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Negg Hunt '11 Scheduling and Supply Solutions

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Scheduling Content Puzzle | Supplies in a Bag Puzzle


  1. Supply Room Solutions
  2. How to Solve Supply Room Puzzles
  3. Solving Supply Room Puzzles Example
  4. Kaurevir's Puzzle Solution

The extended chart for Kaurevir's supply room puzzle looks like this:

Item NumberNameWeightValue
1Dung Folder41710
2Dung Folder41710
3Dung Folder41710
4Dung Folder41710
5Berry Ink Pen931370
6Berry Ink Pen931370
7Berry Ink Pen931370
8Berry Ink Pen931370
9Berry Ink Pen931370
10Berry Ink Pen931370
11Vanishing Ink27460
12Vanishing Ink27460
13Vanishing Ink27460
14Sloth Ruler64880
15Sloth Ruler64880
16Spacerocked Stapler1191610
17Spacerocked Stapler1191610
18Spacerocked Stapler1191610
19Spacerocked Stapler1191610
20Spacerocked Stapler1191610
21Notebook of Surprising Secrets62740
22Notebook of Surprising Secrets62740
23Notebook of Surprising Secrets62740
24Notebook of Surprising Secrets62740
25Doglefox Jelly3805410

After doing the 7 step process, the chart that is produced is really big. So big in fact, that it won't look nice in your web browser. However, fear not! You can still see the chart in PDF form here.