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The Meridell Rubbish Dump

Rubbish Dump Keeper
Charlie says, 'Git offa mah properteh!'

Ewww! What's that smell? Looks like you stumbled across the Meridell Rubbish Dump, located on Meri Acres Farm! Since it first opened its rubbish-strewn gates on July 14, 2003, the dump has had most Neopians holding their noses every time they pass within whiffing distance of Meridell. But there seem to be some individuals who actually enjoy sifting through rubbish.

How It Works

The Rubbish Dump is similar to the Money Tree in that items will pop up from time to time and you can receive an item if you're the first to click on it. Unlike the Money Tree, these items are not donated or given by other Neopians. Instead, they just happen to randomly appear.


You can receive a maximum of 10 items per day from the Rubbish Dump. The 10 item limit is combined with what you receive from the Second-Hand Shoppe and Money Tree as well. (In other words, you can grab a grand total of 10 items from all 3 of these locations daily.)


As mentioned above, you cannot actually send items to the Rubbish Dump. Instead, items are regularly deposited by various NPCs, such as: Somebody Smelly, Somebody Mysterious, or even the fabled Dung Faerie!

Below is the full list of donors:

  • A Passing Faerie
  • A Passing Meerca
  • A Stablehand
  • Farmer Boggins
  • Farmer Joe
  • Farmer Sid
  • Farmer Ted
  • King Skarl
  • Meridell Castle Cleaners
  • Rowdy Peasants
  • Somebody Mysterious
  • Somebody Smelly
  • The Dung Faerie

You will also see your own username underneath an object from time to time. Don't panic! You haven't had any items stolen from your inventory. It's just a little trick the dump likes to play on people who lurk trying to nab its goodies.

Pile of Dung


A variety of items can show up at the Rubbish Dump. Here is a list of prizes that are exclusive to the dump:

The following items are not exclusive to the Rubbish Dump, but have been spotted there as well. The bottled faeries, petpets, and paint brushes may appear in waves at completely random times, but extremely infrequently.

Debunked Mechanics

There was a common theory that the more people went there to refresh, better quality items would show up and more often. However TNT stated in an editorial that this wasn't the case:

Once and for all can you answer this question? At the Rubbish Dump, does the amount of people refreshing there have any effect on the number of items or the rarity of the items appearing at the dump? Also, are people allowed to create threads on the NeoBoards setting times to go to the Rubbish Dump and refresh? (please don't show my username)

No, this is a rumour that was started by a player. While it's a good hypothesis, that's not how the dump works, sorry.

From Neopian Times, Issue 251, August 4, 2006

However, TNT's assertion in this case seems to be false. It has been observed that the amount of items that appear at the Rubbish Dump does in fact increase when there are more users and page refreshes occurring.

That's Not Rubbish

That's Not Rubbish / Guide

Grab a petpet, paint brush, or Apple Core from the Rubbish Dump.

Note: The items that qualify for the avatar are extremely rare and do not appear more than a few times per year naturally. However, the more people that actively refresh at the Rubbish Dump, the more items will spawn and this should increase the number of avatar items that appear based on proportions (but this does not change the probability of a rare item appearing so the chances are still extremely low).

Released: August 15, 2018

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