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Items That Give More Items

Grundo Lunch Pinata Pets Usukicon Skeith

There are items in Neopia that, should you use them, actually give you more items! Whether it be a goodie bag that you can rummage through for toys and sweets, or a lunchbox that you can open up to find a tasty sandwich and a piece of exotic fruit to munch on, there are a number of items that do this. Below is a list of the various items that contain surprises, along with a listing of the items you can potentially get from them.

NOTE: You will not get all of the items listed, unless otherwise stated in the article; usually, you only receive a couple at random. If you open an item and receive a prize not listed here, please get in touch and let us know so we can add it. For trick-or-treat bag prizes, please include the name of the bag from which you received the item.

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