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Neopian Museum: Gadgadsbogen Puzzle

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The Gadgadsbogen Puzzle was released on the 5th of March, 2003 (Year 5). It lasted until march the 20th, running through the end stages of the Champions of Meridell plot.


Unlike in previous (and subsequent) logic puzzles, absolutely no one died, got lost, poisoned, or even thrown overboard - what a treat!

The focus of the puzzle was the annual party to celebrate Gadgadsbogen. The party was organised by the Grand Bogen, Rufus. He invited people from all over the island, including Kyishi, the Tiki Tack Man, Vik, and Jhuidah. An explorer named Harry also stumbled across the party and joined in the festivities.

Each guest was given one of the new fruits that appeared during Gadgadsbogen, wore a different coloured grass skirt, drank a different cocktail, and took part in the limbo competition. Most importantly of all though, everyone had a great time!


Users were allowed to guess which fruit guests received, which cocktail they drank, which grass skirt they wore, and what their score in the limbo competition was. The correct answers were:

  • Kyishi ate the Lemwart, had a yellow skirt, drank the purple juppie slurpbowl, and limboed to 68cm.
  • The Tiki Tack Man ate the Ellecha, had a red skirt, drank the pink peachpa cooler, and limboed to 60cm.
  • Rufus ate the Blobbule, had a green skirt, drank the Bubbling Kraku Thickshake, and limboed to 96cm.
  • Vik ate the Carnapepper, had a blue skirt, drank the Greengage Breeze, and limboed to 89cm.
  • Harry ate the Foorzle, had a purple skirt, drank the Blue Cocofizz, and limboed to 52cm.
  • Jhuidah ate the Twirly Fruit, had a pink skirt, drank the Myncibean Punch, and limboed to 50cm.

The top 2000 people were awarded a Neopoint reward and one of the following Battledome items:

In addition, the following trophies were awarded:

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Champions of MeridellMuseum LobbyPlot GalleryThe Missing Petpets
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