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A JN Christmas

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Zador is one of JN's many Content Writers. He's one of the guys who works hard to see that the site has quality content and that you have all the game guides and articles you need. He's even cooler because he's Finnish. ;)
Joey is the manager of the Book of Ages, JN's database of all the characters of Neopia. He checks the reports of typos, missing characters and the like, and of course makes sure other Book of Ages staffers are doing their fair share of work.
Dave is the owner and creator of JN; if it wasn't for him, you wouldn't even be reading this right now! Besides that, he's a pretty mysterious guy. We know that he's looking forward to going to Stanford University, but not much else... who knows if we'll ever even see a picture of him.
Rosie is a Graphics Designer of JN, though you won't see her working on site skins and the like; she mainly our artist, drawing plot images and various images full of prettiness (like the one beside this!). You might also recognize her as the creator and artist of the Restock Machine comic on her Neopets petpage.
Illusioniste is another of our Graphics Designers, but she works on skins and a few other random images JN needs. Ever seen those nice images on the main page wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving or Merry Christmas? Those are done by her.


Wheel of Monotony T-Shirt
Sludge Ball Keyring
Irritable Genie-in-a-Bottle
Altador Cup Brightvale Keyring
I Love Fyora T-shirt
Gormball Sports Shirt
Green Aisha Plushie
Yellow Nimmo Keyring
I Love Sloth T-shirt
Hasee T-Shirt
Rohane Plushie
Meepit Plushie
Maverick Plushie
Dung Catapult
Spirit of Slumber Plushie
The Annals of Insanity
Techo Dance
Dress For Success
Heroic Hissi
White Kougra Plushie
I Love Captain Scarblade Keyring
Blumaroo Sock Puppet
Mellow Marauders Keyring
Evil Plots For Beginners