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Meepit Juice Break

Meepit Juice Break Information
Click to play Meepit Juice Break! World:
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Neopoint Ratio:
2.86 Points =
1 NP
Our Difficulty Rating:
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The concept of Meepit Juice Break is easy: feed the Meepits. After that though, things get complicated. For one thing, there are many colors. You start with the primary colors: Red, Blue, and Yellow. However, if you connect a pipe coming off a yellow spout to a pipe coming off a blue spout you will essentially get green. This is the same with each primary color combination. However, if you mix all the colors, you will get a pink tube.

The smartest way to feed the Meepits is to feed them by color. You will get points if you feed a blue Meepit though a green tube, but you will get more points if you feed it through its corresponding color - blue. As well as following this, your score will go up depending on the number of pipes you use, and if you're lucky enough to be able to use all the pipes, you get a 50 point bonus! But beware! - taking a detour could cost you your time (remember, this is a timed game!).

The exception to scoring is with Zen mode. You aren't timed, but you're only awarded one point for each Meepit you feed- with no bonuses! You can send your score and earn a trophy or avatar in this mode, but it will take quite some time and patience to achieve the necessary scores.

Yellow juice for a Yellow Meepit
One yellow Meepit juice, coming right up!

Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips on how to get out of tricky MJB predicaments!

The Setup

Let's say you open up to a red Meepit when you realize that the yellow pipes are already set up so that if you connect just one more pipe it'll feed your Meepit. Simple, huh? But it can get better! Instead of denying yourself more points, quickly break off the connection of the connecting yellow piece and attach it to a connecting red piece, therefore turning the entire pipeline red and giving yourself extra points.

The Pink Menace

The hardest Meepit to feed is the pink Meepit. To feed it happily, you have to combine all three pipes! Instead of succumbing to the easy way out - simply feeding it with a red, yellow, or blue - take this tip. Start all three separately, going from the top down. The first chance you get, break the red down to connect to the yellow and add a few pipes. Then turn the now orange pipe down to meet with the blue, therefore creating a pink tube. It's not as hard as it looks!

Making pink juice from all the other colours
Red, blue and yellow make... pink? My art teacher lied to me!

Impossible to Feed

Unfortunately, sometimes it is literally impossible to feed a Meepit with a pipe of its own color. If this happens, take this tip: feed it with the longest pipe already and then take a detour and scrape the end of the time limit by using as many possible pipes on the next Meepit. Don't stress, though, or you'll run out of pipes!

Berry Cocktails

Everyone likes a bit of variety in their drinks, and Meepits are no exception. Sometimes, berries will appear in sections of the pipes. Use those particular pipes to feed a Meepit and you'll get bonus points! Watch out for the apple core, though-- Meepits hate these, and if you use one in your piping you'll have points taken away.

Berries are good, apple cores are bad
Berries are yummy! Apple cores less so.

Game Secrets

  • Typing the phrase "juice-o-matic" will reset all Meepits' timers. This can only be used once per game.
  • Typing the phrase "meepits" will get you an extra life! This can only be used once per game.
  • Easter Egg: Like many other games on Neopets, this one was worked on by the great Oliver himself! To see all of the games he is in, and how to get him, read The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy article.


A Meepit! Run!

A Meepit! Run! / Guide

Send a score of 3,500+ points in Meepit Juice Break.

When activated, the 2019 Charity Corner perk, More for Less, decreases the score needed to 2,800+ points.

Released: April 5, 2005

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