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NeoQuest II

Lost Desert - Waset Village

Here you can once again upgrade your weapons and armor, purchase potions and get some rest. You also finally gain Velm, a much needed member of your party. Don't forget to spend his skill points, otherwise he will be quite useless. You can also get a discount at the shops and inn after rescuing Lifira, but you might prefer to buy your upgrades before going to the Palace of Ancient Kings.


Velm looks up at you as you approach. He squints at you, as if trying to place your features. "Uh, hello there," he says. "Can I help you with something?"

> "Who are you?"
Velm blinks. "Ah, well... I'm a cleric. I think. And, uh, I seem to be having some... memory problems. I know my name, though--Velm! I woke up in this 'inn' yesterday morning; apparently I'd arrived late the night before. Everyone in this village seems to think that I'm an adventurer of some kind! But from what I can gather, I'm just a simple cleric trying to make my way in the world. Odd, don't you think?"

> "Well, they think we're adventurers too. Would you like to join our party?"
Velm says, "Ah... I don't know, really, what good I could be. I have some kind of spellbook, but I haven't been able to cast any of the spells in it. Except once." He frowns. "I was walking back from one of the other tents, and I saw some kind of strange undead creature appear almost out of nowhere. I was very scared, but I shouted something--I can't remember what, now--and the creature suddenly got a confused look in its eyes. It just stood there for a while, then wandered away without looking back. I guess it was some kind of distraction or... mesmerization spell I tried to cast, but I've been trying to duplicate my feat for hours. No luck; maybe I can only use magic when I'm scared or in danger? At any rate, adventuring... well, I guess it beats sitting around here all day long. Sure, I'll join you."
Velm has joined your party!

Nufam says, "Welcome to my inn, which isn't really much of an inn... actually, there's only one room for rent, and it's occupied. On the other hand, I might be willing to let you rent it for, say... 450 gold pieces?"

> "What can you tell us about this village?"
Nufam says, "Well, if you've talked to anyone else you've probably heard by now, but Lifira, who is Hizaga and Zasise's daughter, was kidnapped a few nights ago. With all the monsters roaming the desert, certainly none of us can go out there and find her."

> "We'll try and find her. Do you know which way they took her?"
Nufam says, "I was awoken by the commotion, and I saw them flee from the village with her, off to the west. The only thing out that way is..." He looks around, as if afraid of being overheard. "The Valley of Kings, in which lies the ancient Palace of Kings. But we all thought it had been abandoned for ages, since long before any of us in this village were ever born." He shakes his head. "I don't know why they would kidnap her, or if she's even still alive, but... if any adventurers were to go and find her, I know we'd all be eternally grateful." He raises an eyebrow at you.

[After Rescuing Lifira] Nufam says, "Oh my, you did rescue Lifira! Oh, everyone will be so happy to have her back. She's such a sweet girl. Anyway, if you still want to rent a room, it'll only cost you 350 gold."

> "Do you know anything about the Medallion of Wind?"
Nufam says, "Well, now that you mention it... a few weeks ago I had a guest here, a cranky old man. He always was muttering something to himself when I saw him, but I didn't really think much about it before. But, yes, I overheard him say the word 'medallion' a few times. But I don't know what it means. Maybe someone else in town knows more."
Rest Point
> "I'd like to rent a room for the night." (Cost: 450 gp / 350 gp)
Nufam says, "Certainly, certainly." After paying him, he guides you to a room in the rear of the tent, blocked by heavy curtains. "Here we go," he says. "Sleep well."

You rest for the night, and wake up refreshed and healthy.

Erweb says, "Oh, what's the use selling potions any more? Horrible undead can come to our little village and steal our children in the night... what hope have we to survive? Well, if you really want to buy something, I guess I'll sell it to you."

[After Rescuing Lifira] Erweb says, "Oh, you're so brave! Thanks for rescuing little Lifira! I know she hates it when we call her that, but she's such a sweet girl. I've known her since she was, oh, yay high." He gestures at about knee level. "Anyway, I'll give you a discount for rescuing her--how does 30% off sound?"
Trading - Before Rescuing Lifira
  Normal Evil Insane
Potion of Greater Health (Heal 100) 90 g 108 g 135 g
Potion of Potent Health (Heal 90) 80 g 96 g 120 g
Living Potion (Resurrect, Heal 40%) 1,000 g 1,200 g 1,500 g
Blister Potion (Damage 110) 90 g 108 g 135 g
Potion of Alarming Haste (Haste 45%) 170 g 204 g 255 g
Potion of Inert Inaction (Slow 40%) 170 g 204 g 255 g
Trading - After Rescuing Lifira
  Normal Evil Insane
Potion of Greater Health (Heal 100) 63 g 75 g 94 g
Potion of Potent Health (Heal 90) 56 g 67 g 84 g
Living Potion (Resurrect, Heal 40%) 700 g 840 g 1,040 g
Blister Potion (Damage 110) 63 g 75 g 94 g
Potion of Alarming Haste (Haste 45%) 119 g 142 g 178 g
Potion of Inert Inaction (Slow 40%) 119 g 142 g 178 g

Pankal says, "Oh, adventurers! Well, then I'm sure you'll want to buy some of the arms and armour I sell, what with all the monsters around. Little Lifira was kidnapped by some gruesome undead fiends the other day--her parents don't know if we'll ever get her back. Maybe you could find her? You should talk to her parents if you haven't already. They live in the northeast tent. Meanwhile, how about buying some better equipment?"

