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Neopets Fun Paks

Terry and I just got hold of some of the brand new Neopets Fun Paks that have hit the shelves with the recent plushies. So, we thought we'd write up a little review for those of you who may be interested in buying them! We've written up a description of what you can get inside of each pack, along with some models of the interactive cards. We also let you know what you can get with each Rare Item Code card that you can get in the packs. ;)

To start off, each pack comes with 7 different cards. You have a chance of getting one of the following:

  • Every foil wrap pack comes with a Virtual Prize code, which will get you a mid-range item that has a rarity in 70s or 80s.

  • In addition to the above Rare Item Code, you also have a small chance of getting a KeyQuest code which you can redeem for a Darkest Faerie, Princess Amira, or Jeran KeyQuest token. I was lucky enough to get two different KeyQuest codes, and ended up with an Amira and Darkest Faerie. No Jeran in sight. :( (He's apparently the rarest of the bunch.)

  • You also get the chance of winning a Nintendo Wii or a $10 Neocash card. Be sure to check the "Sweepstakes card", as there's 5 Wii systems to be given away, and 100 Neocash Cards!

  • The third card is either a sheet of stickers, or a little standee. The standees are actually pretty cool. Beware, though... assembly is required, and you may need a smart person on hand to get them together! :P It took me a couple tries to get everything hooked in correctly, but the end product was pretty cool. (If only they would make a Dr. Sloth standee... he would totally rule the cardboard cutout world.)

  • The fourth card is a simple species card that shows a picture of a Neopet in a special color. I got a double Jubjub, so if anyone wants to trade it for something I don't have, let me know! :P

    Curse you, you double...

  • You also get a random trivia or game card that have questions like the Daily Puzzle, or other mini-games like cryptograms and sudo-- err, Roodokus. ;) If you're stuck on any of the puzzles, just flip the card over for the answers on the back!

    Ohh! Ohh! I see "Bloat-B-Gone"!

  • The sixth card you get is a random anything-but-the-above cards. You can get a Neopian Character (such as Dr. Sloth!), an item card, or a location card (such as the Tombola man, who is holding a suspiciously higher amount of codestones than he gives out...).


  • Lastly, and my personal favourite, FUNTATS! Who doesn't love those little tatoos that you wet with a cloth and then hold down on your hand, peeking underneath every couple of seconds? Brings back so many childhood memories... :D And wait... what is this!? A picture of Terry modeling his favourite FunTats!? :O

    Hawt model.

The Fun Paks come in two different versions: the larger 4 packs that contain four sets of foil wraps, and the smaller 2 packs that contain two sets of foil wraps. If you're purchasing the cards for the Rare Item Codes or simply to collect them all, I'd highly recommend getting the 4 pack version. In Target, it's cheaper, and it comes with a bonus Rare Item Code, along with a bonus holofoil card that you can only get with the 4 packers.

Overall, it's pretty nice merchandise. The standees are cool, and the option of owning Dr. Sloth in card-form is reason enough to buy as many packs as you need till you get him. (But perhaps that's a little biased of me. :P)

This is Dave and Terry, signing out!

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