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Removing Neopet Ads: Firefox

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Sometimes, ad-blocking can interfere with sponsor events or games.
If you notice a Flash element isn't showing up, try temporarily disabling the blocking.

This guide is for and Here is a sample of what we're going to accomplish. On the left is Neopets with ads; on the right is Neopets after ad-blocking.

We will be using a Firefox add-on to do all the necessary blocking. In the past, ad-blocking was done through custom style sheets. If you did it that way before, please make sure that you don't have CSS code that would override or interfere with this. On Windows, Firefox custom CSS code is located in:

C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR USERNAME\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\PROFILE NAME\chrome\userContent.css

The above file should have nothing in it. If you cannot navigate to the Application Data folder, make sure you have enabled the viewing of hidden files (in Windows Explorer, this can be done by going to Tools -> Folder Options -> View -> Click the radio button that says "Show hidden files and folders").

If you've never created a custom style sheet, you can proceed to the steps below right away.

  1. Download and install the Adblock Plus add-on. After installing, restart Firefox.
  2. A page will come up, explaining filter lists and preferences. We highly recommend keeping Easy List (USA), as that'll take care of most of the blocking you'll need.
  3. Once you have Adblock configured to your liking, you'll be able to add custom filters, which we'll do now. Go to Tools -> Adblock Plus -> Filter preferences.

    A box will pop up. Click on the "Custom filters" tab. Add a filter group and name it whatever you want. For the sake of nostalgia (I miss the simplicity of old Adblock versions), I'm going to name mine "Ad Blocking Rules."

    Under the "Actions" tab, select "Show/hide filters." Click on the "Add filter" button and type in a single filter from the list below. Repeat this process of adding one filter at a time until you have the whole list. This is specific, which should catch anything the subscription missed.
  4. Next, we'll add in filters for elements that you may collapse to condense the page where ads may have been. These are most important, so make sure you get them all in. You can choose to create another filter group for these--it'll make things a little more organised. Again, since I'm nostalgic, I created one called "Element Hiding Rules."
  5. (This step is optional.)
    You can enable/disable filters quickly by checking/un-checking the box next to the filter name.

    If you wish to keep the top banner (that space above your username, current NP, etc.) on every page, then un-check the box next to:

    Then, on your computer, open up the custom CSS file for your Firefox profile. As mentioned above, this is usually in C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR USERNAME\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\PROFILE NAME\chrome\userContent.css
    If no such file exists in the folder, then you can create a .txt file and rename it to userContent.css
    Open the CSS file in Notepad (or any text editor) and paste the following in there:

    Save the file.
  6. Close all Firefox windows and then restart it.
  7. Keep up with browser and add-on updates, as those contain important bug fixes. Enjoy ad-free browsing!

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