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Removing Neopet Ads: Internet Explorer

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Sometimes, ad-blocking can interfere with sponsor events or games.
If you notice a Flash element isn't showing up, try temporarily disabling the blocking.

Here is a sample of what we're going to accomplish. On the left is Neopets with ads; on the right is Neopets after ad-blocking.

We will be using an Internet Explorer add-on to do all the necessary blocking. In the past, ad-blocking was done through custom style sheets. If you did it that way before, please make sure that you don't have CSS code that would override or interfere with this. Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Click the Accessibility button on the "General" tab. If the box beside "Format documents using my style sheet" is checked, de-select it and restart your browser.

If you've never created a custom style sheet, you can proceed to the steps below right away.

  1. Download and install the IE7Pro add-on. This piece of software is compatible with Internet Explorer 6 and higher. After downloading and before installing, close any instances of Internet Explorer you already have running. During installation, you can choose to also install some Userscript Plugins, Spell Check, or ProgSense. I only chose to install Spell Check, but it's up to you.
  2. After finishing the installation, Internet Explorer will open and you'll see an IE7Pro preferences window (if you don't, you can get to it by going to Tools -> IE7Pro Preferences).
  3. Select Ad Blocker from the list of modules. Click OK. Close and restart Internet Explorer.
  4. Navigate to the Preferences window again. On the left side, you'll now see a menu for "AD Blocker." Click it.
  5. Now you can begin adding filters. It's simple enough. In the "Rule" box, type in the id, class, or URL of the element you want to block, then select the type of filter from the drop down bar. Click the "Add" button when you're done.

    Okay, let's add the following Div Filters:

    Now we want to add a URL Filter (select "URL Block Filter" as the filter type):

    You can modify or delete a filter by clicking on one that you've already added and then clicking the appropriate button near the bottom.

    When you're done and ready to see the changes, click OK.

    Here's what my completed screen looks like (click on the image for the full size version).

  6. Restart your browser to make sure the changes take effect.
  7. (This step is optional.)
    If you wish to keep the top banner (that space above your username, current NP, etc.) on every page, then some things have to change. First, delete the pushdown_banner div filter that you added in the previous step.

    Next, open Notepad (or any text editor) and paste the following in there:

    Save the file as neopetsadblock.css or something like that. Remember where you put the file. Open Internet Explorer, go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Click the Accessibility button on the "General" tab. Select the "Format documents using my style sheet" option. Browse for the file you saved, open it, press OK to exit out of all menus. Close your browser window and start up IE again.
  8. Keep up with browser and add-on updates, as those contain important bug fixes. Enjoy ad-free browsing!

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