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Old Random Events - Tyrannian

This guide is old! Random Events were revamped in April 2014. This guide serves as an archive of what the old Random Events were. View Current Guide »

Types of Random Events: Good - Bad - Pointless | Winter Events | Tyrannian Events

These events can only be found while wandering through Tyrannia. If you see a random event with a 'Poof!' image, hover your mouse over the image to see what the image normally is. Know of an event we are missing? Let us know!

Good Tyrannian Events

Tyrannian Random Event!!!
Grarrg stomps in and says 'You look like a you could help us in our army! I have upgraded your rank!' [Effect: Increases your Tyrannian Army points, which are viewable on your user lookup if you have them.]

Tyrannian Random Event!!!
You find a piece of tasty Omelette on the floor and pick it up!

Bad Tyrannian Events

Tyrannian Random Event!!!
A fungus ball is sitting on this page... and it EXPLODES!. You get confused and drop X Neopoints.

Pointless Tyrannian Events

Tyrannian Random Event!!!
JarbJarb says 'Ugga ugg Tyranu Evavu'

Tyrannian Random Event!!!
Uggsul says 'Ugga ugg Tyranu Evavu'

Tyrannian Random Event!!!
Grarrg the Battle Master stomps past you, muttering something about war

Tyrannian Random Event!!!
Plesio says 'Fancy spinning the Wheel of Mediocrity?'

Tyrannian Random Event!!!
A group of excited fans rush past you shouting '[today's band]' are playing tonight!!!

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