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Jellyneo's Pet Directory

Welcome to Jellyneo's Pet Directory. Our directory attempts to document as many pets in Neopia as possible, specifically by their color and species. Our directory will provide you with easy access to lists of pets that are of a certain species, color, or both! It's perfect for finding those avatar clickable pets, or an image of a certain colored pet.

If you'd like to add your pet to our directory, click here. However, we do ask that you only add your pet(s). If your pet is in our directory, and it was not added by you, click here to opt-out.

Once you have added your pet, you can use one of our stylish images to show off your pet being in the directory!

Important Note: Please do not contact the owners of the pets listed in our directory regarding trading their Neopets unless they are explicitly asking for trade offers.

Your Results

Directory Entries: Usul - Ice
the Ice Usul
the Ice Usul
the Ice Usul
the Ice Usul
the Ice Usul
the Ice Usul
the Ice Usul
the Ice Usul
the Ice Usul
the Ice Usul
the Ice Usul
the Ice Usul
the Ice Usul

If one of the above pets is no longer listed as the correct species/color, let us know and get a trophy for your jnAccount!