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Legends and Letters

On May 20, 2020, Neopets announced that Legends & Letters has officially been discontinued. At the time, the app was removed from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, but was still playable if you had the app already downloaded to your device. It is unknown how long the game servers will remain online to allow you to keep playing.


Legends and Letters is a mobile app available for download on iOS and Android devices. It follows the adventures of Aurrick, who accidentally (or some may say, foolishly) releases The Claymaker into Neopia. Your job is to team up with Aurrick to help defeat the Claymaker and restore order to Neopia.

Game Overview

The game is a combination of classic Scrabble and a card building game. You will head into battle across Neopia with various heroes and your Neopet leader.

An overview of a battle in action.

Before joining up with Aurrick, you will select a Neopet Leader from one of 11 available species of Neopets. You will level up your leader over time to become quite powerful, and you can also assist your friends with your leader in their own battles!

As you progress, you will earn more cards and coins, which you can use to level up your team leader or any other heroes you wish to take along with you.

Guide Overview

There's a lot to take in, so here's where we recommend starting to learn more about the game:

  • Downloading the Game - if you haven't downloaded the game yet, start here!
  • Neopet Leaders - an overview of each of the available Neopet leaders and their abilities. We recommend just picking your favorite species to start—you can add additional leaders later on.
  • Map Guide - an overview of each of the lands and the 20 levels contained in each land.

And once you start to know your way around, here's a set of guides to bring your game play to the next level:

  • Heroes - a full list of the different Hero cards available, and their stats. These are the "cards" you win in loot crates at the end of each battle!
  • Achievements - information about the longterm achievements, which you can complete for more loot to help you level up your heroes and leader.
  • Dailies/Quests - information about the daily quests, which you can complete for more loot to help you level up your heroes and leader.
  • Challenge of Challenges - a weekly challenge that gives you in-game rewards, and rewards for your Neopets.com account during one week each month.
  • Monster Battles - a guide to the weekly monster conjured up by the Claymaker. You will need to build up a strong team before being able to take on this challenge.
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