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The winners are in!

First off, thanks to everyone who participated! We had 1,786 people sign up to participate, but only 552 found at least one Meepit. If you'd like to read through the solutions, click here.

If you did make it onto the high score table, please put a jelly in your shop for the appropriate amount of NP. Also, please make sure that your Neopets Username is stored with your jnAccount! We cannot give you your prize if we don't know your Neopets username. (So be sure to go update it!) We'll be around on Sunday, November 4th to buy the jellies.

Only those who found all 10 meepits are eligible for a prize...

  • 1st - 3rd: 43,333 NP
  • 4th - 8th: 38,333 NP
  • 9th - 30th: 33,333 NP
  • 31st - 33rd: 10,000 NP

Only those who found all 10 meepits before October 29 at 9pm NST were eligible for a split of the 1,000,000 NP. First through third received a 10k bonus. Fourth through eighth received a bonus of 5k. Thirty-first through thirty-third places received 10,000 NP for finishing the plot. :)

1meercatristonhopets3Oct 28, 1:42:48 pm EST
2dodobutt222Oct 28, 2:00:59 pm EST
3spongebob234529Oct 28, 2:02:44 pm EST
4tsearsOct 28, 2:03:05 pm EST
5karlsomewhat14Oct 28, 2:13:34 pm EST
6shatteredfyreOct 28, 2:37:21 pm EST
7emineuOct 28, 2:43:06 pm EST
8fruitcupandspoonsOct 28, 2:57:59 pm EST
9maddyOct 28, 3:00:11 pm EST
10kalaniOct 28, 3:08:30 pm EST
11king_of_all_jetsamsOct 28, 4:34:04 pm EST
12cindeedeeOct 28, 4:34:38 pm EST
13purplerox777Oct 28, 5:53:14 pm EST
14yachtdeponOct 28, 8:28:35 pm EST
15cannonooskiOct 28, 8:38:55 pm EST
16i_love_latinOct 29, 6:51:21 am EST
17medieval mamaOct 29, 6:51:26 am EST
18berry965Oct 29, 1:46:27 pm EST
19ultra376Oct 29, 1:58:45 pm EST
20matchuOct 29, 3:27:35 pm EST
21sapphire_ice18Oct 29, 3:28:44 pm EST
22obxjasonOct 29, 3:37:15 pm EST
23trewqOct 29, 3:45:36 pm EST
24partyhardyOct 29, 6:53:19 pm EST
25draicheekOct 29, 6:53:42 pm EST
26spinkacOct 29, 7:03:33 pm EST
27uran_chanOct 29, 7:12:48 pm EST
28scottybob009Oct 29, 7:30:54 pm EST
29sysaOct 29, 7:50:12 pm EST
30cal010Oct 29, 8:09:27 pm EST
31ithilOct 31, 7:30:53 am EST
32angigryffenOct 31, 2:24:17 pm EST
33sarina712689Oct 31, 10:14:41 pm EST

The following users defeated 9 meepits: aubrey, fetti, frenchy764, frgfootball913, jumpsticks, of_kynthos, pikasuno, sacred_lioness, sami, secret solver, silversun79, slander44, snoopyke21, superpepe, zaheer12a

The following users defeated 8 meepits: alessariel, angora_chinchilla, danbrownkid, dguo, gbcsgoldens, iwanna, jordans_sa, kcg, locofish, luke11, maluna, nadav__68__11, naruto_dattebyo, neya19, oofy, pilinya, rogueangel, secretagentman02, soapman87, sunyih31, tara0713, wolvie7676, yanks1mets2000

The following users defeated 7 meepits: 420twiztid_freakshow, act, alaenati, callistocat, ch0c0muff1n, christicr4, d3nn1s99999, dwbooky, geniusy2k, green_frog6000, inufriend, jakco0622, jellyfish, juliocesar1807, kaotili, madam_darkness, marronita, motjefm, natviv, nikitachi, snowcalla, wave, xwords

The following users defeated 6 meepits: absailormoon, aiko mizuno, animefoxx, annibanani0426, arahrose, azdep525, bluequesadilla, brainiac744, casualtyoflove, flairina, fred_zhu, garnet, geniusdude247, gte847n, hiekedi, homework19, insincerelyxme, kikyo48, laurs, lntix, meercavermelha, melamarz, mewmewpet, mysticmirella, neysa100x, norules38, pdmike42586, plutoking, puffyfish, sengirmtg, sheirah7, will_, ytied

The following users defeated 5 meepits: angewo, bingchicao, dotnova, faelf, fireti, funnyboy933, himed54, hjodehaynes, hlee, icewing24, jark007, jarofbutterflies, jnlog, koala_11, lilbunny8t6, littleboyblue912, lsunshinel, luckyclover13, meepiteer, micheleo1o, needlesweird, nik_nak89, phoenixsteph, sqrlbird, tararntula, togepi_forever, twilightstar18, tycooncorb2, t_jg, unsunken, vickijhen, warroot200

The following JN staffers were also able to finish the plot on time! (But Dave cheated... he knew where everything was! :P)

1daveOct 28, 1:28:51 pm EST
2zadorOct 29, 5:16:11 am EST
3illusionisteOct 29, 1:58:27 pm EST
4rosiethorns88Oct 29, 8:57:47 pm EST