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A JN Christmas

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The Clues

Every day between of the 20th and 23rd of December new clues will be released, and on the 23rd answer submissions will be opened. On the evening of the 24th they'll be closed, so be quick with your answers!

  • Illusioniste better not break this item; she'd have a real mess to clean up!
  • Joey's mind was seesawing over which T-shirt to buy.
  • Rosie has true faerie pride.
  • Dave's a real "people" person when it comes to plushies.
  • Who knew Zador was a concert person?
  • Everyone was wondering how Rosie got this item into a bag.
  • Hopefully the person who gets Zador's T-shirt is a sports fan.
  • Joey doesn't like ninjas. What kind of item could he pick but one of their sworn enemies'?
  • It took Illusioniste forever just to buy this item.
  • Dave knows very well the importance of first impressions.
  • Illusioniste wants to start off on the right foot... but it's missing.
  • Joey will be able to entertain others for hours with this item.
  • It's hard to say whether Zador's plushie is evil or just misunderstood.
  • Rosie bought the one thing that Jellyneo had never supported...
  • Zador was going to warn the person who got this item, "EAT IT... before it eats you..."
  • One of Rosie's other items goes perfectly with her plushie.
  • Let's all hope that Joey's book doesn't have a taste for his basic little plushie.
  • It's slightly disturbing how adorable a plushie Dave bought in addition to his first.
  • What's Zador up to with that plushie and book?
  • Illusioniste should worry about what will happen if this item gets out of its container.