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Petpetsitter Information
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Some people think this game is boring... pointless... not magical... But it isn't!

Where else can you fix a broken pot of flowers by simply tapping it with a mop? Petpetsitter is quite a magical game that uses your reaction-speed, your time-judgement, and magic. Basically, you shuffle around trying to solve all the Petpet's problems, cleaning up their messes, making below minimum wage, while your boss is outside trying to dodge the IRS for hiring underage workers...


Petpetsitter primarily uses your sense of time-management. You start out in the game with a Petpet crawling around, and eventually that Petpet needs something. You have a limited time (the allotted time decreases as you progress through the game) to bring the petpet to where he needs to go in order to satisfy their needs.

Here is a list of the problems and how you solve them:

Image Problem Description ID# (for picture below)
Hungry for Satisfaction of Hunger The petpet is hungry...
Maybe we should let him eat?
Hungry for Something to Do The petpet is bored...
Maybe we should let him outside?
Hungry for Repairs The thing is broken...
Let's put it in the garage and see what happens.
Hungry for Sleep The petpet is tired...
Maybe we should let him sleep?
Hungry for Urination The petpet has to go...
We should let him go.


Above lists the problems and where to take the Petpets to solve the corresponding problem. In addition to the Petpet's needs, there are five different types of messes you can clean up with the mop.

  • Milk bottles knocked over.
  • Bucket knocked over.
  • Flower pot broken.
  • Petpet urinates on the floor.
  • Robotic petpet leaves oil on floor.

The first three listed all will happen regardless of what you do. When a Petpet runs into one of the items it is knocked over and you lose five points. But by cleaning it up, you gain 10 points. Eventually you'll want to just disregard those objects - as they aren't going to prevent you from moving forward in the game.

Number four (petpet urinates on floor) will happen if you don't let a petpet that needs to go, go. A robotic petpet will leave oil on the floor if it needs repairs and you don't put it in the garage. You will never see a living petpet need repairs nor a robotic petpet needing to do anything but be repaired (if you do, it either has rabies, or it's magic).


Below is a listing of how you can lose/gain "pocket money".

  • - 5: Petpet hits 1 of 3 objects (milk bottles, bucket, and flowerpot).
  • + 10: Clean up after Petpet hits 1 of 3 objects.
  • + 10: Solve a Petpet's problem (listed above in picture).
  • + 10: Clean up after a Petpet's problem (urine, oil)
  • - 1 Life: Let a Petpet go past its time limit on solving its problem.


Type in "oscillabot" during gameplay for an extra life. Once per game.



Send a score of 2,500+ points in Petpetsitter.

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