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The Lost Desert Plot

Prizes and Trophies

Finally! After months of waiting, prizes have arrived! They are no less being distributed by the Gift Shop of 1000 Trinkets shopkeeper. :)

Click here to spend your plot points for prizes!

Basically, everyone got a certain amount of points for completing certain steps, and everyone received the same prizes, except you were able to buy the keychain according to your symbol. Below are the prizes.


Handful of Sand
50 pts.

E-Z® See Crystal Ball
1000 pts.

Nuria Statue Bobblehead
1000 pts.

Spike Pit Play Set
1000 pts.

Useful Crystal
1000 pts.

Gelatinous Non-Cube Plushie
1000 pts.

Ben Keyring
1000 pts.

Ahn Keyring
1000 pts.

Lat Keyring
1000 pts.

Ra Keyring
1000 pts.

Saf Keyring
1000 pts.

Kha Keyring
1000 pts.

Kar Keyring
1000 pts.

Fer Keyring
1000 pts.

Set Keyring
1000 pts.

Djo Keyring
1000 pts.

Nem Keyring
1000 pts.

Tep keyring
1000 pts.

Nabile Plushie
10000 pts.

Stylish Scroll Rack
15000 pts.

Foreman Cudgel
20000 pts.

Handy Spike Pit
25000 pts.

The Annals of Insanity
30000 pts.

Secrets of Dirigible Construction
30000 pts.

How to Play the Viola
30000 pts.

Snarkie Answers to Stupid Questions
30000 pts.

Foreman Plushie
40000 pts.

Razul Plushie with Real Fire Action!
50000 pts.

Anubis Toxicology Reports (Abridged)
60000 pts.

Lost Desert Paint Brush
70000 pts.

Royal Wedding Ring
100000 pts.

Ring of the Lost
150000 pts.

All participants also received the Qasalan sidebar. To see it, check out our Sidebars article.


Each participant received one of seven trophies to gloat about their triumph on completing (or not completing) the puzzle! To see what steps they did complete, click the trophy on their userlookup. To see your own steps, click here. In the table below are all of the trophies and ranks people received.

Sand Mite

Furniture Merchant

Desert Scarab

Dune Explorer

Scroll Specialist

Qasalan Archaeologist

Aegis of Sakhmet

Sand Mover

Block Mover
(In your symbol)