).

Item's Icy Snowflake, yadda, yadda, code is CU8N and your next clue is HAHA I HAVE A BAKED PLUSHIE! IN YOUR FACE NOOBZORS!... Mmm, looks like it would be good with coffee or ice cream...TOO BAD YOU CANT EAT NEOPETS. This clue was edited from before because the word 'edible' was being mean. Yay. You could search for edible coloured plushies and get the answer that way (which I saw most people did)... Yay. xP The answer to that one was the Biscuit Yurble Plushie.

Hehe, I tricked you! :D

So you get to Mister Biscuit Yurble Plushie, get your code (R77L) and the next clue (You should never fling sliced meats in the Battledome). Of course, looking for 'slice' in the name or 'meat' in the description WITH Battle Magic as the category would get you the next item, Battle Slices. The code that you would get from it is INKJ, and was the second checkpoint (ten clues so far) of the Scavenger Hunt.

Day Three - Codes 11-15

When you refreshed Battle Slices the next day, you would have seen the next clue, One of these can probably buy you 4 and some fraction Quadrapi. (Plural form of Quadrapus.) A Quadrapus sells for 22 Dubloons. 22 Dubloons per Quadrapi x 4 and some fraction Quadrapi = 88 and some fraction Dubloons. You had to think a little and look for a dubloon that would pay for 88 and some fraction of a Dubloon. (Honestly, I had no clue why I added 'and some fraction' in the clue. xD) Of course, the answer was One Hundred Dubloon Coin. When you looked it up, you would have found the next clue (This Tale of Woe plot item is sure cool, since it has been used by Thumburt himself!) and the code, BPAP.

Even if you didn't participate in The Tale of Woe, we still had a Battledome Opponents page with the weapons that the Mayor used. (You can click here to view the page.) If you searched for 'mayor' (in the Name), you would have gotten the Mayor-exclusive items. You could have gone through the three items and found the next clue and code in the Item Info page of the Mayors Top Hat (which were BW9M and This (R101) sword has three sharp blades at its tip that will cut through anything, even castle walls. I guess this describes it well...

What would a fraction of me look like?

If you removed the '(R101)' part of the clue and description-searched the sentence, you would have found the next item, the Darigan Sword of Death (which was the 13th item :P). The code for the item is NPLE and the clue was This is what a muffin chef should wear while in the Battledome - Especially because of its retiredness. If you put 'muffin' (Resey's favourite food :D) in the name and '180' into the Rarity with the Category on Battle Magic, you would have found three Muffin Man items and one Muffin. (You should have gone through the Muffin Man items. :P) The item for Clue 14 was the Hat of the Muffin Man.

When you looked on the Item Info page for the Hat of the Muffin Man, you'd get a code (ACMW) and a clue the next day. (Edna should not dive into cauldrons full of potions she is mixing up - Especially ones with Plushie Morphing Potions mixed in...) This item could be found easily with a math problem -- (Edna + Plushie Morphing Potions = ?) If you guessed Edna Plushie, you win. :D

Taking a trip to the Edna Plushie page would get you the clue and code. (I haven't seen this box of assorted gummydice in AGES... In fact, maybe TNT hasn't bothered to release it yet and 7AJZ)

Day Four - Codes 16-20

If you set the Status to MIA and searched for gummydice (which was purposefully typed that way in the clue), you would have found the next item, 'can_assorted_gummydice'. xD The clue on it was *sigh* Why do Lutari have to be so happy? and the code was 4R2Z. If you're me, the first thing that comes to mind is 'happy lutari'. Search for it, and you get your next item, the Happy Lutari Stamp.

On the Lutari Stamp, you got a VERY fun clue (I see the people who made this item had a TON of gold. It is great in the garden for guests to sit on during your tea party :D) and an equally fun code (2ND4)! :D To get this one, you had to do a little thinking. If you thought of gold as a colour, you were correct to do so! The item that you were supposed to get was Golden Garden Bench.

Heading to the Item Info page would (as usual) get you a code (9MNU) and a clue (Ick, this toy contains the real bones of unfortunate adventurers...) which was contained part of the item description of the next item, the Spike Pit Play Set from the Lost Desert Plot! (Come to think of it, I should have thrown in a crystal as an item here... :P)

Again, as usual, heading to the Item Info page gets you a code, a clue, and that much closer to finishing Day Four. :P The clue was I am proud to show my support for Sloth and the code given was 5YTG. To find the next item, you had to ask yourself HOW one would show their support, or simply just search for 'I support sloth'. :P

Searching 'I Support Sloth' would get you the next item, which was *drumroll* the I Support Sloth Badge. :P You were given a code on Day Four (which was JLW7) and was given a clue on Day Five.

Day Five - Codes 21-25

Returning to the 'I Support Sloth Badge' Item Information page on Day Five would get you the next clue, Lenny Conundrum prizes do not stick around for long! *MEEP* I bolded the word 'stick' here to somehow hint that it was a stamp. :P Searching for 'lenny conundrum' in the Item Description got you two stamps and four other items. Remember the *meep* part of the clue? What makes that sound? ;) That would have told you that it was the Petpets Stamp you were after. :D If you didn't think the *MEEP* part of the clue was significant, you also could have gone to the Coltzan Stamp Item Info page, and would have hit the first Red Herring code, 1EE7. However, if you REALLY messed up and went to Lucky Coin Plushie, you would have hit the second Red Herring code, ST3V.


Heading to the Petpets Stamp Item Info page would get you the next clue, *squeal!* Oh my gosh! and the code, F9FD. If you ran a search in the Item Description for either 'squeal' or 'oh my gosh', you would have found the next item, the LDPBSTSCC Collectable Card. If, for some reason, you thought that a Snorkle might squeal, you would have hit our third Red Herring code, V02O. If you (also for some odd reason) searched for snort, you would have hit our fourth Red Herring code, HUG4.

Back to the actual items. xP On the LDPBSTSCC Item Info page, you would have found the next clue, This Poogle Toy is such a tease and the next code, A9NR. If you didn't know about the item, you could have searched for 'poogle toy' and gone through all the items. However, if you knew about the joke (and the petsite), you would have known that the Pink Poogle Toy item is a joke from TNT about PPT and their "moans about banner ads and frozen accounts". :P The code you received was 2NYW and the clue was This potion is so shiny and starry! Hold on a sec, what is that on the handle? :O If you thought about the 'tease' part more, you could have hit two Red Herrings - one on the Super Blue Poogle Toy (with a code of TERY) and the other on the Magical Purple Poogle Toy with a code of I3K1.

To find Item and Code 24, you should have searched for a Starry Morphing Potion. Going through them all alphabetically, the first one you saw, the Starry Bori Morphing Potion was the correct one. Clicking on it would get you the code ZBJV and the final clue, Who said "Lupe" make arts and crafts? o_o The two Red Herring Morphing Potions were the Starry Kacheek Morphing Potion (D4V3) and the Starry Scorchio Morphing Potion (1LLY).

If you searched for 'arts and crafts', you would have gotten only one result, Arts and Crafts With Lupes. You should have then written down the code, Y3SJ and headed to the submission page. The two Red Herrings for this clue were on Deluxe Lupe Cake (with a code of M477) and the book, A Tale of Two Lupes (with a code of D4V3).