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Removing Neopet Ads: Safari

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Sometimes, ad-blocking can interfere with sponsor events or games.
If you notice a Flash element isn't showing up, try temporarily disabling the blocking.

Here is a sample of what we're going to accomplish. On the left is Neopets with ads; on the right is Neopets after ad-blocking.

We will be using a combination of a Safari add-on and a custom style sheet to do all the necessary blocking.

  1. Open Safari and download the AdBlock add-on. Close Safari.
  2. At the top, to the left of the web address bar, is an icon of a black octagon with a hand on it. Click on that. (Alternatively, in the menu bar at the top, you can click on "Window" then "AdBlock Options.")
  3. Go to the Blacklist tab, click on the "Block an ad by its URL" link, and paste this into the "Block URLs..." box: http://images.neopets.com/js/kids/ads.js
    In the domain box, make sure it says: www.neopets.com
    Click the "Block it!" button. You should now see this in your filter list:
  4. Open Notepad (or any text editor) and paste the following in there:

  5. Save it as neopetsadblock.css or something like that. Remember where you put the file. Open Safari, click the gear icon at the top right corner, then Preferences. On the Advanced tab, click the drop down that says "Style sheet." Select Other, and locate your file. Close the menu.
  6. Restart your browser to make sure the changes take effect.
  7. (This step is optional.)
    If you don't wish to keep the top banner (that space above your username, current NP, etc.) on every page, then right-click on it and select "AdBlock this ad." You'll be blocking <DIV id="ban">. If you're happy with that, click on "Looks good" and then "Block it!" to apply the changes. You can edit the filters by clicking on the little AdBlock hand icon next to the address bar and looking under the Blacklist tab. Click the "Edit" button to be able to actually edit the list.
  8. Keep up with browser and add-on updates, as those contain important bug fixes. Enjoy ad-free browsing!

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