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The New Rainbow Pool

Welcome to the Rainbow Pool. You can click on the text under each picture to see pets of that color and species in our Pet Directory, along with the symbol to see the different emotions.

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Halloween Acara

Halloween Aisha

Halloween Blumaroo

Halloween Bori

Halloween Bruce

Halloween Buzz

Halloween Chia

Halloween Chomby

Halloween Cybunny

Halloween Draik

Halloween Elephante

Halloween Eyrie

Halloween Flotsam

Halloween Gelert

Halloween Gnorbu

Halloween Grarrl

Halloween Grundo

Halloween Hissi

Halloween Ixi

Halloween Jetsam

Halloween Jubjub

Halloween Kacheek

Halloween Kau

Halloween Kiko

Halloween Koi

Halloween Korbat

Halloween Kougra

Halloween Krawk

Halloween Kyrii

Halloween Lenny

Halloween Lupe

Halloween Meerca

Halloween Moehog

Halloween Mynci

Halloween Nimmo

Halloween Peophin

Halloween Poogle

Halloween Pteri

Halloween Quiggle

Halloween Ruki

Halloween Scorchio

Halloween Shoyru

Halloween Skeith

Halloween Techo

Halloween Tonu

Halloween Tuskaninny

Halloween Uni

Halloween Usul

Halloween Wocky

Halloween Xweetok

Halloween Yurble

Halloween Zafara
52 species can be painted Halloween!