[After Rescuing Lifira] Pankal says, "Well bless my pants and call me soaked, you did it! I didn't know what kind of fiends would want to capture our little Lifira, but she's all back and safe now. Appeared like a flash out of thin air, too! Well, you're welcome to a 25% discount off anything in the store."
Trading - Before Rescuing Lifira
  Normal Evil Insane
Steel Longsword (Damage 40) 2,500 g 3,000 g 3,750 g
Ashwood Wand (Damage 18) 2,500 g 3,000 g 3,750 g
Cedar Longbow (Damage 30) 2,500 g 3,000 g 3,750 g
Light Plate Mail (Defence 40) 2,500 g 3,000 g 3,750 g
Magician's Robe (Defence 18) 2,500 g 3,000 g 3,750 g
Strapped Leather Tunic (Defence 30) 2,500 g 3,000 g 3,750 g
Trading - After Rescuing Lifira
  Normal Evil Insane
Steel Longsword (Damage 40) 1,875 g 2,250 g 2,812 g
Ashwood Wand (Damage 18) 1,875 g 2,250 g 2,812 g
Cedar Longbow (Damage 30) 1,875 g 2,250 g 2,812 g
Light Plate Mail (Defence 40) 1,875 g 2,250 g 2,812 g
Magician's Robe (Defence 18) 1,875 g 2,250 g 2,812 g
Strapped Leather Tunic (Defence 30) 1,875 g 2,250 g 2,812 g

(Lifira only appears after completing the Palace of Ancient Kings)

Lifira says, "Well, I've had a little time to rest now... and I want to thank you again, honestly, for rescuing me. I was a bit put out, being stuck in that dungeon for three days, but I've gotten over it already. I suppose you wouldn't mind knowing what this was all about?"

> "We certainly are a bit curious."
Lifira nods, and then makes a gesture with her hand. The sound of the perpetual sandstorm outside suddenly vanishes, as do the sounds of the village and the words of Amoti, just across the room. Amoti looks upset at being excluded from the conversation. "This is a temporary silence ward; it will keep anyone from overhearing us. Well, 'silence ward' is really just the magical, in-character term... You see, I'm not really a 'lost little girl' in some desert village. I know that you are on-board a starship, trapped in the simulation rooms; and I am a computer program, much like the Snowager sentinel program that you have already met. 'Lifira' isn't my proper name; it's LFRA, which stands for Library Fast Retrieval Archive. The 'spells' that I cast are really information transfer requests that move across the ship's computer. I believe that the 'Revenant' who kidnapped me was just a manifestation of one of the many virus programs that have taken over the computer."

> "What was the Revenant's purpose?"
Lifira says, "From what I could gather, its purpose was to prevent me from answering data requests from the ship's computer and operating system. Now, I'm free, but the data lines are still clogged--that's what this so-called 'sandstorm' is. It's hard for any but the most simple requests to get through the system. That's where you come in: the Medallion of Wind is a sub-program that will reset the I/O ports and clear the data lines. But they broke it into three pieces, and scattered it around the system. You've got one piece now; the next one is buried in some old files deep in a data cluster, but I can't find it myself."

> "So how do we find it?"
Lifira says, "Far northwest of here--in game terms--is an oasis in the desert, a pool surrounded by palm trees. There you'll find a crazy old hermit. If you tell him the proper access code, he'll tell you where to find the second part of the medallion. The code is alpha-three-seven-tango-echo-nine." She looks each of your party square in the eye, and says gravely, "Good luck. All our fates depend on you retrieving that medallion."

> "Our fates? What do you mean?"
Lifira sighs, and says, "Because the people who took control of this ship... after they locked you in the simulation rooms, they set the ship to fly directly into a star. I don't know how long we have left, but as you see, time is of the essence." She rises, and ends the silence ward with a sharp gesture. The roar of the sandstorm fills your ears again. "Go now. And good luck. Remember all that I have said."

Amoti says, "Please, I hope you can find my big sister! I didn't mean it when I said I wished she'd get kidnapped by zombies! It was just a joke, but then it really happened! Oh, I feel so awful about it!" Amoti cries into her pillow.

[After Rescuing Lifira] Amoti says, "Wow, you did it! Thanks! I really missed my big sister, but now she's back! Yay!" Amoti smiles sunnily at Lifira and dances around the room.

Hizaga says, "Oh, our poor daughter! How can these undead fiends just come into our village and steal her like that? It's horrible! I don't know what to do--I wanted to go out and look for her, but everyone says it's too dangerous! Oh, would you adventurers go find her? Please!"

[After Rescuing Lifira] Hizaga says, "Oh, I'm so happy! Thank you for rescuing Lifira! She's safe in her room, now, and we'll make sure no more evil zombie beast... creature... things... er... ever come near her." Hizaga gives you a big, crushing hug.

Paide says, "Ah, Tebalo, quit your whining. You were the one who was always complaining about 'those dang kids'--our next-door neighbors, who are grown and have kids of their own. Can you believe him? Still, I love him... but if he mentions water one more time..."

Tebalo says, "I suppose it's too much to hope for, to have a quiet, peaceful life, in a little village in the middle of the desert. Maybe we shouldn't have settled right next to ancient, haunted ruins. My wife likes it here, though--she says it's more exciting than living down near the sea. Would it kill us to have a little water now and then?"

Zasise says, "You must be the adventurers! Please, you must find our little Lifira! They took her off to the west, but beyond that, I don't know... You may have to search in the Valley of Kings to find her. There's a gap in the mountains to the west of here that leads into the valley--it's easy to miss, so be watchful."

[After Rescuing Lifira] Zasise says, "Our sweet little girl is home safe and sound! I don't know how we can ever thank you, or repay you enough. Well, I'm sure the journey is its own reward... although I'll bet the merchants here in the village would be willing to give you a discount. Everyone just loves Lifira so much!"

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